By: Adam

Date: 12/20/19

The story begins one July morning.

It was one morning that was quiet and lonely.

My father was at work and my mother was out of town.

I was all alone in my own little bubble that I thought could never be broken.

Then I found them.

I sat and watched them chat and laugh with one another from afar.

Nothing in my mind told me to interact or step outside of my bubble.

I stayed inside because it was safer.

If I even attempted to step out, I would be attacked immediately by the shadowy figure.

This ghostly being would loom above me during all hours of the day.

It was waiting for the right moment to stab me in the heart with its sharp knife.

As I observed from inside, I knew I had to make a choice.

Do I stay or go?

The obvious and safest choice would be to stay.

However, I took several steps forward.

I then stood there, not breaking through the bubble.

I could feel the shadowy being hovering over my shoulder.

Many of them approached me and my bubble.

In this instance, I was relieved and happy.

Relieved and happy to finally have people who wanted to come and speak to me.

At the same time, I was scared.

Knowing that the shadowy figure continued to loom above me.

It kept me from speaking at all.

Several days past and I watched as all of them talked.

I didn't dare to speak.

There was one day that it all changed though.

As usual, I sat and watched as all of them talked.

However, today was different than usual.

Someone was in distress and the group who was there attempted to reverse their distress.

I joined in on this and a crack formed on the bubble.

The shadowy being who always was above me was slowly fading away.

As it was happening, someone of importance entered and came across our group.

He was silent, just like me.

But his silence only lasted for a moment.

All he wanted was to know what happened.

However, there were screams that drowned out his voice.

The moment my bubble shattered was when everyone stopped their muttering and screaming.

Even the being that watched over me entirely disappeared.

That was the day that I wasn't afraid anymore.

That was the day I made new friends.

That was the day when I knew found my replacements.