"Focus Helmin, focus on honing your abilities!"

Helmin took a breath as he stared at the tall red armored red head that stood on the other end of the large gap, the lady's fiery colored eyes stuck out as visible from his position. She was tapping her armored block high heel boot, growing deeper into impatience. The ginger hair flowing gracefully from the back of her head, her beautiful face had a smile despite the emotion he could feel radiating from her.

He took a couple of steps back, before getting a run up to jump over the large gap. His feet aiming for their target, but they missed and he plummeted down; and wounding up back on the side he started on. "Don't worry honey, you can do this." He heard her call from the other side, echoing off the red cavern walls. She was trying to keep up his self-esteem, but he still knew she wanted to get back to her ruling.

Helmin took a bigger step back, before giving himself a run up and leaping as hard as he could off the edge; this time succeeding on hitting his target. "Very good darling, you're learning your inherit abilities." The woman soothed, as she gave his forehead a kiss. "Next time, we'll try without getting a run up to launch." The sound of her heels clanking on the metal ground echoed across the castle he was now in.

"Thank you mother, I will try next time to do better." Helmin promised getting back on his feet.

"I know you will, I do hope I'm not pushing you too hard though." She fretted, turning her head around. But a smile spread as she met Helmin's eyes. "You're eyes are so beautiful." She praised.

Helmin avoided them. "You tell me every time."

"Well it's true." She called as she exited the entrance hallway, and through the metal bound wooden doors.

"Devilouso, good; we have a situation in the mines."

Helmin pushed through the doors to see his young uncle sitting on top of the throne as his mother shoed him off. "What's the issue today Cerebus?"

Helmin's eyes wandered over to the hulking three headed dog, a inherence of that came with ruling their home. "Three of those monsters are staging a rebellion against the throne your majesty, most of the other miners are joining in on this uprising." The beast answered.

"Let me guess, it's the three different dimensions of just one person starting it?" Helmin's mother asked, holding up a hand to yawn into from boredom.

"Yes ma'am."

"Send some hell spawn down there to clean up the mess, and Helmin dear there's no need to hid; come and sit next to mommy." She flexed a finger in his direction for him to come forward.

Helmin shyly entered the room, and held her eyes for as long as he could.

Devilouso; known to mortals who have met her as Mrs. Devil, Mrs. Dev., and Ms. D.; is the real ruler of hell, and one of the many creators who made and designed the multiverse with simple ideas and science. Not to mention again, Helmin's birth mother. she had long ago kicked out the deity that mortals refer to as Hades, and took the throne for herself before she and Helmin's father ever met.

Helmin took his throne next to Mrs. Devil's, and he thought of how she never had a throne for his father to sit on when he comes home. While Cerebus left the courtroom, Helmin could hear his mother's fingers drumming on the armrest of her throne. "Mortal souls can be so annoying sometimes, not to mention Mortals in general." Mrs. Dev. growled under her breath, but Helmin's ears picked it up. She turned her head and smiled warmly at him from over her shoulder.

"But at least they provide for some of the best things for me, entertainment and one gave me you." She said sweetly, her fingers running underneath Helmin's chin to feel his young beard hairs. "They are getting long, promise me you'll shave them to be non-existent my love?"

Helmin pulled back his head, but did not break his lock with his mother's eyes. She then turned her head, and with a wave of her hand the metal shutters flew open to reveal hell right outside the stainless glass. Helmin could see every poisoned soul carrying the large rocks of coal towards the ginormous furnace that fueled the fires in the red cavern. "Good to see everyone is still at work out there, no one is to slack or they face second death at the blade of my axe; am I right Helmin.

Helmin looked out there, countless souls marching the same path towards the same goal; while taking a side path back to the start of the line to grab another lump of coal. Then marching along the same path down to the furnace. Helmin couldn't help but think of how those in the coal mines are doing the same routine but with a different goal and start.

"Helmin sweety, you seem tired; why don't you go and take a break," Mrs. Devil said, "Hmm… how about you take your first journey into the multiverse?" she held out a hand as she made her way down the steps to her throne.

Helmin took it and followed her down the courtroom and out the doors.

A/N: So, this is the start of a hero who is part god/creator and mortal/created of the creation. The multiverse the creators holds everything, and if I did something including all of it, it'd be an entire mass crossover.