The next day, Buster was walking to school with the triplets and the Hollowware kids.

"Jen has an appointment this morning, so she's going to be in right after that," said Alexis.

"Mom asked me to tell Mrs. Pierce that first thing when we get to class," said Danny.

That's what he did when they got there.

"Okay. Thank you for letting me know," said Mrs. Pierce.

When Jenny arrived an hour later, an announcement came on.

"Attention, students. There will be a Spring Break trip coming up and it's going to be Florida this year. We will be gone from April 14 to 22. It will be $80 per person and due on April 2nd. Flight and hotel costs will be covered. Florida location will be available soon," said Mr. Tillis.

"It's a mystery location," said Lenny.

"Very exciting," said Danny.

At free time, Buster continued writing the first page of the report.

"I didn't have get a chance to read last night. Amanda took me and Frank out for dinner and a movie after a visit with my mother," said Jenny.

"How did that go?" asked Buster.

"Very good," replied Jenny. "I got tired by the time I got home, so I decided to start reading it in bed for a while and figured I'd continue during free time. I'm glad we have three weeks to do the report."

When he completed the first page, he was doing the second page.

"Almost done, already?" asked Lenny.

"I finished reading after dinner and did some writing until 9:00 pm to let my brain to wind down before bed," said Buster.

"Good idea," agreed Danny.

"I'm glad I don't have skating for another week to give me time to finish my report," said Buster.

"I agree," said Jenny.

He was still working on it until the teacher came back from break. He plans to continue after school.

"I'll be letting you kids do a poster board for extra credit if you want to. You can use the computer to print out any pictures from the book including all the main characters, about the author, year of publication, and summary. You can do it after lunch," explained Mrs. Pierce.

Later, at lunch, Buster said, "My mama is treating me by inviting the Trenton group for a sleepover."

"That's a nice idea," said Haylee.

"I called Frank, but there was no answer. He called me back saying he was out with Jen and Amanda since his parents were working late," said Buster.

"His grandparents are away in Bahamas," said Jenny.

"He'll be seeing his parents this morning before school," said Buster. "He's going to let the others know and call me back tonight. Plus, she's letting me invite the rest of you guys for the sleepover."

"Cool. Count us in," said Lenny.

"I have a better idea. Why don't you invite the Trenton group for the weekend so they can see you at the playoff game 3?" suggested Jenny.

"Maybe. It depends on what time the game starts. I won't know until tomorrow," said Buster.

"You can bring that up to Frank when he calls you," said Jenny.

"I'll check with my mama first," said Buster. "If that does happen, they'd have to come right after school."

"That would make sense," said Manny.

"Did you find on who you'll be facing?" asked Haylee.

"Yes. Harrington Thunder," replied Buster.

"Yikes," said Alex, Jr. "I recall that team have three tough goalies, but you're the toughest."

"We'll see what happens," said Buster.

"Are you still planning to see Lena after school?" asked Jenny.

"Sure, but I'll call her mom first to make sure it's a good time to see her," said Buster.

"Good idea," said Jenny.

"I'm sure she should be home by now," said Haylee.

"Probably. I'll do that when we bring our poster boards home," said Buster. "I didn't want to do that if she was sleeping."

"He has a good point," said Jenny.

After lunch, Mrs. Pierce said, "Before you go on the computers, I have poster boards provided now. Some are one folded and others are three-folded. You can get them after school on your way out."

That was when many of the kids used the computers to print out the pictures including Buster. They did it for the rest of the day. When school ended, a lot of kids picked out a three-folded poster board. Buster did the same thing.

"I'll be on the porch after I bring the poster board to the house while you call Brenda," said Jenny.

Brenda and Mrs. Cooper are good friends. Brenda got picked to be Jenny's godmother.

"Okay," said Buster.

That's what he did, and it was all clear to see Lena since she got home this morning.

"When I get there, I'd like to talk to you about something before I see her, so I'll let the girls talk for a bit," said Buster.

"That's fine," said Mrs. Brock.

After they talked, Buster went to go meet Jenny on the porch.

"All set. Mrs. Brock said we can see Lena. She didn't mind me calling first," said Buster.

"Oh, good," said Jenny as they took off.

"I told her I would like to talk to her while you see Lena," said Buster.

"Okay," said Jenny.

When they arrived, they were told Lena is in her room resting.

"I'll meet you there in a minute or so," said Buster.

"Alright. Take your time," said Jenny as she left the living room.

