A knight is walking along the dirt road, his appearance hidden by the full set of armor that he is wearing. The sound of his armor clanging can be heard with each step he takes, a sound that he is quite accustomed to. He has been walking for a couple of hours, determined to make it to his destination.

As a knight, he tends to take on jobs and bounties that require his skills. Knighted at the relatively young age of eighteen, which was about three years ago, he has proven himself to be quite capable. He was knighted by Lord Jacob for his services, after rescuing the lord's daughter from some bandits who were holding his daughter hostage for a large ransom. Unfortunately, his daring rescue did not win the fair maiden's heart, as she claimed that she could not be with someone shorter than she was.

The knight isn't that short, but being only five and a half feet tall, he is a bit below average height. This made the maiden he rescued about four inches taller than him, so she did have a valid claim. Though the height difference between the two of them could have been dismissed, he is a man who respects women and chose to honor her wishes, no matter what her reasons for turning him down were.

With this next quest that he is now on, he hopes to have a better outcome with this maiden that he is setting off to rescue. It isn't so much a quest, as it is just a rescue. In his travels, he has heard a tale from several different towns. The tale is about a beautiful maiden who is being held captive by a great and terrible beast in a large castle. He has listened to this tale from several other knights, each claiming this tale to be true since they have each tried to save the poor maiden. The only thing that stopped each of them was the beast that is holding her captive.

Each knight's telling is the same, the only difference being how they described the beast. One had claimed that it had horns that could pierce through even the thickest armor. Another had said that it could breathe fire, capable of burning a dragon to a crisp. One even said it could make even the bravest of knights soil themselves just at the sight of it. But one fact remained consistent between each telling; the beast is huge.

The knight knows that these knights are exaggerating about this beast. Even the biggest dragons only reach about twenty-five feet in length. Most knights tend to add embellishments to their tales. This helps to make their stories seem more exciting or to help them save face when they have failed in their adventures. The knight doesn't care how big this beast is, he is intent on saving this maiden and taking her hand in marriage.

While most knights strive for fame or glory, he has a different goal set for himself. To rescue a maiden and take her as his wife. Yes, he is aware that such a goal is a bit cliche, but it is one that he has hoped to achieve ever since he was a young boy.

The knight has been walking along the road for at least a couple of hours now, his mind starting to wander a bit. He is currently picturing himself sitting in a chair with his two children, a son and a daughter, sitting in front of a fire. His wife, the very maiden that he is going to rescue, comes in and sits on his lap, giving him a loving kiss. His two children would ask him to retell the story of how he rescued their mother, a request that he would be more than happy to oblige. Of course, he would add his own embellishments as he retells the story, making his adventure sound even more exciting. His wife would then chuckle and call him out playfully by saying that it isn't quite how she remembers it happening.

The knight is pulled back to reality when he finally sees a castle in the distance. He quickens his pace, eager to reach his destination. As he approaches the structure, he starts to slow down, seeing just how huge it really is. The door alone has to be close to seventy feet in height. He begins to wonder if the beast's size was not an exaggeration after all.

He starts to worry, wondering if he is in way over his head with this journey. He has come too far to turn away now, no matter how scared he is.

He isn't foolish; he knows that fear is necessary. It keeps one from doing anything too reckless or stupid. He has heard of many knights who have ignored their fears and charged headfirst into danger, which never turns out well for them. Sir Olric, the knight who trained him, has even said that fear can be good. It keeps you alert and helps to make you quick. The knight takes a deep breath and leans up against the large door, pushing it open with all of his strength. Once he has an opening that is wide enough for him, he steps inside.

He readies his round shield and places his hand on the hilt of his sword. His blade is of a simple design, but it has served him well in many a fight and he hopes that it will serve him well once again.

Once he is inside the corridor, the knight notices that the castle's interior is furnished. The only odd thing about the furniture is that it is huge as if it was specifically made for a giant. He takes a closer look at a nearby table, seeing the fine craftsmanship displayed in the legs. Just what kind of beast lives here?

