"And from Nothing, we were blessed with Everything"

Like closed eyes, all that could be seen was darkness. Like that of the cloudy night, all that could be felt was cold. In the beginning, it was emptiness— motionless, as if one was holding their breath. No life existed. No light was found. No sound to be heard. Not a thing to be felt.

It was from this emptiness that the goddess Nothing existed in. She was neither alive or dead. She herself was the void that she found herself in. She existed outside herself and within herself. Nothing was and is Nothing. Formless, quiet, and frighteningly beautiful in serenity. Though voiceless, her mind was extraordinarily imaginative. Ideas and imagery filled her mind with things that had never existed, had never been thought of before— after all, how could it? All there was was Nothing. All there ever had been was Nothing. All alone was Nothing.

Nothing did not wish for this emptiness around her. Nothing desired something. The more she imagined within that frozen state of Existence, the more and more those thoughts swelled within her until, finally, Nothing allowed herself to split open, spilling forth the things she had Imagined.

First came Time, the first born of the Gods, so that movement and change may exist. Time then created the first Elemental Gods, gifting them the domains of Fire (now the heart of Nothing), Air (now the breath of Nothing), Water (now the blood and tears of Nothing), and Earth (now the body of Nothing) and the Realms in which they can rule. They, too, began to craft and came forth the Stars, Sun, Sky, and Land— who took their place so that the World can come into being. Light filled the space with colors that mixed and blended into beautiful shapes and shades and gave form to shadows. Nothing continued to give birth to Existence, and from Existence came forth the gods of Nature who in turn created the forests and oceans and rivers and even the FeyWilds, and decorated these Land with life, so that beast, plant, and Being can live and thrive. World and Life was complete.

And for the first time, Nothing smiled— the first smile to have ever been given. Her ideas, the things that she had imagined, are now a reality. Nothing had created reality. However, having given birth to Everything, Nothing was weak from having been split open though she did not regret it. Tired and exhausted, Nothing lied down, curling herself around the World and bringing it close to her chest within her arms. The smile remained as she closed her eyes as her breath began to slow, and just like how she created Life, she brought forth two more creation of hers: Dreaming and Death.

From Nothing came Everything.