Within moments, Jacob is saddled up on his horse. He looks up at Holly, who has calmed down since Zara apologized for yelling at her. He still finds himself trying to process how such a large woman can even exist. Yet there she is, looking down at him as he prepares to ride off. With nothing to say to the giantess, he turns his focus over to Zara. The woman looking at him with a sense of confidence. "You said that my fence will be finished by the time I return? I certainly hope that your friend is capable of performing such a job." He looks over at Holly, who is sitting on the ground, spinning the remaining wheel of the cart that she had ruined. It is odd for him to see such a large adult woman who has the mentality of a young child; it is because of this mentality that he is having some difficulty believing Zara's claims.

"Don't you worry." Zara sounds very confident as she says this as if Holly has done this a hundred times before. "I promise you that Holly will have this done before you even get back. Now go on. I imagine that your family will be more than eager to see you when they arrive at the docks.

Kicking at his horse's sides, Jacob starts to ride off. A small part of him can't help but wonder how someone like Holly will be able to finish building the fence for him. Sure, she is more than capable of doing it physically, it is her mental capacity that has him worried. Asking her to do this job, or any for that matter, would be the same as asking a child to do it; with the giantess's mental capacity he imagines that there is no difference. With everything that he still has to do, he has no choice but to put his trust in her; hoping that his fence will be built properly when he comes back. Besides, Zara has to know that Holly will need supervision for this.

Zara watches as Jacob rides off, eager to get to work and earn her pay. Or more accurately, put Holly to work and earn her pay. Turning around on her heels, she looks up at Holly and claps her hands together to grab the giantess's attention. "Are you ready to have some more fun?"

"Fun!" Holly responds excitedly. Ever since she has met Zara, she finds herself having more fun than she ever did when she was alone. In her mind, Zara is doing exactly what a friend does and finds fun things for her to do. Even if the "fun" that her friend is finding for her is actually labor, though she is unable to tell the difference.

"Follow me and I will show you the fun that is just waiting for you." Holly is eager to follow Zara, the giantess walking with a spring in her step as she can only imagine the fun activity that her friend has planned for her. She is remembering to walk at a slow pace, Zara wanting her to remain behind her, but she is going to be a good girl and do what Zara tells her.

Approaching the incomplete fence and the pile of stones that are going to be used in its construction, Zara can see just how big of a job it really is. The area that Jacob wants fenced in is sizable and looks to be overwhelming. However, this job is going to be completed by a giantess and it will not seem so big to her. "Holly, do you see that big pile of rocks?"

Looking towards the ground, Holly can see the pile that is near her feet. The pile is sizeable, even by her standards, but as far as she is concerned, this means that there is more fun for her. "Yes."

"Good. Now, what you want to do is…" She pauses for a moment, remembering how Holly has a tendency to follow directions exactly the way she is told. She has to be very specific about what she needs to do, making sure that there will be no way for her to misunderstand the directions that she is going to give the simple giantess. "First, pick up one of those rocks."

"Okay." Bending over she reaches for the pile. Her fingers fumble with the stones slightly. Grabbing hold of one, she lifts it between her fingers with ease. While these stones may be heavy for most people, they feel so light due to the giantess's size. Holly can't help but giggle at this relatively simple action.

Watching Holly pick up such a sizeable stone with very little effort, Zara has a feeling that this will be an easy-paying job. With Holly's size and her direction, this fence will be finished in no time. "Okay, Holly," Zara says as the giantess shows her friend that she has a stone in the palm of her hand, "Now, listen carefully, I want you to put the rock that you have right here." Zara is pointing to the spot where the fence has ended and is waiting to be finished.

Zara watches as Holly places the stone exactly where she was instructed to. Holly stands up straight after she finishes what she was told. Clapping her hands, giggling as she finds this to be amusing, she truly enjoys what she is doing. "Now Holly, can you grab another rock and do it that again?"

"Yes!" Holly says excitedly. Zara watches Holly, giving her no instructions so that she can see if the giantess understands the directions without her constantly having to tell her. Having to repeatedly tell her the same steps repeatedly would get tedious after a while. Thankfully, Holly is able to repeat what she has just done with no problems. The lazy woman can't help but smile at Holly's progress, looking as though she has a firm grasp on what she needs to do. "Isn't this fun?"