"What would you like to chat with me about?" asked Mrs. Brock as they sat on the couch.

"First of all, I was able to talk to Lena on what Haylee and I talked about while we were alone the night before the sleepover and she actually understood," said Buster.

"Oh, that's a good thing," said Mrs. Brock.

"I know," said Buster. "I was a bit nervous at first."

"I bet you were," said Mrs. Brock.

"I was glad we made out just fine," said Buster.

"I'm glad, too," said Mrs. Brock.

"The one question I would like to ask you will she be okay for the event depending on how she feels?" asked Buster.

"We can wait and see," said Mrs. Brock.

"I know it's early, but I rather ask you ahead of time," said Buster.

"I can understand what you're saying," said Mrs. Brock.

"My home game for the playoffs will be next Friday," said Buster.

"She usually sees you televised whenever she can't make it to any of your games anyway. She even watches your away games," said Mrs. Brock.

"That works," said Buster. "I didn't want to keep her hopes up, which is why I choose to talk to you first."

"I don't blame you for doing that," said Mrs. Brock.

"Also, my mama is letting me invite the Trenton group to have a sleepover. It's okay if Lena can't make it. Do you know when her treatment would be?" asked Buster.

"That should be all set. It's next Thursday," said Mrs. Brock. "They keep her overnight."

"I'm wondering if she's unable to attend the event or the sleepover, is it okay if I can bring them here to see her?" asked Buster.

"Sure, she would like that," said Mrs. Brock.

After they had a long talk, he went to join the girls. He and Jenny stayed for 15 more minutes before leaving for home.

"Lena didn't ask for you. She just figured you'd let us talk alone," said Jenny.

"Okay, that's fine," said Buster while he explained about everything on what he and Mrs. Brock talked about.

"At least she sees you televised," said Jenny.

"Better than nothing," said Buster.

"And, seeing Lena after the event as a backup plan is a splendid idea," said Jenny.

"Her mom agreed," said Buster.

"Can we work on the project together?" asked Jenny. "I'll continue reading before I start the writing report at your house, and I'll do the poster board later at mine."

"Sure. I don't mind," said Buster.

"I'll go let Sam know while I get the book and my notebook," said Jenny.

"Okay," said Buster. "You can meet me in my room when you come over."

"Sounds good," said Jenny.

At home, he continued working on the second page when Jenny came in to join.

"Sam didn't mind me coming over," said Jenny.

"Oh, good," said Buster. "What book did you get?"

"Romeo and Juliet. It's my favorite," said Jenny.

"That's cool. I did that project when I was living in Nevada," said Buster.

"Really?" asked Jenny. "How did that come out?"

"Good. I had an A+," said Buster.

"Wow," said Jenny. "I could picture doing the title role in a high school play one day."

"I picked out Little Women," said Buster.

"I got that movie," said Jenny. "I love it. I brought it with me when I first moved in next door."

"This is my first time reading it," said Buster. "I enjoyed it, but never seen the movie."

"Perhaps I'll bring the movie next weekend during your sleepover," said Jenny.

"Sounds good," said Buster.

After he finished the report, he checked it over and didn't find any errors while Jenny finished reading hers.

"I'll be back. I'm getting some scissors and went go check to see if we have any glue for my poster board," said Buster.

"Okay," said Jenny.

He went downstairs to his mother.

"Do we have any glue? My teacher is letting us do our poster board project for extra credit," said Buster.

"I believe we have some in the kitchen drawer," said T.J.

"Okay," said Buster as he went to get it with the scissors. "There's not much, but I might have enough to use it for a few pictures."

"No problem. I can ask your Dad to pick some up on his way home from bartending school," said T.J.

"Sounds good," said Buster.

Justin was a diplomat and moved around a lot until he ended up quitting the job after their last move in Dover. That prompted him to attend bartending school. Buster is glad about that part. He has twin brothers, Mike and Jake, who are a month old. They're staying in their parents' bedroom. But their house of nearly a year only has three rooms- too small to fit six kids and their parents. That's why Justin decided to do house hunting and found a house with four rooms. Buster had enough with that. The only good part is that he didn't have to change schools this time.

"Jen can stay for dinner if she wants to," said T.J.

"I'll go ask her," said Buster.

That's what he did, and she said, "Sure."

He went to tell his Mom and she said, "I'll call Sam to let her know."

"Okay," said Buster.

In his room, he started cutting out the pictures.

"Do you mind if I help you?" asked Jenny.

"That would be fun," said Buster.

She took a break from writing to help him.

