The next day, Buster got up a bit early to get ready for school. He got dressed before he went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Today's the big day for you," said T.J.

"I know. I'm feeling confident," said Buster.

"That's good," said T.J.

"I'm debating to eat a snack before the game to keep the blood sugar under control," said Buster.

"That would be the best thing to do," said T.J.

"That way I can focus on the game. Coach Gomes lets me take a break if I needed to either way, which barely happens," said Buster. "I think the rink has vending machine, so I'll get something from there."

His mom made waffles with sausage. He figured to have a good meal before the first hockey playoff game.

"I wonder how Jen is doing," said Buster.

"Me, too," said T.J.

After he finished eating, he went to brush his teeth before he left for school. He didn't see Jenny with her foster siblings.

"How's Jen making out this morning?" asked Buster. "I thought about her last night."

"She's still a bit torn about not able to see her mom anymore," said Alexis.

"She's too upset to show up to school today. She was afraid for the grades to go down if she didn't focus on schoolwork," added Manny.

"I don't blame her," said Buster.

"Neither did we," said Lenny.

"Haylee and I knew something was wrong when Jen came over feeling upset," said Buster.

"We told her we'd be praying for her," said Danny.

"Haylee and I will be doing the same," said Buster.

"The one thing we'd wondered if how would she be feeling if she's unable to say goodbye to her mom: She'd be upset even more," said Alex, Jr.

"I agree," said Buster. "Let's put it this way: At least she had a good weekend with me and Haylee."

"We thought about it, too," said Anna.

"I can see why Amanda didn't want to mention it while Jen was with us," said Buster.

"She would've been too upset to join," said Manny.

"Exactly," said Buster.

"She still plans to visit Lena this afternoon," said Alexis.

"Good. That would keep her busy," said Buster.

At school, the teacher was looking for Jenny when Lenny said, "She's not coming in today. She was told that she couldn't see her mom since she was getting worse."

"The principal was looking for her because Amanda had just located her dad," said Mrs. Pierce. "She probably had no idea that Jen's not here."

"You mean the one who hasn't seen her daughter for the past five years?" asked Buster.

"Yes," said Mrs. Pierce.

"His estranged wife was trying to find him to take Jen in, but couldn't locate him," added Buster.

"She may not remember him," said Danny.

"The social worker found her parental grandparents, too," said Mrs. Pierce.

"Wow. She hasn't heard from her parental grandparents since her father took off," said Buster.

"And, telling her during school wouldn't be the best time, either," said Lenny.

"You got a good point," said the teacher. "I'll go let the principal that Jen's not in today."

Then, she left to tell him and returned a few minutes later.

"He'll call Amanda to let her know," said Mrs. Pierce.

"Where was he all this time?" asked Buster.

"She didn't say," said Mrs. Pierce.

At lunch, Buster went to Haylee said, "The teacher gave more news. Jen's father and grandparents have been located."

"Really?" asked Haylee.

"The boys and I were surprised to hear that. Jen never had contact with any of them in a long time," said Buster.

"Which is why she's in foster care to begin with," said Haylee.

"Exactly," said Buster. "She never talked about it to us. I only knew about it from Mrs. Brock. I don't bring it up."

"I don't blame you. I wouldn't either," said Haylee.

"I wondered if she would want to move in with them," said Buster.

"Me, too," said Haylee.

"Danny says she won't remember them," said Buster.

"I agree," said Haylee.

After school, Buster went home since he didn't have to be there until 3:45 pm, but he knew he won't have time to any homework, so he decided to wait until tonight. Then, he left before 3:20 pm. His mom offered to bring him so he won't have to walk there. When he got to the rink to get ready for the hockey playoff, he noticed their rink is changing its name to Delaware Skating Center. Everyone was ready before 4:00 pm before the bus arrived. They left a few minutes later.

The ice rink for Harrington is at Centre Ice Arena, which is about 17 minutes away and it's located at Delaware State Fair. Their rivals were already there. Buster grabbed a snack from the vending machine. He found what he can have. He ate it before he went on the ice.

At 5:15 pm, everyone started to be on the ice after they did warm-ups. Buster felt a bit nervous since Thunder defeated the Lightening a few times before, but he knows that he'll do just fine. 15 minutes later, the game started. He was about to keep his blood sugar under control the whole time. He was able to score a few against their rough goalie. After the game ended, with Buster's help, the Lightening won against Thunder for the first time in a month: 5 to 4, a very close game. It was a tie, but Buster broke the tie before the buzzer. His teammates applauded him. It was the first time he broke a tie.

After the game ended, Coach Gomes said, "I decided to take you kids out for dinner. You can call your parents to let them know and meet you on the bus."

Then, Buster went to call his mom, who answered, "Hello."

"Hi. I just want to tell you that I won't be home for dinner. Coach Gomes' taking us out," said Buster.

"Okay, that's fine, honey," said T.J.

After the kids called their parents, they went to the bus before taking off. They went to Friendly's. They had a nice dinner and ice cream as their treat. He added he'd still do it if they lose, especially for their hard work.

After all that, they went to Centre Park rink to put their things away.

"Nice work. I'll see you on Wednesday," said Coach Gomes.

Buster changed up and went out there. His mom was already there to get him.

"We watched you on TV and it was good that your team won," said T.J.

"Yes, it was a very close game. It was a tie until I managed to break it at the end right before the buzzer," said Buster. "I was able to handle the tough goalie, which was a miracle."

"That's good," said T.J.

"I know. It was my first time to break a tie," said Buster.

"I bet," said T.J.

"I got a bit nervous, but I knew I would do fine," said Buster.

"Good," said T.J.

At home, Buster did his homework.

After that, he decided to give Jen a call to see how she was tonight.

"She went to bed not long ago," said Samantha.

"I know, but I just wanted to check on her," said Buster.

"She's feeling a little better," said Samantha.

"Good. Did Amanda call to tell you about what was going on?" asked Buster.

"Yes," said Samantha.

"I was surprised to hear it from the teacher," said Buster. "Does Jen know yet?"

"I didn't tell her about it yet. Amanda think it would be better off if she brings it up herself during the next visit next Monday afternoon," said Samantha. "Last night was the only time she could come back because of her busy schedule, which is understandable."

"I doubt Jen would want to live with her parental family. She never hears from them," said Buster.

"I thought about the same thing. It's up to her," said Samantha.

"I agree with you," said Buster. "The only other person who knows about it is Haylee. She was surprised, too. She knew that was the reason Jen's in foster care to begin with."

"Of course," said Samantha.

"I bet visiting Lena kept her busy for a while," said Buster.

"It did," said Samantha. "She came back before dinner after they watched your away game. They were both glad that you won."

"I know," said Buster.

After they had a long talk, he put on his pjs and had some free time before going to bed at 9:15 pm because he was getting tired.