Once upon a time, in a small village in a faraway kingdom, there lived a physician. He was a kind and selfless man, for he took care of the sick in the village, and had healed countless of disease in the village. He had a beautiful young daughter by the name of Seiren. She possessed an impeccable beauty that has no match to the other young ladies in the village. Because of this, many suitors had asked for her hand in marriage. However, Seiren had no interest in any of them, neither does she have any intention of getting married. Instead, she had a dream. She dreamed of becoming a physician like her father. Unfortunately, ever since in the earliest of days, there hadn't been any record of a female physician.

Every day, Seiren tended to the patients that came to her father's clinic. Sometimes, her father would ask her to diagnose the symptoms of his patients. After the clinic was closed, Seiren would read the medical books that her father possessed. And early in the morning, she would head to the forest near the village to pick the herbs needed for the clinic.

One morning, Seiren went to the forest as usual. After she finished picking the herbs, she went to the river to get some water. What she saw at the river was astonishing. A man was lying nearby the river. Without any hesitation, Seiren approached the person. But when she went closer, she noticed something that was even more shocking. The man was young-looking and had well-defined facial features. But he had long silver white hair and a pair of pointy ears. On top of that, instead of fingernails, he had long, sharp claws growing on his fingers. He was bleeding profusely from his abdomen, and was lying unconsciously.

Despite the fact that he was a demon, he was still an injured person, and a physician cannot abandon those in need. That was the thought of the young maiden. She pulled the demon with all her might to a tree nearby. After that, she took some of the herbs she picked earlier and chewed them. She then spit the crushed herbs out and placed them on the demon's wound. Right at this moment, the demon regained his consciousness due to the pain and saw her. Without any doubt in his mind, he reached out and grabbed Seiren's neck, surprising the young lady.

"Who are you and what do you want?" he asked in a threatening tone.

"I-I just want to help," Seiren replied, with words forced out of her throat.

"Help? From a human?" the demon scoffed, "Your kind has done nothing but killing my people," Hearing the words from his mouth, suddenly Seiren's fear for the demon disappeared, and a new feeling of courage emerged inside her.

"Go ahead and kill me then," Seiren said to him in a challenging tone., "This will only prove what the people said is true. That you're nothing, but a beast,"

Hearing the words from the young woman's mouth, he tightened the grip around her neck in anger. His claws dug into her skin, causing her to bleed. Seiren began to gasp for air. "How dare you," the demon said to her. But as soon as he did that, a pain struck him in his abdomen and made him loosen his grip. Seiren coughed upon her release and caught her breath. She then noticed the demon holding on to his wound in pain.

"You shouldn't move too much," said Seiren calmly. She then ripped the hem of her kimono dress and wrapped the cloth around the demon's stomach.

"You're very skilled in this," the demon remarked.

"My father is a physician in the village nearby," Seiren replied, her eyes still fixed on her work, "Sometimes I would help him bandage the injured patients. There."

After she finished the bandaging, she finally looked at the demon in the eye. His eyes were silver-coloured, just like the moon in the night. Seiren found herself deeply captured in the eyes. Her trance soon ended by the sound of the rustling bushes. A group of men appeared. They were holding knives, pitchforks, bows and arrows, as well as other weapons.

"Look! The demon's here!" one of the men exclaimed, who seemed to be the leader. The demon then grabbed Seiren from behind, much to her surprise.

"He's got a girl as a hostage!" the man exclaimed again.

"If you don't want me to hurt her, I suggest you put down your weapons," the demon said to them.

"Do as he says," the leader ordered his men.

"But," one of them interrupted.

And while they were still debating whether to obey the demon's order, the demon said softly to Seiren, "You brought those men here,"

"No, I didn-"

"I thought I could trust you," said the demon, "I was wrong." After saying this, he pushed Seiren to the ground and fled the scene. The men saw this and immediately went to assist the young woman.

"Are you alright?" asked the leader.

"Y-Yes, I'm fine," Seiren stammered.

"You're injured," the man remarked. Seiren realized the wound on her neck, still bleeding.

"O-Oh, it's nothing," Seiren replied.

"Come on. Let's get you back. It's not safe here," said the man as he helped Seiren to her feet. She turned to the direction where the demon ran, still trying to comprehend the situation.

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