So here is probably the climatic part of the story and probably after this chapter will just be denouement as I will don't think there is anywhere else to go from here for this goofy non-canonical story

The family was impressed with Jim's singingespecially Dum-Dum!

"Oh boy!" Dum-Dum said "This is the best! Every kid was asking me 'Will your Freak be able to do any cool tricks?' Wait till I tell them My Worm is a rock star!"

Jim smiled slightly, he didn't think he was quite THAT good, but still it felt good to be praised, that night after the humans went to sleep, Jim lay awake in the bathtub for several hours thinking about what Pinky would think of him now…

The next day, Dum-Dum wanted to take Jim to the playground so Jim could show his singing skills to Dum-Dum's friends, but they would have to wait for the sun to go down because, you know…The Sun would dry out Jim's skin.

Jim's Mom prepared a large garden salad without any dressing for Jim to eat before his performance, it was probably the richest meal he had, had for a while.

Finally at 4:30 PM as the sun was beginning to set, Dum-Dum and Jim left for the playground.

As Dum-Dum walked and Jim slithered side by side on the sidewalk, neither of them knew they were being watched, by a very evil man he would love to have a fat little boy like Dum-Dum for…Unsavory purposes…

As they were almost at the Playground, Dum-Dum stopped to catch his breath as Jim slithered on ahead towards the steps to the playground, this was when the Creeper decided to make his move.

While the boy was momentarily separated from his Freak, the Creeper pulled his car over to where Dum-Dum was, opened his door, reached out and grabbed Dum-Dum's arm trying to pull him into the car! Fortunately Dum-Dum was fat enough that he was not easily lifted by the rather skinny Creeper and also he screamed loudly for help!

Fortunately Jim hadn't gone far, he was only a few feet away slithering up the steps, and when he heard Dum-Dum's cries he was about to demonstrate how lightning quick Worm Humanimals can be…

He zipped right over and gave the Creeper a head-butt to the gut…That knocked him right back into his car, and caused him to let go of Dum-Dum

Now if there is one thing Humanimals hate, it is those who prey on the young and innocent, so Jim decided the best thing to do was to remove the Creeper's whole reason for his motivation, Dum-Dum watched as Jim…Bit the Creeper between the legs and the blood curdling scream that the Creeper let out made Dum-Dum cover his ears…

OK I think that's once again a sufficient battle next chapter will be the finale