1. Character Name: Leonard Shepherd Duskflayer

2. Age: 3,000 yrs old

3. Gender & Sexuality: Male

4. Race, Ethnicity, & Cultural Influences: God of War, Controls Wars, and sends prophets to those he chooses to win the battle. Sending his Warriors to assist his chosen

5. Physical Description: Leonard is 6'1. His weight is 189 pounds, all muscle. His hair color is black as the night sky in human form, but in his godly form, his hair is silver. In his human form, he has lavender eyes, but in his godly form, his eyes are gray. In his human form, his skin is a tan, while in his godly form, his skin is marble white, his skin in his human form, is toned and tanned. In his godly form, he is built, with tattoos on both arms, a sleeve on the left. And on the right an emblem of his nation. His body build is that of a lean muscular, man with rock hard skin, his distinguishing marks are black bruise-like spots, one on his wrist, he other on his chest, while the other is on his lower back. His human form has an X shaped scar across his chest. His human self has his right arm with tattoos resembling his god form. His god form has once again one the left arm a sleeve, his right arm has a giant symbol of his nation, on his back, the names of his Demi-god daughters and his Lover, the goddess of Hatred Graceona. The choice form of clothes for his human form, usually keeping up with the trends of the humans, his godly form he wears a black button-up shirt, with his sleeves rolled up showing his tattoo's, and tight leather pants, with black Military boots, that have various chains housed on them. His native speech in English but understands other languages.

6. Living Situation: Leonard, lives in the snowy parts of Halcyon. But this version of Halcyon, Leonard, must personally give his permission for people to enter. His palace stands in the most dangerous forest, the forest of lost souls. He is impossible to reach since he doesn't interfere with the world of the Afflicted unless he deems necessary.

7. Occupation: Leonard Shepherd Duskflayer is the God of War, he guards over his people, but at the same time, he allows them to suffer, until he sees they can not go any further. Then he sends his executioner to deliver messages and assistance. Since he has done this for thousands of years, he enjoys this occupation.

8. Family: Leonard has a mother whom he was close to before her death. Her death caused his decision to become the God of War, he has her body frozen in the bedroom she had while alive and frequently visits her, sitting hours at a time. His father, former God of War, was killed by his sword after the death of his wife and newly insanity of his innocent son. Graceona, his wife, the goddess of Hatred, the two of them are the most feared gods due to their tendencies to cause havoc. Kyra, the goddess of beauty, the two were always close, and Kourtney, the goddess of innocence. The youngest goddess, and also the most protected. Leonard states that she reminds him of his mother, and that makes him desire to keep her safe.

9. Intellect and Education: N/A, infinite wisdom.

12. Personality: Leonard is very headstrong. After the death of his mother, he formally was known as the God of Beauty, but due to his insanity starting and his responsibility for many war's ending, he earned the name God of War. His people fear and love him, depending on how the battles turn out for them. Leonard has been responsible for the ends of all wars, with the help of his executioners. Leonard deals with temperaments by battling with his chief executioner, to blow off some steam. He has no weaknesses or flaws.