Suddenly, he hears a loud thudding. The sound is steady and rhythmic, the unmistakable sound of footsteps approaching. He draws his sword and approaches the corner of the corridor. His hands are shaking as he tries to come up with a way to fight this beast and come out victorious. With how loud its footsteps are, it is clear that the knight is considerably outsized. He takes a deep breath, resolving to face it head-on, hoping that the element of surprise will be enough to give him the advantage that he needs. The knight gets ready to turn the corner, but he stops when he sees the beast's foot land right in front of him.

He can't believe what he is seeing; he was expecting to see a foot that is covered in scales or fur with long, sharp claws. But this foot looks to be completely human, and quite feminine. He is just surprised to see how big it is, with it being almost twice as long as he is tall.

His eyes start to trail up, noticing that he is only tall enough to reach halfway up its shins. The hemline of the light green skirt stops just above the ankles, but as his eyes continue upward he can see that it is part of a dress. The front of the dress has a deep v-cut to it, with a white piece of fabric that covers the cutout area. The sleeves stop just past the elbows, exposing more fair skin. Its brunette hair is done up in a thick braid that reaches past the back of its knees. His eyes finally reach the face, needing to crane his neck just to get a good look. Her face is very pretty from what he can see, and that is when he comes to a realization.

The beast and the maiden from the tale are the same. The knights must have created the beast in their stories to save face. Running from a woman, no matter how big she is, would be seen as cowardly by others.

The knight is staring up at the maiden, who is the biggest woman, no, the biggest person that he has ever seen. She has to be about ten times his size. There is no way that what he is seeing can be real, yet there she is right in front of him. The next thing he knows, he hears the sound of metal clattering on the stone floor. He has inadvertently dropped his sword and shield out of shock, which is a very bad idea for obvious reasons.

The giant woman turns her head, looking towards the source of the noise. The knight knows that he is in trouble. She is most certainly going to spot him, an intruder in her home. He can already imagine her displeasure with his unwanted presence. All she has to do is pick up her foot and step down on him, a fate he never imagined would ever happen to him.

The moment the maiden spots the knight on the floor, she smiles. "Hey! Another visitor!" the pitch of her voice is somewhat on the high side, making her sound like she is excited about the knight being in her home, even though he is technically an intruder. She starts to crouch down, reaching out to the small man in the suit of armor.

The knight just stands there, frozen with fear as he watches her large hand coming right at him. His brain is screaming for him to turn around and run, that there is no shame in fleeing from her if it means that he will live another day. Yet his legs refuse to listen, leaving him unable to move from the spot he is standing at.

The next thing he knows, five long fingers are wrapping themselves around his torso. He is expecting to be crushed alive as punishment for entering the giant maiden's home. Yet for some reason she is being very gentle; he doesn't even hear the sound of metal creaking. He feels his feet leave the floor as he is lifted high into the air until he is face to face with the giantess. Now that he has a better look at her face, pretty just doesn't accurately describe her anymore. She is quite beautiful in his opinion.

The maiden's hazel eyes are looking at the knight, seeing who she has exactly. She is smiling at him, looking more curious now. "You are the first person who's come here and hasn't run away screaming or tried to attack me."

The knight can understand why someone would flee in her presence; he almost did himself. She can be intimidating due to her size. Though he will admit that attacking her may be going a bit too far.

The maiden starts to look a bit confused now, as if unsure about what she is looking at. "I can't see your face," she says as she reaches for the knight's helmet. Taking the piece of armor is difficult for the giant woman. she is unaware that it is secured on his head. Sir Gabriel grimaces as his helmet is being forced off. with his helmet securely between her forefinger and her thumb, she lifts it off the knight's head and drops it to the floor. "There, that is much better." She can now see his short blonde hair, blue eyes, and his goatee. "You are very cute, you know that?" If the knight wasn't so scared for his life, he would have blushed at the compliment.

The maiden starts to stand up straight, taking the knight with her. "Hold on, let us find a better place to talk, shall we?"

The knight has no choice but to go with the giantess since he is still in her grip. He looks around at his surroundings, wondering where she is taking him. She enters a room that has a table and a stove, which are both around the proper size for her to use, which means that they are now in the kitchen. He feels himself being lowered until his feet hit something solid as she lets go of him. As the huge woman sits in a chair in front of him, he realizes that he is standing on a kitchen table now.

