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12:31. 9 minutes till the next guards came, to take his group to the train that shuttled streams of people away, but never brought any back, to meet a doom he had suspected for many days, but of course-

He would not be going.

12:32. No- one checked his stolen watch, no- one slipped between the bars, frail after weeks of starvation, no- one crouched behind the block, breathing heavily, waiting for the perfect moment, and definitely no- one wept silently holding their face with shaking hands, knowing he had left his beloved son behind. Because obviously-

That was not allowed.

But he had done it. And if he wasn't over that fence in 8 minutes, the very last flicker of hope would be gone, not just for himself, but for his people, for the Jews, who were every day hunted, mistreated, condemned for committing the crime of existing.

"Be brave," he murmured to himself.

Be brave for the world.

One hand, then two. Gripping the scathing metal. Block out the pain. Ignore the blossoms of red, ignore the rage-

Red! The colour of the floor in the room, when it was stained, painted, in pools draining from the corpses of the people who couldn't answer the questions, who wouldn't answer, when he was watching from the crack in the wall, eyes wide, shivering, telling himself over and over again, this will not be me. I will never get caught.

Red! The colour of the fire in his heart, instilling courage, burning brighter than any star, because what could a star do up there in cold, empty space? Focus on now. Have courage. Yes, he would have to be courageous.

6 minutes.

2 minutes later, his arms were running hot crimson from the constant tearing of the razor sharp wire at his skin. Stupid! He should have taken the gloves! He could visualise them in the hollow where he had shoved them after finding them trodden into the dirt, dusty brown barely distinguishable from the dull parched soil to keep for a later use. What better time than now? But he was nearly at the top of the fence now. It was too late to go back. Reach just a bit higher…Yes! Now to get down. Should he jump? But there was no time to consider this, because his aching legs gave way and he was falling down, down, down…

Awake! Immediately his chest erupted in pain; after a quick assessment of his body he came to the conclusion that at least two ribs were broken, possibly three, as well as bruises all over, and a throbbing ache in every limb. He had trained to be a doctor after all. But that didn't matter. He was free. Free! So he began the long trek through swathes of bright green grass, the first colour he had seen for months- that terrible place had leached all colour into dull shades of grey and brown, turned all brightness and hope to darkness and despair. He put all this behind him because he was heading to a new life. To a new world.

A sliver of moonbeam zigzagged on his bed. The boy was watching from the window, hazel eyes wide, glued to the horizon. The fairies were dancing tonight. Every time one of the fairies touched the ground, it shook with power. A single white light gleamed from between the tees, it was joined by more, and more, drawn to the silent dance. The two brightest ones were the Prince and his bride. They always came last. But their faces were lamenting in the sorrowful air. Though it was calm; leaves swirled around the couple creating a pulsing cocoon. It became thicker as they performed the slow waltz, until the boy could no longer see them. It glowed, streaked with gold, almost too bright to look at. And in a flurry of leaves, they were gone. As the dance reached its most perfect moment… They were dancing in the stars. The princess leaped from the prince's arms, lifted up by the light…Time stopped…

And he caught her. They gazed at one another; tears sprung to his eyes, and they smiled, truly happy, for the first time in moons, for they had found each other, and it was beautiful. The boy's face echoed their joy, as they danced with their ancestors for one night, for the last night, alive once more, smiling on them, so young.

But this was all in his mind. How was he to know that the power shaking the ground was explosions, carving out raw scars in the cracked earth, and the dancing fairies were really bombs, instruments of total destruction, sent by his father who he adored, the army general, really a tyrannical monster?

Because after all, he was just a boy.

And now the boy spread his arms wide, closed his eyes, as the last fairy came down to take him to its world.

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