It seemed as if they were a world apart,

The differences were so many, it was hard to know where to start!

But even though one could not touch and the other could not see,

Finding one near the other was almost always a guarantee.

If you are exceptionally stealthy at night,

You'll see a ghost and a skeleton alright!

Sometimes, the skeleton wanders around the lake

The ghost always trails in his wake.

Even if the skeleton doesn't know he is there,

The ghost accompanies him everywhere.

But even if the ghost cannot be seen,

He still showers the skeleton in good deeds.

Sometimes, he casts a cool breeze to clean the skeleton's bones.

Other times, he serenades the skeleton with airy haunts and moans.

Even if the skeleton doesn't know where the ghostly music originates,

It's always a sound and a feeling he greatly anticipates.

But their relationship is not one-sided.

The skeleton helps the ghost as well, even though they are divided.

Even though they are a world apart,

One able to touch, and one not as lucky as his counterpart,

They manage to bridge the gap all the same.

The skeleton can use his power to brighten the ghost's day.

Sometimes, he can be caught lurking in the nearby town.

But he's not looking for people to hunt down.

Instead, he's looking for things of entertainment to bring back,

Books, pictures, toys, games, arts and a craft!

He brings them all back to where the ghost is forced to stay.

Then, he uses them and puts them all on full display.

This is not to mock the ghost or his inability to touch,

But to bring him closer to the world he longs for so much.

Even though the skeleton can't even be sure the ghost is real,

There's still always a comforting presence that he can feel.

And for one as lonely as the old skeleton,

Having any other presence around felt like a friend!

So of course he wanted to return the favor to this kind soul,

Little knowing it was a sentiment felt by them both.

Because even though they are a world apart,

They are connected at the "heart".

Love can transcend time and space.

It can travel to any person in any place.

Even though the two aren't quite able to interact,

That doesn't mean they aren't able to leave an impact.

Perhaps someday they will finally, properly meet,

And then, they will be able to hug and speak.

But even if that day is very far away,

That doesn't mean they cannot enjoy today.

Already, the ghost watches from the night sky.

Below, the skeleton drops by.

Unpacking all of his latest goodies,

He's quick to set up for his ghostly buddy.

The two spend the entire night as one.

The ghost and skeleton share a wonderful night of fun!

You'll almost never see one without the other,

Because of how much they care about one another.

Even though they must love in the shadow,

That doesn't make their love any less-so.

For love was what gave their strange relationship its beautiful start.

And because of that, they're so close that they're not a world apart.

AN: Just wanted a cutsey afterlife romance, so here we are.

Spoiler alert, they do eventually meet and have a very happy relationship! (I'm only saying this bc this poem is a one-shot, but I still want a happy ending. I'm impatient, LOL