"How did we get suckered into this again?" Sonorhc deadpanned as she, Nevermore and Reaper dashed from door to door, delivering pizza.

"Smokey needed an extra hand since there's a big game going on and everyone and their mother decided to place an order," Nevermore replied. Then she grabbed her two companions, the pizza boxes strapped to her back, and suddenly, they were gone. Activating her Umbramagy, Nevermore melted herself and her companions into a shadow, and they sped through the darkness, hopping from shadow to shadow. Once they reached the next neighborhood on the list, Nevermore pulled them back out of the shadows.

"Whew! What a rush!" Reaper sounded breathless with glee. She loved shadow travel. Nothing got the blood pumping faster!

"You could've warned me first!" Sonorhc gasped. She, typically, also enjoyed shadow travel, but being caught off guard did make it less enjoyable and more terrifying. She panted, that entire trip had been like one hot mess to her. Even though they'd all been bathed in shadow, she'd felt, heard and seen things as she was dragged along through.

"We'll give you a sec to catch your bearings," Nevermore sounded apologetic as she patted Sonorhc gingerly.

"Ah, she'll be fine," Reaper snickered. Sonorhc narrowed her eyes at the other Necromage, but she said nothing.

A minute later, though, she'd caught her breath and reoriented herself.

"Well, anyway, who's next?" she asked, looking over Nevermore's shoulder to skim the delivery list.

"Oh! Blazeit! This should be fun," Nevermore chuckled.

"Why does he need to order pizza? Can't he just make it himself?" Sonorhc snorted, shaking her head.

"Just because he has fire powers doesn't mean he's going to use them for everything," Nevermore reminded her companion.

"I suppose that's true," Sonorhc admitted.

"Well, it'll be a nice excuse to see him, if nothing else," Reaper said, looking quite excited.

"Oh lord, the double trouble dream team," Sonorhc rolled her eyes and gave a soft, despairing moan.

"Yeah, this is just for delivery, remember?" Nevermore agreed, giving Reaper a cautious look.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever! Let's just get moving already!" Reaper waved her friends off before darting down the darkened street.

"I swear, that girl needs a leash!" Sonorhc snorted and shook her head again.

"Well, we better catch up to her before she does anything stupid!" Nevermore said, not quite disagreeing. Then the two went sprinting after.

The delivery went fine, Reaper and Blazeit managing to have a calm chat before Sonorhc and Nevermore had to drag Reaper away again.

"Come on, Delivery Girl, we got more pizzas!" Sonorhc sighed as she grabbed Reaper's left arm.

"But I wasn't done talking!" Reaper cried.

"You're never done talking, though!" Nevermore replied, grabbing Reaper's right arm. Then they both began dragging her off.

"You know, I can't even be mad at that," Reaper sighed. Blazeit, meanwhile, looked like he was having the time of his life.

"Well, Delivery Girl, I hope you enjoy the rest of your route," he teased. "Now I'm going to enjoy this delicious pizza!"

"Don't rub it in!" Reaper complained. Blazeit only gave her another playful laugh and wink before waving them farewell.


The trio continued their route in this way for about half an hour more before Reaper finally grew impatient.

"So is this going to take all night?" she complained. They were on their third batch of pizzas.

"Well, the store should close soon," Nevermore checked her phone. "Why? Tired?"

"And hungry!" Reaper sighed. "As much as I like helping out, I'm getting kinda bored of this reverse trick-or-treat."

"Reverse trick-or-treat?" Sonorhc and Nevermore couldn't help but laugh.

"I mean, I was being serious, but yeah, I guess it's funny," Reaper rubbed the back of her neck embarrassedly. She was definitely the comedian of the group, but sometimes the jokes happened without her even meaning to make them!

"Well, here's an idea!" Nevermore suggested. "If you want to make this go faster, maybe we can split up! All three of us can use our powers to deliver these pizzas faster, and then we can go home."

"Oh, heck yes!" Reaper sounded ecstatic. "Why didn't I think of that?!"

"Because you're not smart?" Sonorhc teased, pretending to give her an exasperated look.

"Hey!" Reaper complained.

"Well, I'm not totally wrong," Sonorhc defended. "You might actually not be able to use your powers…"

"Oh. Right…" All three of them looked mildly disappointed. Reaper could decay things with just a touch, but that wasn't very useful in delivery…

"Well, then maybe Reaper can just stay with one of us," Nevermore said. She could use shadows and Sonorhc could summon the undead. "Besides, I would like to credit the idea to Reaper," Nevermore added.

"Really?" Reaper and Sonorhc were both surprised.

"I wouldn't have thought of it either without the Halloween joke!" Nevermore nodded.

"Oh, nice! Guess I am smart!" Reaper puffed out her chest. Sonorhc slapped her forehead, but even though the dark, they could see her smile. "And hey! I think I just got another idea!" she added.

"Hoo boy…" Sonorhc cringed. That tone of voice was never a good sign. Yes, Reaper was smart. Perhaps not traditionally so, but she was honestly not stupid at all. However, when she took that tone, it meant she was getting a dangerous, and often dumb, idea…

15 minutes later, three girls were sprinting through the darkness, pizzas piled high in their arms. Reaper may have been the one to come up with the dumb idea, but Nevermore and Sonorhc weren't immune. She'd challenged them all to a race. Having Nevermore drop her off at home so she could grab her car, all of them were going to finish their routes as fast as possible.

Sonorhc managed to create a stag-like mount, Nevermore dropping her off at a local college to "borrow" some animal bones, while Reaper hopped into her car. This left Nevermore alone with her shadows.

