Lucy must be different

In every single way

So she's genderfluid

But she's a girl today

She learned about it on tumblr

That forsaken hellsite

She was mystified

That very night

"Choose what your gender is!"

Lucy read eagerly

"Be whatever you want!"

The poster typed with glee

Lucy looked a bit deeper

to see what she could find

And what she found

Blew her mind

"You have to be trans!"

"But dysphoria's a no!"

"It's okay to be flowergender"

"It's okay to be a hoe"

Lucy was amazed!

Was this the truth?

But she was mistaken

Because you can't identify as a tooth

You need dysphoria to be trans

That's very true

And the number of genders?

There's only two!

Some people may feel mistaken

But there's only a few

Who truly are non-binary

And don't identify with the two

But there are fakers

Who hate science

They think they're peaceful

But they're sort of tyrants

"I'm otherkin!"

"I identify as a wolf!"

"I identify as factkin,

and my gender is Adolf!"

Silly little tumblr

Haven't you heard?
You're a human!
And not a bird

So Lucy did her research

And she did it well!
So she left tumblr

And she left hell

"I understand now,"

She said with pride.

"There are only two genders!

Wow, what a ride!"

The moral of this story

Is one to be known

Don't listen to tumblr!

Research, do your own!

You need dysphoria

To be transgender

Science should be listened to

Not those transtrenders!

So Little Lucy

grew up and learned

Knowledge is pleasure

and should always be yearned.