Chapter 8

Roland held Brunhilda tightly as he squeezed her rear. She pressed both her lips and her body against him. She kissed fiercely. It reminded Roland the first time Josephine kissed him, but much more tender yet still overpowering. Brunhilda's tongue swirled in his mouth, telling Roland she was experienced, and her hand caressed down from his chest to his crotch. A soft moan escaped when she pulled away to catch her breath. Brunhilda lowered her head sheepishly, and she fidgeted cutely with strands of red hair falling to her face. Her eyes immediately shifted cautiously to her horse; she didn't want to spook him.

Sorry, old friend. We didn't mean to disturb you. Magni, on the other hand, watched the two but didn't care; a listless demeanor showed in his gaze as he continued eating his hay while ignoring their amatory dance. Brunhilda shrugged and turned back.

"You can take me if you want? I'm all yours, and you can do whatever you want with me," Brunhilda whispered, biting her lower lip while fiddling with his trousers' drawstring.

"…Umm." Roland blinked, being sober enough to stop.

Roland gawked at her, dumbfounded. Droplets of sweat fell from his brow. Although there wasn't much light in the stable, Brunhilda still noticed his troubling expression and became concerned, her hand resting on his cheek. Roland didn't answer. His mind was somewhere else, growing conflicted by the circumstance. Of course, he wanted to have his way with her, but is that wrong? If he turned her down, would she get angry? What about Josephine? He knew they weren't technically dating, but is he betraying her?

"Roland? Are you okay?" Brunhilda asked. That snapped Roland out of his train of thought.

"I'm fine. I was somewhere else," Roland assured, somberly. The gears in his mind halted. "I'm just having second thoughts, that's all."

"Is it about your friend?"

Roland nodded.

"Are you and her together?"

"Sort of…" Scratching his neck nervously, Roland barely had an answer to it. "It's a complicated subject we hadn't gotten across."

Brunhilda started feeling guilty and briefly turned away. She didn't want to hurt anyone, unsure if she should proceed any further. She didn't know Josephine that well, but from everything Roland told her, she could tell they had a lot in common. After a while, Brunhilda pivoted back. She kissed him again, pulling back while she teasingly bit his bottom lip.

"If you feel like you're doing something wrong, then you shouldn't be." A sincere smile arose as Roland's troubles withered. Her pleasant voice (along with the alcohol) diluted his worries. "You care about her, and that's admirable. However, you are not bound to her and shouldn't fear to betray her."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, we're all young and should live life to the fullest," she remarked, leaning back.

Roland greatly admired her body, not only her breasts but her sculpted abdomen as well. Seeing the baffled and confused look on his face, Brunhilda gently grabbed one of his hands and dragged it to her breast. That perplexed him more as he firmly cupped it. Roland had no idea what to say but didn't deny how large her bust was. It barely fit his hand, and as he dragged his fingers down, he twirled around the piercings on her nipple, held tightly by nobs. Giving it a gentle squeeze, Roland slowly released his grip but felt Brunhilda drawing his head closer with her hands around his neck. He completely lost himself into her impressive mounds as he smelled her musky, feminine scent.

"If you want to stop, then it's up to you, but is that really what you want to do? Perhaps, you should learn to let your inhibitions go, Roland," Brunhilda suggested, barely holding her voice together. "To become an adventurer, you have to try new experiences, both of the body and the mind. You have to learn to live on the edge, and only then can you truly understand what it means to be alive."

Roland took her breast into his mouth. She shivered as Roland trailed his tongue on her areolas, a weakness that rendered her helpless. He further removed her top and tossed it to the hay-covered floor. His hands caressed down her body, and he took in her voluptuous curves, stopping below to massage her round and stout ass behind her leather shorts. She moaned and enjoyed that a lot, already having her hand on his quickly hardening bulge, already taking his rod out and gently caressing his shaft.

"Let me teach you how to truly live as I have taught you how to wield a sword," Brunhilda prompted, getting off of him. "If that is alright with you?"

"Yes, please. I want you to teach me," Roland pleaded. He felt her going down and shiver as her mouth breathed against his cock.

Brunhilda still held a tight grip. Roland combed his fingers through her silky mane, and she responded with an affectionate giggle.

"Don't stop," he said, panting. "That feels so nice."

"You like it, don't you?" she mused. "Then you're going to like this."

