October 10

Hello Diary! Let me start out with an apology for neglecting you last month. I was a little depressed after the lay off. Just couldn't bring myself to write much. But I'm feeling better now! Still don't have a job, but I have savings and I've been doing a few shows here and there. God bless Dad for making me so thrifty!

Anyway, I had a phone interview the day before yesterday. I don't think it went well. The lady didn't seem all that interested, and only said she'd be in touch. I thanked her and hung up. What can you do? Just move on to the next one.

That only took about 15 minutes and it was still warm out, so I decided to change and work on the Honda. I had just gotten the chain off when my phone rang and I picked it up without thinking. I got grease all over it! I set it down, grabbed the rag, wiped off the phone and my hands, pressed the speaker button, and said "Hello?"

"Livvy Sue, Livvy Sue, Pretty pretty pretty Livvy Sue. Oh-oh Livvy. My Livvy Sue-ooh-ooh..."

It was Loren of course. Why did I ever tell him my middle name? "Hello Loren." I say.

"How ya doin' girl?"

"Good, how's you?"

"Excellent! So, we're having a Halloween party in two weeks. You wanna come?"

"I suppose I can throw something together, what time?"

"Eight. Can I ask you something else?"


"Would you do your thing? Gar thinks it'll really make a great impression on the neighbors." (They just moved in to their new condo in June. I think I told you about it?) "My thing?" I ask. "I don't know Lor', I don't think watching someone code is that exciting, but if you really want me to, I'll do my best. Can I borrow your laptop?"

"Garrett!" he whines. "She's teasing me!" I hear laughter in the back, and Garrett picks up.

"Now, Livia," Garrett says, still laughing, "be nice. He's a sensitive soul."

"Sensitive? I'm not sensitive!" Loren says with mock outrage, behind him. "How dare you say I'm sensitive?!"

"Will you do it?" Garrett asks. "We'll pay you. In cash."

"Of course I'll do it. It'll be fun."

"Do you need anything? Any supplies?" Garrett asks.

"I'll pick up something from the store."

"All right, we'll see you around 8?"

"See you then!"

"Bye Liv!"

"Bye Livvy!" Loren yells.

I hung up and wiped off the phone. I worked on the Blackbird the rest of the afternoon, until it got too dark. I still can't figure out what the problem is. I went to the dollar store in the morning and got a bag of rubber balls. They also had a pirate costume kit, so I grabbed that too.

And that was my day. Nothing else really happened the rest of the week, except for the idiot in the Miata who cut me off. But I gave him the finger.