"That's much better," she says with a smile on her face. "This should make for a less awkward conversation. So what brings you to my home?"

The knight can only stare at her in surprise. He is still trying to comprehend what is going on exactly. He is staring at a giant, which is only supposed to exist in children's tales. But there she is right in front of him, still smiling at him.

"How rude of me," the maiden apologizes. "I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Ashley Evans."

"G-Gabriel," he finally introduces himself nervously. It does seem like that all she wants to do is talk to him, so he sees no harm in at least telling her his name. "S-Sir Gabriel Ian Randal."

"I see that I am in the presence of a knight," Ashley says, sounding very impressed.

"Yes, I am a knight."

"Go ahead and ask. I know that you want to know."

"Ask what?" Sir Gabriel is a bit confused about what Ashley is talking about. He has a lot of questions for her, but he isn't sure which one she is referring to.

"How tall I am," Ashley answers.

"I will admit that I am a bit curious about how you got to be so tall." This is a question that Sir Gabriel would like an answer to, but he thought it better than to ask. He believes that it would be rude, like asking a woman about her age or weight. He can only imagine what she could do to him if he were to anger her.

"Actually, I don't know." Ashley looks like she is thinking, trying to find an answer to the knight's question. "All I know is that when I was three, I just started to grow. My mother and father were very worried about me. They took me to see healers and mystics, but no one could figure out the cause of my unnatural growth. The only relief they got was when I seemed to stop after a week. I was a full foot taller after a week."

"I take it that you didn't stop growing?" Sir Gabriel is a bit amazed at the tale. If Ashley weren't there telling it, he would believe it to be pure fiction.

"I wish I had stopped; it turned out that my growth had just slowed down significantly."

"So are you still growing?" Ashley is already pretty big; he is having a hard time imagining the fact that she is still getting bigger.

"Fortunately, I stopped growing about four years ago, sometime after I turned twenty. I am actually fifty-one feet tall."

"Fifty-one feet tall?" Sir Gabriel can't believe the number that he just heard. "I can imagine how grateful you are that you did stop growing."

Ashley looks up at the ceiling, thinking about the possibility if she hadn't stopped. "I can only imagine just how big I would be now if I hadn't stopped." She then leans forward, leaning in close to Sir Gabriel. She points right at him, her finger just inches away from his face. "Now it's my turn to ask you a question. What brings you here to my home?"

"Well, you see, a tale has been circulating about a beautiful maiden in a castle that is east of the town of Vershire and southwest of Knobbstown." He decides to leave out the part about the great and terrible beast, feeling that it might upset her if she figures out that it represents her. "I had come here to rescue the maiden in that tale and take her as my bride."

"So I guess that I am your maiden now," Ashley says with a big smile on her face." She then leans in close to him, closing her eyes and puckering up her lips.

"Ashley, what are you doing?" Sir Gabriel asks out of confusion.

"Doesn't a knight kiss his maiden after he rescues her?"

"But you are in your own home. If anything, I am an intruder. How did I rescue you?"

"Well, I was very lonely until you came along. You rescued me from being lonely."

Sir Gabriel does see that Ashley has a valid point, even though he may not have saved her from a physical threat. "I guess you are right about that."

Gabriel watches as Ashley puckers up again. This is not how he imagined his first kiss happening. He always pictured himself holding a maiden in his arms and kissing her on the lips. He looks at the pair of lips before him, able to see every detail clearly because of how large they are. He leans in, kissing the giant woman's lower lip, while his entire face receives one in return. It isn't an unpleasant experience, just odd for him.

Ashley leans up, smiling at Sir Gabriel; it is obvious that she is now in love with him. Sir Gabriel is looking at her, able to see himself being with her. She is a beautiful woman, no doubt about it, she is just big. He has just found himself in a very unique relationship now.

"Gabriel," Ashley asks with a hint of curiosity in her voice, "as a knight, I can imagine that you have been to a lot of different places."

"I have traveled a good portion of the country of Albion," he answers.

"Can you tell me about all the places you have been?" Ashley asks excitedly. "I bet you have been to a lot of interesting locations, and I would love to hear about them."