After giving him a few strokes, she let out a delightful sigh and licked her luscious lips. Brunhilda gave the tip a sloppy kiss and then took him whole in her mouth. She used her time patiently to taste him, but that didn't last long as she started to bob her head and sucked greedily at the shaft. Roland let out a low, satisfied moan. His hand softly pushing her head to the rhythm, sending jolts of intense pleasure surging through him. He basically drowned in a deluge as he grew bigger inside her mouth. Brunhilda picked up on his subtle cues, going deeper to the base, sucking him further without gagging from the pressure.

"How are you doing that?" Roland asked, fearing of reaching his limit.

Brunhilda moved her head back as she stopped. A gasp for air escaped, and she issued another task with her mouth. This time, Brunhilda ran her tongue up and down his shaft. Then she proceeded to plant suckling kisses all over, pausing for a moment to answer his question.

"It just comes from years of practice. I'm not saying I'm proud of it, but it helps when finding a proper lover."

"Have you done this before?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"I have had some lovers in the past, but they brought me nothing but heartbreak and disappointment," said Brunhilda. She grimaced as Roland saw the pain in her gaze. "I understand if you think I'm cheap, but I hope you won't hurt me just like they did."

"If you want someone who won't hurt you, then I'll be sure not to do so. You can trust me not to break your heart." Roland smiled. All of his raptures suddenly replaced with sympathy towards the dwarf woman, affectionately caressing a hand to her face.

Brunhilda accepted the gesture, nuzzling up against the back of his hand and greeting in his warming kindness with a gracious peck. She had never met such a lovely touch before, even with the men she courted. That proved to be a different case for her as Roland gave her comfort. She stood up and moved to take off her shorts, her white panties practically thin and stringy. As she tossed them away also, it enticed Roland even more so. Brunhilda immediately caught wind of it and returned to his lap. However, she hesitated, having told him her promiscuities troubled her. She paused on wanting to dive on in as her heart raced faster, but Brunhilda roughly brushed away such uncertainties as she embraced him.

"I must warn you that dwarf women are not soft like human women," Brunhilda cooed. Her bare folds moistened while rubbing against his cock. "If you take us to bed, you will definitely have your world rocked."

"You think I'm afraid of the challenge? I think I can handle you." Roland playfully looked offended. He squeezed her rear, receiving a soft jolt from Brunhilda. "I might still be inexperienced. I might still have a lot to learn. However, as you said before, I am a fast learner, and everything you threw at me was worth the challenge."

She bit her lower lips and purred lasciviously. Brunhilda didn't know what it was, but Roland's overconfidence became a real turn-on for her. She quickly kissed him again, and Roland kissed her back. In an instant, his primal lust kicked in and felt the warmth and tightness. So tight that Roland feared his manhood might snap off, especially if he didn't move it properly. He slowly grazed his shaft against her, taking his time before sliding in her lick womanhood, cautioning his lustful desire to plunge fast. Brunhilda let out a small squealing noise, which made Roland think of a mouse for a second. Pain and pleasure mixed in her expression, thinking how cute she looked, bringing the young adventurer close and teasing her neck with a kiss. He lifted her up and down, getting the momentum started, but that introduced an exciting new venture for him as Brunhilda started taking the helms.

"You better hold on tight, Roland," said Brunhilda, her voice becoming hoarser. "This is going to be a rough ride to handle, and you best be sure not to lose your stead."

Roland looked bewildered by her statement. In his inebriated state, he took a while to get his thoughts but later understood her words. She was still training him, even then. Brunhilda wanted to see if he learned what she'd taught him about the battlefield, taking charge and not be dominated by his opponent. Bucking her hips roughly, Brunhilda proved to be aggressive. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands grabbing his tunic and discarding it. Her breasts steadily bounced right into his face with each gyration. Roland moved his hands away from her bare butt and held on tight against his stool. The fear he might fall hindered his concentration, and it was embarrassing to land on his ass while having sex.

"That's it…right there," Brunhilda moaned, feeling her sensitive spot getting hit nicely. "I want you to keep going. Don't you dare slow down."

"Don't worry. I won't," Murmured Roland. He pushed his tool deeper in and heard Brunhilda gasped from the shock as she clung to his frame.

Brunhilda kissed him again, pushing her tongue into his mouth, which Roland found utterly exciting as he returned the favor. With all of his might, Roland pushed himself up and pinned Brunhilda to the stable's walls. He held her legs up as he thrust his hips harder. Roland felt Brunhilda's fingernails digging into the skin of his back as he growled, mixing pain and pleasure from both of them.

He ran his tongue over her nipple piercing as he started moving faster, pumping into her, and feeling himself building up inside her tight, wet hole. Brunhilda was already losing sensibility from the pleasure, burying her face into his neck while letting out nonsensical gibberish. She moaned, her body seizing as Roland sent rippling orgasms and made her body shiver intensely.

