The Outer Darkness

"What did you change?" The prophetess, the oracle, the Muse asks.

Why does she ask me when she knows the answers?

My face lies in my wrinkled hands. My words are muffled. "I haven't finished, yet."

"You never will." There is pity in her voice. "Do you think that taking that sad girl for a ride makes you a saint? Do you think that putting away tables makes you less selfish?"

If could call down the lightning or summon the storms like Prospero... like Philip Dimitrius... Instead I answer. "You were right, you know. That night does still haunt me."

Her voice breaks as she continues to plead with me. "You still don't understand the meaning of it. Do you even remember who was there in the circle the first time?"

The stars shine brightly overhead. Venus will set soon as I stare out over this blasted wasteland at the dark horizon. I see the road ahead, the meagre gains thus far, and the enormous weight of what is still to come. I have much to do before the magic of this night is spent.