"I can't imagine that my travels have been more interesting than yours. Surely with your extraordinary size, you have been to more places than I have."

"Actually..." Ashley sounds a bit more down now, her smile fading slightly. "I haven't been anywhere, to tell you the truth. I haven't left my home. You can imagine the reactions people would have if they saw me waltzing into town."

Sir Gabriel can imagine the reactions she would receive, just at the sight of her. "So you have never ventured far from your home?"

"I have been to a couple of towns while growing up when I could still be considered a normal height. But other than that, no."

"We could always travel together," Sir Gabriel suggests.

"I don't know," Ashley responds, sounding hesitant. "I have tried approaching a town before, I think I was about thirty feet tall at the time. It was not a positive experience for me or the townspeople."

Sir Gabriel looks at Ashley with confidence. "As a knight, I can assure people that you mean them no harm, which will allow you to walk through towns without anyone being afraid of you."

"You can do that?" Ashley is starting to sound optimistic now, a level of excitement returning to her voice. "You would do that for me?"

"Of course. After all, you are my maiden."

Ashley stands up quickly. She is leaning forward with her palms on the table as she looks down at Sir Gabriel. The knight can't help but feel so small with Ashley standing over him now. "Let's go right now, then!" Ashley suggests with a big smile on her face. She immediately turns around and starts to quickly walk out of the kitchen.

"Ashley, wait!" Sir Gabriel calls out, watching as the excited woman disappears out of his sight. "I think that you are forgetting about me!" She has effectively stranded him. He walks towards the edge of the table and looks towards the floor. It has to be at least a twenty-five foot drop, a drop that he would not survive. Just as he contemplates if he could survive a jump onto the chair, Ashley walks back in, still smiling.

She is tying what looks like a pouch to her waist. "Sorry about that," she apologizes. "I just wanted to grab some spending money."

Sir Gabriel looks at the pouch, which is just about as tall as he is, seeing how full it looks. He can only imagine how many coins are inside, and she is saying that it is just some spending money? With that type of coin on him, he could probably live the rest of his days in comfort. Though he can only imagine just how long such a relatively large sum of coins would last with Ashley. At her size, just about everything would be more expensive, clothes and food being the two biggest things that he can think of at the moment. So that type of coin would most likely last her a couple of days, three if she spent it wisely.

Ashley lowers her hand down to the table, her palm open and facing upwards. She smiles eagerly at the knight. "You ready?" Sir Gabriel looks at her hand, looking somewhat confused at her gesture. "Go ahead and step on, how else am I supposed to get you down?"

Sir Gabriel knows that Ashley has a point there; she is the only means he has of getting off the table. He feels that he can trust her; she has been gentle with him so far. He just finds this method to be a bit odd is all. He steps onto her palm carefully, not knowing exactly what to expect.

He has to catch his balance a bit as he feels himself being lifted into the air. He is expecting to be lowered down to the floor, but instead finds himself up at Ashley's face once again. She is smiling at him, obviously excited about the trip they are about to make.

"I can't wait to go out to a town," Ashley says excitedly. "No one has ever done anything like this for me before. I love you."

The giantess' last three words take Sir Gabriel by surprise, as he did not expect her to have such feelings for him so quickly. He can understand how she has gotten attached to him so quickly; he is the first person who hasn't tried running from her or attacked her. Not to mention he is offering her an opportunity that she once believed that she could only dream about.

Now she is expecting him to say the same three words to her. She has been gentle with him, showing no ill intentions towards him. Not to mention she is very kind. There is something that is telling him to be with her, that she is a special woman. He smiles at her, knowing what the next words out of his mouth should be, what he wants to say. "I love you too.

Ashley's smile widens, glad that the knight does share his feelings for her. She brings him close to her lips, kissing his entire face.

Sir Gabriel is surprised to be pulled into a kiss like that with no warning. Being kissed by such a large pair of lips is still a bit odd for him, but he does find it to be pleasant this time. He knows that she is only showing her affection for him. He looks up at her as he is pulled away from her face, smiling up at her.

The knight knows that he is now in a very unique relationship with a woman who is one of a kind. Traveling with her is going to be quite an experience.