Well time for the Denouement…I admit I've been a bit vague about time in this story but we close the story on Christmas as this story was inspired by both those weepy ASPCA PSAs and the charity Heifer International which we seem to get the booklet for every Christmas.

Dum-Dum and Jim went straight home and Dum-Dum told his parents all about his terrifying experience and how Jim saved him!

As Jim told the parents his side of the story Dum-Dum's Dad began talking about how someone had been recently released from prison while Dum-Dum's Mom obsessively checked her son for any sign of injury, other a little redness on his arm from where The Creeper had grabbed him and some jangled nerves he was perfectly fine.

As a reward Mom made Jim an even larger salad with extra cherry tomatoes. Dad went upstairs to make some phone calls while Dum-Dum soothed his nerves by watching an old Sesame Street Tape he hadn't watched since he was a toddler while eating some milk chocolate bon bons.

Since then Dum-Dum's Mom and Dad became one of the fiercest supporters of the Adopt-A-Freak Foundation saying 'Every home should have a talking animal!' Dad replaced the fertilizer with an organic type so Jim could live under the front yard and not in the bathtub.

That Christmas Eve, when all of the family including Jim were gathered around the Christmas Tree listening to a jazzy instrumental version of 'O Christmas Tree' being played on the stereo…Dum-Dum knew he would have no other Christmas Presents because Jim would be his one Christmas Present that year but he was more than content.

"You're the best Christmas Present ever!" Dum-Dum said wrapping his arms around Jim's neck.

Jim blushed and said "You, me both…"The Worm said "…You gave me the best Christmas Present ever, a home…"

Jim draped a Crown of Holy he had made over Dum-Dum's head…The Boy giggled.

Everyone agreed it was the Best Christmas Ever.

Happy Holidays Everybody