The sun is rising on a new day, following a storm that lasted for an entire night. The ground and trees covered with the remnants of a downpour that has only ended several hours ago. Those who could take shelter from the terrible weather did so in any way thay could, including a woman who is fast asleep in a cave. She seems to be very content where she is lying at, looking very peaceful. Her long, red hair is sprawled about on the ground, the slight waves it has giving it a somewhat messy appearance. Her blue top is wrapped around her chest in a chriss-crossed fashion and her blue ankle-length skirt hides her legs.

As the sun continues to rise, the light slowly entering through the cave's entrance and hitting Holly's face. Her eyes scrunch up as her sleep is disturbed and then they slowly open as she begins to wake up, the intruding light telling her that it is now morning. She sits up, yawning as she wakes up to a new day. She stretches, her hands easily touching the top of the cave and her barefeet extending outside the cave. Rubbing her eyes, she is now fully awake.

Holly looks outside, watching as droplets of water are falling off the cave's entrance and hitting the ground. "Rain's gone," she says, grateful that the storm has passed. The cave she has chosen to stay in for the night is small for her, not even offering the woman enough space to stand up at all; she is glad that she can finally leave the cave. Holly gets on her hands and knees, with some difficulty because of how cramped the cave is for her, and begins to crawl towards the exit.

As Holly leaves the cave she can feel the cold, damp grass beneath her hands. The day is still early so the air is still nice and cool on her freckled skin. Finally outside, she she stands up and stretches, something she was unable to do due to the confined space she was in. Upon standing at her full height, it is obvious that she is not like other woman due to her height; the word "tall" doesn't even begin to describe her stature. At fifteen feet tall, she is the tallest woman, or person for that matter, to ever exist.

The giant woman looks towards the horizon, wondering where she should go today. She isn't lost nor does she have anywhere to be, she is just wondering where she should go. The woman has no family that she is aware of nor has she met anyone who is the same stature as she is. As far as she knows she is very unique individual.

All her life, Holly has been alone. No one to guide her or teach her life's lessons; as a result she is a very simple woman.

Holly turns her attention to her stomach, which is growling due to how empty it is. She does recognize this sensation, having felt before on numerous occasions. "I'm hungry," she says. She looks towards the horizon, hoping that she can find something to eat. Her eyes immediately spot something that she knows will have food, a tree.

Holly makes her way towards the fruit-bearing tree, her long strides allowing her to cover a great distance so easily. The tree itself is about the same height height as Holly, allowing the giantess to simply peer through the leaves with the hopes of finding something delicious to eat. "Fruit?" she says as she begins to search through the tree's foliage with the hopes of finding some breakfast. She begins to pout slightly, seeing no signs of the delicious red fruit that she has been hoping for. Reaching through the foliage, she wraps her fingers around the base of one of the many branches and rips it away from the tree's trunk.

"Fruit?" Holly repeats as she brings the branch closer to her face. She is disappointed that she can't find anything amongst the leaves. She just can't understand why there isn't anything in the tree. Holly shakes the branch, hoping that some fruit will fall out. Unfortunately for her, she is unaware of the fact that not all trees bear fruit, the maple tree that she has been examining is one such tree.

She brings the branch up to her face once more, bringing it close to her mouth and sticks a portion of the branch in her mouth. As she pulls the branch away, she is stripping the leaves away, chewing on them as if they are food. They do have a bit of a sweet taste to her so they aren't exactly unpleasant to eat. Swallowing what she has in her mouth, she proceeds to consume more leaves, stripping the branch that she is holding within a matter of minutes. After consuming the leaves off of three branches, leaving a huge bald spot in the tree, she finally feels sufficient. Dropping the bare branch that she is currently holding, it landing on the ground on top of the other two which she has stripped, she begins to walk in a random direction.

While walking, Holly seems to have a lost look on her face. She has no idea where she is going, nor does she know of anyplace that she needs to be. All she really does is just wander about, never knowing what each day will bring her.

As she continues to walk she sees a man in the distance. He seems to be carrying something, what looks like a box that is full of something that is green and round. She begins to wonder what he is carrying and where he is going with it. Deciding to get answers for her curious mind she decides to walk towards him since that is the only way that she can get any answers.