Roland built his pace until he was slamming into the buxom dwarf, practically venting his frustrations into her body without easing up. He grunted with each thrust and felt himself almost hitting his breaking point. Brunhilda was too drunk in the pleasure that she could barely hold onto him. Finally, Roland found his own release as both he and Brunhilda screamed in ecstasy, slowing his momentum from filling her to the brim with his seed. They both fell to the ground, letting puffs of air exhaled from their breath. She turned to the window and saw the faint sunlight.

Oh, Gods dammit. It's almost morning, but I want to stay a little longer.

"Roland," said Brunhilda. "We better get back to the house before the others wake up soon."

Brunhilda shuffled and curled up against Roland. She turned to her side, lifting herself onto her elbows and looked at him with a grin. However, Roland was unresponsive. Sleep finally claimed him as his eyes closed. That forced Brunhilda to help him up and got him dressed., Brunhilda chuckled while Carrying him in a manner fitting for a princess, making sure not to disturb him.

Dawn had passed, and noon nearly arose, the sun's cruel present reminding Roland that hangovers are a pain in the ass. Roland awoke with a groan, holding his head right at the moment when the cuckoo clock started chiming. The first time he ever had a strong brew, and he nearly threw up all over the wooden floor. Nevertheless, he managed to hold it together.

He found himself back in bed, but the memory of how he got back escaped him. Roland remembered talking to Brunhilda and drinking, but then he blacked out. Everything else became a blank. Scratching his unkempt hair, Roland got up and stumbled out. Roland made his way to the mirror and met with a slack jaw and bloodshot eyes. When his vision came back to him, he snapped around to the voice calling him from behind. Josephine sat on the other side, having already thrown her baggy clothes on and waited for Roland to wake up.

"Well, glad to finally see you up and at 'em, sunshine." She greeted, but her enthusiasm fell and quickly replaced with concern. She sauntered over and placed a hand on his forehead. "Roland, are you okay? You're not sick, are you?"

"Umm…yeah…I'm fine."

"Roland, I've known you for about half of my life, and I can tell when you're sick."

Roland waved his hand. He stumbled back and almost knocking against the mirror while he clutched at his head. Fortunately, Josephine was quick to catch him before he tripped on his bare feet.

"Come on, Roland. You better get back in bed, and I don't think you should start…" Right before Josephine laid Roland down, the door swung open, and the loud thud made his head hurt even more than it already did.

"Time to get up, you two. It's time to get the day started," said Brunhilda with a brash smile as she stood under the doorway.

Roland and Josephine shared the same irritated look towards the dwarf, and they wanted to tell her to shut the door. However, seeing Roland barely maintain his composure, Brunhilda needed to act fast. Thankfully, she's been through this so many times that she had lost count.

"Uh, oh. It looks like the marsh wine has done its magic too well." Brunhilda approached him, taking him from Josephine by the shoulder. "Come on, the only way to cure a hangover like this is a nice cup of strong, freshly brewed coffee."

"What are you talking about? What hangover?" Josephine glowered suspiciously, crossing her arms as she watched the two walked away.

Brunhilda stopped and didn't say anything for a second, but she explained to the woodsman's daughter about what she meant and about the drinking they did last night. Brunhilda also told her about the sword training and how she'll personally train Roland in the art. At first, Josephine was unnerved and wanted to ask if there was anything else that happened. Josephine shrugged, unsure what to say. Sure, she was suspicious, but she trusted Roland enough to know nothing else went on (or, so she thought).

"Oookay…well, that's a relief. I'm glad Roland's not sick, but we're still going to talk about all of that later," said Josephine, smiling. Sticking her hands in her pockets, she followed the two out the door and to the kitchen. "Though I should still thank you for helping me with him."

"Relax. It's no problem. You guys are my guests, and if there are any problems, I guarantee you'll get help from the Wayland family," right when the two were out of earshot, Brunhilda and leaned in and whispered to Roland, becoming amorous in tone with her face blushing. "Besides, after the fun we've had, I need to treat you with tender love and care. Isn't that right, lover boy?" she gave him a gentle wink, and all of Roland's memories resurfaced.

He remembered it all too well. The ecstasy, the pleasure, and the aftermath, it was all coming back to him as if a boulder struck him at full speed. Roland lowered his head, and his expression staled as he became thunderstruck. The pain of guilt immediately overshadowed the pain from the hangover. The two almost reached the end of the stairs. All the while, Roland's mind was reeling.

Roland Mors, what the hell did you do?

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