"First one done and back here is the winner!" Reaper shouted from her car window.

"You're on!" the other two shouted back. Then, after a countdown they all did together, they took off at top speed. Nevermore vanished into the shadows, Reaper's engine roared to life, and Sonorhc's mount took off in a gallop. It was a strange sight to see, two Necromages and an Umbramage delivering pizzas late at night, but hey, when you had the power, you used it!

Nevermore dashed from door to door, able to move much quicker now that she didn't have to also transport the other two. She would suddenly appear in a driveway or on a doorstep and ring the bell. Then, as soon as the customer interaction was over, she'd melt right back into the darkness from whence she came, and she would be off again, faster than a speeding bullet!

At the same time, Reaper sped down backroads and took all kinds of daring twists and turns. It was probably illegal to be driving as recklessly as she was, but the pizzas were strapped down tight and Reaper was a known daredevil. Watching her take dark roads at high speeds was fairly normal. And hearing her whoop and cheer as the radio went full blast was equally in-character. The only time she ever dipped below the speed limit was when she was pulling a fast stop at the next house on her list. She would come to a screeching halt before practically flying up every driveway to deliver the pizzas. Somehow, they managed to stay perfectly intact.

Then last was Sonorhc, looking like something out of a horror movie, riding through the moonlit streets on a mount made of bone.

"Giddy up!" she cried, and the skeletal creature picked up its pace, hooves clattering loudly against the pavement. All the while, she had the pizzas safely stored in the creature's ribcage. It was an interesting storage spot, but it worked! And every time they reached a house, Sonorhc would shout for her mount to stop. It would obediently clatter to a halt, allowing her to dismount and grab her pizzas. She would then tell the creature to wait a block away until she whistled for it. She didn't want to scare anyone with it.

It was a mad dash of a delivery dash. Reaper continued to speed along the roads, Nevermore continued to slide and sprint through the shadows, and Sonorhc continued to ride and gallop through the night. Each girl managed to match pace with the others, and before long, all three of them were down to their last few pizzas.

Reaper kicked it into overdrive while Nevermore pushed herself to travel through the shadows even faster than before. At the same time, Sonorhc continued shouting commands to her mount, sometimes not even waiting for it to come to a complete stop before she would leap off its back and go flying to the door. She now held the next pizza in line in her arms, so she didn't have to waste time getting them from the mount's ribs.

About half an hour before midnight, they all finally converged. Nevermore was first, Sonorhc second, and poor Reaper was-

"Dead last!" Sonorhc teased.

"Oh, shut up, I have a car!" Reaper pouted as she climbed out of her vehicle.

"I'm just amazed it's still in one piece," Nevermore joked.

"Well, I did almost crash a few times…" Reaper admitted thoughtfully.

"You WHAT?!" Nevermore sounded horrified.

"Are you surprised?" Sonorhc snorted. "I'm just glad I don't have to do any repairs."

"I'm not that bad at driving!" Reaper's pout returned.

"No, but it wouldn't be the first time I had to use my magic to patch you up," Sonorhc reminded.

"True," Reaper had the grace to look embarrassed. But even though she was still sore over losing the race, which she'd proposed, Nevermore revealed that she'd actually stopped by the pizza shop one last time to grab them all a little bit of dinner.

"Flexing!" Reaper accused playfully. Even though Sonorhc had arrived only a minute after Nevermore, this new bit of information showed that Nevermore might've won by a larger margin had she not stopped for a midnight snack first.

"Well, do you want me to return the pizza?" Nevermore snorted.

"NO!" her two companions shouted. Behind them, even Sonorhc's mount rattled its bones loudly.

"Ooops," Sonorhc grinned sheepishly before lowering her hand as if telling the mount to lie down. All at once, the bones clattered lifeless to the pavement. "Guess we gotta take those back now, huh?"

"No! Let's eat first! I'm dying!" Reaper begged, eyeing the pizza hungrily.

"Well, I can bring you back if you do," Sonorhc joked.

"I thought you were tired of patching me up!" Reaper cried, eyes still on the pizza.

"True," Sonorhc admitted.

"Besides, even though we do have to return those bones, nobody else is gonna use them until tomorrow morning at the earliest!" Reaper continued to argue for her pizza, and the others were forced to concede. Reaper had a point, after all, and it was apparent that even if they chose to return the bones immediately, Reaper was going to complain their ears off the whole time. Besides, admittedly, they were hungry too.

"I'd say a small break is in order!" Reaper huffed indignantly as Nevermore finally opened the pizza. "It's the least we're owed!"

"True," Nevermore and Sonorhc were both quick to agree on that. But even though the delivery dash had been intense, it had still been very fun.

"But even better, FOOD!" Reaper grinned from ear to ear as she finally grabbed a slice of warm, delicious pizza. Nevermore and Sonorhc quickly did the same, all three of them biting in at the same time and looking incredibly pleased and satisfied.

"Ok, I can't lie, if free pizza is the reward we get for doing Delivery Dash, count me in next week!" Reaper joked as they polished off the last of the pizza. Nevermore and Sonorhc patted their stomachs and nodded in agreement.

"Don't worry," Nevermore joked. "I'm sure my boss would be more than happy for the help!"

"Heck yes!" Reaper fist-pumped. This night couldn't have been any better!

"Wait, I know I still have ice cream at home!" Sonorhc cried suddenly. "Anyone down for dessert?"

So, the night could get better after all! Heck yeah!

AN: Just wanted a fun, random one-shot with my girls!