Carrying a crate full of lettuce, the man is making his way to the nearby village with the hopes of selling it to a local merchant. He could really use the money, needing to support both his wife and unborn child. The lettuce is of a high quality so he is confident that he will be paid a good amount for the goods he is trying to sell. Heading to his destination he hears something coming up behind him, they sound like really loud footsteps. This doesn't alarm him at first, dismissing it as someone who is heavyset walking behind him. But the sound is becoming louder and he can feel the ground shaking slightly with each step he hears. It isn't until that there is a large shadow looming over him that he decides to turn around.

Turning around slowly, afraid of what he is going to see, he sees a large pair of legs before him. He is by no means a short man, being an average height, but he still can't believe what he is looking at. He slowly begins to look up, seeing a waist, a torso, an ample set of breasts, and finally a large face looking down on him. This woman is looking at him with a sense of curiosity, but the man is so shocked that this does not register with him. "Holy shit!" he exclaims, dropping the crate of lettuce, the wood shattering as it hits the ground and the produce rolling in different directions.

Holly stares at him since he has just said her name, or something that sounds very similar to it. In fact, that is why she is named Holly Cheet. Most people yell it when they first see her, so it only makes sense that is what her name is.

The man turns back around swiftly, running towards the village that he was already headed for. Holly bends down, picking up on of the heads of lettuce that was just dropped, looking towards the man as he continues to run. It was nice of him to give her this food, but she isn't hungry right now. Dropping what she has, she stands upright to her full height once again. She can see several homes in the distance, the same homes that the man was running towards. Did he want her to go there? With nowhere else that she needs to be, Holly begins to make her way towards the village.

With the approaching giantess, people are hiding inside their homes. Anyone who has access to a firearm is gripping them tightly, ready to use them if necessary, but this is a last resort in their mind. Shooting the giantess is an idea, but there is always the chance that it may not do much harm to her. Making her angry would not be the best thing to do. At her size, the woman is more than capable of causing a lot of damage or seriously injuring someone. Right now, it is in their best interest to wait inside their homes and pray that this threat just passes through.

Entering the village, Holly notices just how empty it looks, like every other one she has been too. The houses in the village only pass her waist, looking quite small to her. She continues to roam the empty village, trying to figure out what she can do, that is until she stumbles across a wheelbarrow. The object looks so small to her, she just can't help but be curious about it. Reaching down, she picks it up both her hands and begins to look it over.

Looking at Holly from inside their homes, the villagers stare in disbelief as the giantess has picked up the wheelbarrow with very little effort. If they didn't know any better, they would think that this woman is a child, watching as she is spinning the front wheel and giggling. But with her figure and proportions she is clearly a young woman who looks to be in her early twenties. They can only assume that it is an act she is putting on to lure people outside of their homes so that she grab someone and take them God only knows where.

Holly is genuinely having fun with what she has in her hands, finding the wheelbarrow to be very entertaining. Spinning the wheel amd rolling it along the ground, she is having fun with it, much in the same way a child has fun with a toy. The wheelbarrow that she has is small enough to where it could be a toy to her. Unfortunately for her, the wheelbarrow stops rolling, the wheel breaking off due to how she is handling it. Holly examines the item, seeing that it is now broken, and therefore no longer fun.

Holly tries to roll it on the ground once again, but it is difficult for her to do this since the wheel is now missing from it. No longer finding the object to be fun, Holly walks around the village some more, curious if it has anything more to offer her. She continues to wander around aimlessly, finding nothing of interest to her. Perhaps it is time for her to move on. She does wish she could find that man again since he was the one who wanted her to come to this village.

As Holly is leaving the village behind, she is unaware of the fact that everyone is slowly coming out from their homes to watch her leave. They have never seen anyone quite like her before, her stature making her very unique. This does make them wonder if there are any others like her. Of course, they highly doubt this. If there were othet giants surely they would have seen them on several occasions.

Holly continues to walk, putting more distance between her and the village. The day is still early and there are so many things that she can do, she just has to figure out what she wants to do.