"Fun!" Holly repeats with a laugh.

"Okay, all you have to do is keep stacking. Do you understand?"

"Keep stacking," Holly parrots back. The child-like giantess laughing an giggling as she continues to stack. In her mind, this is all just a game, and from how Zara has presented it to her it might as well be.

"Good girl." Zara stretches as she watches Holly continue. She seems to bee doing just fine and is moving at a good pace. With a yawn she decides that she is going to take a nap; with everything she has done today, she deserves one. Moving to a nearby tree, she sits down and leans up against the trunk of the tree. She then kicks off her boots, spreading her toes as they now have a chance to breathe, crosses her legs and bows her head as her eyes close. Her last thoughts, before she dozes off, are about how easy her life has become ever since she has met this giant woman.

As Zara is napping, Holly continues to stack the stones just as she was instructed. The stack she is making is getting pretty high as she is only building up and not over, a minor, but necessary detail that her friend had failed to mention. The pile is already stacked pretty high, reaching her knees, yet she still continues to add onto it

Holly is having the time of her life, her simple mind seeing this as a fun activity and not the job that it is supposed to be. After adding an additional stone to the pile, she turns around to grab another one. "Uh-oh…" Having grabbed the last one, she now notices that there are no more stones to grab. Holly looks around the surrounding area, trying to figure out what she should do. She doesn't want to stop, she is simply having too much fun. Then her eyes spy more stones she í use, a lot more. Bending down, she reaches for a stone that is a part of the fence that has been completed and adds it to the tall pile that she has been building up. "Fun!"

If Zara had been supervising the giantess, she would have seen how Holly is continuing with her job. Instead of building a fence she is building a wall, and tearing up an existing fence just to continue. She is unaware of this; right now she is dreaming, dreaming of an easy life where she can just laze about all day long and not have to worry about any responsibilities.

Holly continues with her fun, stacking the pile of rocks higher and higher. She is amused when the pile reaches her knees, and even more so when it is up to her hips. After placing the last stone on the pile she has made, the giantess looks around to see that there are no more stones for her to grab. "No more fun?" Holly can't help but feel disappointed, with no more stones for her to grab, there is no more fun for her to have.

A new distraction grabs her attention when her stomach growls, indicating that she has worked up an appetite. "I'm hungry." Luckily for her, she knows exactly what to do when her stomach feels empty and she knows where she can go to get something to eat. Her eyes focus on the tree that she saw Zara head for, the leaves on it looking very appetizing to her and are more than capable of satisfying her returning appetite.

Zara's nap is disturbed when she hears a loud cracking sound coming from above her, followed by something light hitting her face. She groans as she tries to ignore these annoyances, not being too keen on the idea of getting up quite yet. But the noise continues and the light objects continue to land on her face, meaning that the nap that she wishes to continue is over. She opens her eyes to see Holly above her, ripping a branch off the tree that she is napping under.

As she sits up, she watches as Holly sticks the branch in her mouth, stripping it of all its leaves. She can't help but watch as Holly consumes what she has in her mouth before continuing to eat the rest. She drops the now bare branch to the ground, along with the others that she has picked clean before she goes to grab another one. Zara can't help but wonder how much the giantess needs to eat. Not only are half of the tree's branches now missing, but Holly ate a fair amount when she first woke up several hours ago.

"Hungry again?" Zara asks the childish giantess, watching as she continues to eat.

Holly looks down at her friend, finally noticing her. "Uh-huh," she answers with a nod. Swallowing what she has, she continues to answer, "I'm hungry."

"Of course you are," Zara comments. She is lucky that Holly is capable of consuming things that most don't consider edible, the cost of trying to feed her would be beyond reason otherwise.

Peering around Holly, Zara's eyes widen when she sees the job Holly did. "No no no no no," she repeats as she gets up. She makes her way to the fence, or rather where the fence used to be, to see the huge pile that Holly had decided to make. "Holly!" Zara shouts sounding very worried, "What did you do?'

"Keep stacking," Holly says with a giggle. "Fun!"

"Keep stacking…" The words are going through her head. She buries her face in her hands, "How could I make such a stupid mistake?" She is aware that Holly will do exactly what she is told. Because she was only told to stack, that is exactly what she did. "Okay, okay. I can fix this. Holly can fix this. Jacob won't be here for a while, so all I have to do is tell Holly what to do, guide her through each step. Easy enough, right?"

