Ok so I'm currently in the starting process of writing a reasonably long… thing. Also another one on , but that's not relevant. Anyway sorry, but I'm gonna keep publishing poems and short stuff until the thing's finished cuz I'm not the type of writer that can just write a chapter one day, next day another, not knowing where the story's gonna go, what's going to happen. I'm too systematic- I have to plan, write and rewrite. I can't spontaneously come up with something and go with it. I wish I was like that. Anyway, poems kind of come easier to me, but I feel like I'm doing it wrong cuz mostly it's just random words. I mean usually a poem's deep if it makes no sense at first glance, or if it can be interpreted in multiple ways, but I think mine are just literally random words from my head with no meaning.

Ok, end of rant, love you guys!

By the way, (ugh, this girl's still not done talking, get to the thing already (although it's not a very exciting thing but read it anyway)) my poems don't necessarily reflect my life (*cough* first line of this poem), I'm not depressed, don't worry. Ugh, that sounds so weird. Please review and give me story ideas! Also give me suggestions what to read on this website- at the moment I'm deprived of reading material, just reading series I've already read before but I need something new! Okay, I promise to stop talking now.

I want to die today

I literally don't care

Just don't

Talk to me

Outside, it's raining


You wanna see rain?

Try me

Heat is rising


Not me though

I'm falling

Down, down, down

Eyes flicker

Hands twitch

Jaw clenches

And my heart skids




Did I get my wish?

No, because my

Eyes snap open

I'm lying on grass

Digging into my back like

Thorns, but

I don't care

Raindrops splashing on my face

As my heart gives its last

The only thought in my mind is

Why do the raindrops taste salty?