Scaly leaves

Sleeping on the ground

Waiting for the wind

Looking dead, making no sound.


But are they really

Dead as they seem

Or are they lost

In the land of dreams.


Maybe waiting earnestly

For a wave of air to arrive

Happy to go anywhere

Letting it drive.


You might think

That it was dead

The moment it fell off

When from the tree it shed.


But have you ever seen

When these dead leaves dance?

The song of nature in the background

Leaves and wind, busy in their romance.


I wish that you too witness

This beautiful dance, amid the many bole

Because I have, when i visit the forest

To lose my mind and find my soul.

A/N: This is the first poem I am uploading on this site, hope atleast some of you guys like it (please ignore my poor grammar, am not an expert in english). Please review, criticism is appreciated. This poem is inspired by some works of John Moir.