Oct. 16th 2019

I don't know where I am. I mean, I do know where I am, I'm in Stayber's Hill, my home and birthplace. But it's not exactly Stayber's Hill. I'm completely alone. There's electricity, there's cable, hell, there's even live TV. I've called my friends who don't live in Stayber and they pick up, but they can't hear me. I can text them. They get my text messages. I told them how nobody is in Stayber, but they say that Stayber's Hill isn't a real place, and that I live in Georgia. I've never been to Georgia in my life.

I hope my prayers work.

Oct. 17th 2019

I've driven my car all around town but there's nobody there. While in Foodtopia, I heard footsteps, but I was the only one there. It's sorta lonely.

I texted my friend, Maia. I told her that Stayber's Hill is real, and that she grew up there with me. She told me that she grew up Albany, and that she's never heard of Stayber's Hill. I texted my mom and she said I live in Georgia as well.

The internet still works, thank god. I posted a status on facebook, though I barely use it, asking for anyone to come pick me up. Someone to help. Someone to tell me I haven't lost my mind yet.

Oct. 18th 2019

I heard noises again.

I was rummaging through Burger King, looking for my next meal. Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps, light as first, then running through the Burger King. I saw a shadow disappear into the lady's washroom.

The night is horrible. I hear howls of sinful creatures I cannot survive. Shit, I meant describe. I'm already losing it.

Oct. 19th 2019

I decided to watch the news from around the local area tonight. I nearly vomited.

I had disappeared from the local area. They said something about suspected kidnapping, murder, identity theft, and other stuff I can't remember. They mentioned the texts I had sent myy friends aand family, and how Stayber's Hill had never existed.

I texted Maia again. I told her how I wasn't missing, in fact, I was right att home. In Stayber. I told her about how we went to school together, about her first boyfriend, her first breakup, and other stuff I knew about her.

She said we had only met last year.

I think I'll post theseee journals onlinee. Then maybe someonee will understandd.