Zara looks over at the Holly, the giantess looking lost since she has nothing to do at the moment. "Holly, how would you like to have more fun?"

"More fun!" Holly says excitedly.

"Good, what I need you to do is…" Zara is interrupted when Holly reaches out and picks her up. "Holly! What are you doing?" Zara can feel her bare feet leaving the ground as she is lifted into the air.

"Hug!" Holly says as she pulls Zara into her chest and embraces her. "A lot of fun today!"

Zara can feel her body being squeezed tightly by her giantess companion, making it difficult for her to breathe. She is aware that Holly is not intentionally trying to squeeze her but that she is unaware of her own strength. "H-Holly," Zara manages to say, "what did I say about being gentle?" Immediately she can feel the grip on her loosen, allowing her to breathe without any difficulties. She looks up at Holly's face, who seems to be looking back at her as if she is confused or lost. "I know you are having a lot of fun today, but you need to put me down, understand?"

"Okay!" With that Holly simply lets go of her friend, causing her to fall to the ground.

Luckily for Zara, Holly was on her knees so the drop wasn't a long one. She should explain to Holly why she can't just drop someone but she has a more pressing matter to attend to, fixing the fence that Holly was supposed to be building. Getting up, Zara puts a smile on her face, which is very difficult considering how stressed she feels right now, "Holly," she says in a calm voice. She is effectively dealing with a child and yelling at her won't help. She can imagine what could happen if she did upset the giantess and this is something she does wish to avoid. "This game is very, very simple. You are going to grab one of the rocks that you have just stacked and you need to place it where I tell you too, do you understand?" The giantess before her simply nods, letting the irritated woman know that she does understand what she is being told.

The next few hours Zara is directing Holly as she is properly building the fence that Jacob was promised. The woman who was napping as opposed to supervising the giantess is under a lot of pressure to have this done before he returns. If he returns from picking up his family and discovers that the fence is incomplete he may refuse to pay for the service.

Holly's attitude towards this labor is a strong contrast to her best friend's. Unlike Zara, the simple giantess believes this to be a game; laughing and giggling with each stone she stacks onto the ground. Being told that she is doing a good job at playing only makes her happier, causing her to clap as if she is praising herself.

Just as Holly puts the last stone in place, completing the fence, the sound of a horse and cart approaching can be heard. Zara feels a great sense of relief wash over her removing any stress that she was feeling, with the job done as promised, she is sure to receive the full payment that both she and Jacob agreed on.

Riding in the back of the cart are Jacob's wife, Beth and their young daughter, Candace. They are shocked at the sight of Holly unable to believe that they are seeing a woman of her stature. Beth was told that there was going to be a tall woman on the property, but she never imagined that she would be as tall as a house. Candace us bouncing excitedly, the red-headed toddler pointing at the giantess. "Wow! Mommy, she is huge!"

"Candace, wait!" Beth cries out as her excited daughter hops out of the cart. The blonde mother is unable to move quickly enough to grab the toddler, being eight months along and expecting twins moving is a bit difficult for her.

Candace is quickly approaching the tallest woman she has ever seen, sprinting across the field as she can feel the cool grass beneath her feet. Looking up at the towering woman, the little girl isn't even tall enough to reach her knees, she is staring with a sense of awe. "Hi," she says with a smile and a wave.

"Hi!" Holly replies with an awkward smile on her face, giggling as she enjoys saying the newest word she has recently learned.

Zara is watching as the two are talking to each other, Candace pointing out the obvious fact of how big Holly is. The longer she watches the two the more she is noticing how the giantess's mental level is similar to the toddler's. She is well aware of how childish Holly's mind is, but to actually have proof is another.

Jacob is approaching both Zara and Holly as she is helping his pregnant wife. Beth seems to be more at ease about Holly, her husband explaining to her what he knows about the giantess and witnessing how she is interacting with her child. With some caution, she stands behind her daughter as she introduces herself to the giantess as well.

"I gotta admit, I had my doubts," Jacob says, "I can hardly believe that your giant friend managed to finish a job that would have taken me several days in several hours."

Zara puts a proud smile on her face, "I told you that she could do it. Now, about the amount that you agreed to pay me?"

"Right, I would say that you earned every shilling."