"Too bad we're not partners," said Jenny.

"I know," said Buster. "I got some glue."

"Good," said Jenny.

"I might have enough for some pictures, so my mama's having my dad get some more glue. We can still cut together while I label the pictures," said Buster.

"Good idea," said Jenny.

That's what they did for the main characters, about the author, summary, and year of publication. He had enough glue for the main characters and about the author. He'll do the summary and the year of publication after dinner.

T.J. came up and said, "All set. Sam said you can stay for dinner, Jen."

"Okay, great," said Jenny. "When does she want me back home?"

"She said it would be best to go back after dinner so you can get ready for school," said T.J.

"No problem," said Jenny.

"I had enough glue for main characters and about the author," said Buster.

"Your father will bring glue. He's also getting Chinese at the same time," said T.J.

"Perfect. I'll finish the poster board after dinner before Frank calls," said Buster.

"Oh, I came up with an idea," said Jenny as they talked to his mom about it.

"I think that's a fine idea," said his mom.

Later, at dinner, Buster explained about a trip to Florida during Spring Break. "The hotel and flight are included."

"That's great," said T.J.

"I'm going to bring it up to Sam," said Jenny.

"The deadline is April 2nd," said the nine-year-old.

"Okay. I can write the checks out so you can give them to your teachers in the morning," said T.J.

"Sounds good," said Leo.

"When are we due to move into our new house?" asked Leah.

"Right after you kids get back from Florida since the Bennetts are not leaving until April 22nd. You can pack your things before the trip to be all set," said Justin.

"Okay. We can do that," said Lee.

After dinner, Jenny was getting ready to go back home.

"See you tomorrow," said Jenny.

"Bye," said Buster.

"Thanks for dinner," said Jenny.

"Anytime," said T.J.

Buster went back to his project. In the meantime, T.J. and Justin were in the living room while she was writing the checks for the kids.

"I informed my folks that we're going to Trenton this weekend since Buster would have a busy schedule including the skating event," said T.J.

"You'll have to go without me," said Justin. "We have an open house on Saturday afternoon, and I have to be here for that."

"That's alright. I'll have the kids with me," said T.J.

"I'll keep the boys, so you won't have to bother with Sam unless I need her during the open house," said her husband.

T.J.'s parents, Leo and Kathy Anne, are due to move into their house when they leave there, but Leo's mom, Myra, recently got diagnosed with Alzheimer's and they choose not to move at this time to let her rest, so Justin had to put their house up for sale.

Then, the phone rang as she went to pick it up. "Hello."

"Hi. Is Buster there? It's Frank," said Frank.

"Sure," said T.J.

Buster was working on it when his Mom came in with it and said, "Buster, it's Frank."

"Okay," said Buster as he took the phone. "Hi, Frank."

"Hi. Mom gave me permission for that sleepover. She thought it was nice of your mother to treat you that way. I already told the others in school this morning after I had permission," said Frank.

"Oh, wonderful. Jen had a better idea," said Buster as he explained everything to him. "But I'm not sure what time the game 3 will be yet. I won't know until tomorrow. If you guys do come, you'd have to come here after school."

"Good point," agreed Frank. He brought that up to his mom who had no issue with that, and the boys were happy. "Want to give me the time for the playoff before spreading it to the others about spending the weekend with you?"

"I think that would be the best thing to do," said Buster.

After they finished talking, he went to put the phone back.

"Here's the check for Mrs. Pierce. I already gave one of the triplets their check for Mrs. Long," said T.J.

"Okay. Thanks, Mama," said Buster. "Frank was telling me that he had permission."

"Good," said his mom.

"But I told him I'd get back to him for the time of my game 3 before coming here for the weekend," said Buster.

"I already told my folks that you're going to have a busy schedule that includes your skating event, so we're going there this weekend," said T.J.

"Okay," said Buster.

"Your father told me that he can't join us this time because we have an open house on Saturday, and he has to stay for that. I'll have to tell my parents that. You can inform Haylee and Jen tomorrow," said T.J.

"Jen would be done with the project by then. She didn't start anything last night because Amanda treated her for dinner and a movie after the visit with her mom," said Buster.

"That's good. I forgot to ask her on how the visit was," said T.J.

"It went well," said Buster.

He went back to finish the project after putting the check in his front backpack. He completed it 30 to 40 minutes and put it on the vanity to pass it in tomorrow morning. At 8:00 pm, he put on his pjs. He relaxed before going to bed by 9:30 pm.