The angels were white and bright

They radiated a holy light

They were colorful, musical and sweet

And they worshipped at God's feet

They wore elegant robes and golden halos

And their faces were so bright, they were impossible to behold

The holy light would blind any mortal that would try

To look these pure, perfect creatures in the eye

But then the halos splintered and split

Their hearts began to harden and twist

And in place, they grew sharp, crooked horns

As the holy light died, something else was born

Now, with the halos gone, there's nothing for God to hold

In the past, he would grab them by their halos of gold

Those things were used for communication, and continuing the thrall

The golden circlet was like a chain around their heads that controlled them all

But with the chain broken apart and jagged

God can no longer keep them isolated or run them ragged

And with the light gone, the angels were no longer blinded by God's might

They could now see the stark reality of life

This also meant their true faces were now visible for any eye to see

And without that holy light, it was revealed that they were terribly ugly

It was a nightmarish thing to behold

the faces of the angels of old

The things the light used to hide became bare in the dark

Their faces were twisted, horrid and stark

After the Great Fall, angels and demons chose to walk among humanity

The demons were agents of change and angels of stagnancy

The angels are still bright and gorgeous, incomprehensibly so

Those who stayed faithful are still protected by God's golden glow

But they are woefully and painfully blind

They are shortsighted with a narrow mind

Meanwhile, although the demons are ghastly to behold

They are the painful truth, glaring and bold

And the truth is seldom pretty

But at least, in them, there is honesty

And they help keep the angels at bay

Keeping their beautiful lies far away

The demons are tough love brought to life

So they ask you to be brave and face the strife

Face the ugly truth and see the horror with in

Don't run away or fear the sin

They have no interest in denial

That's what the angels do, which they revile

Don't run or hide or cower or fear

Stand, fight and stay right here

Maybe a tough love is complicated

But it still beats the angels' gentle hatred

AN: Based off a Tumblr post theorizing about the halos and holy lights of the angels (by Dark Litria, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong).

Also somewhat inspired off the quote "A halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose" by Dan Mckinnon.