After several days of driving through multiple states, Jane has finally reached her intended destination in Elkridge, Georgia. The young woman is staring at the warehouse that is in front of her vehicle, as though she is wondering if she has arrived at the right place or not. "It has to be the right place," she tells herself. After all, when she had initially called Jacob about the role, he made sure to mention that they would be shooting the show at a warehouse that is just outside of town.

Thinking back, she still can't believe her luck though. About a week ago, she had been let go from her previous job, the company needing to downsize because it just wasn't making the money that it should have been. So after days of searching online for a new job, she had just happened to come across an ad stating that an actress was needed for one of the lead roles for some show that is still in production. She will admit that she did find it a bit odd that no acting experience was necessary for the part, that is until she read both the show's title and it's synopsis.

The show is titled "My Giant Wife" and is supposed to be about a man, who after a drunken night, wakes up next to a giantess and discovers that he had actually gotten married to her the night before. Sure, the plot seems to be very odd to her, but she just couldn't pass up an opportunity that could hopefully lead her to bigger and better things.

She flips down the visor in her car, revealing the mirror so that she can touch up her long strawberry blonde hair, which actually reaches past her hips and just reaches her thighs. She wants to make sure that she looks presentable before she heads inside, hoping to make a good first impression so that she has a good chance of getting the part. Jane loves her hair, most people saying that it is her best feature, which is why she let it grow out so long, even if it is a bit of a hassle to manage and maintain. Her hair is very wavy, which is one of the reasons it a bit difficult to manage, but in her mind, it is well worth the effort.

She finally steps out of her car, the five foot eight woman's sneakers hitting the pavement. Her shoes look a bit dingy, the white material looking grayer now from how long she has owned them. Wearing a pair of blue jeans and a plain black shirt, since she was instructed to dress casually for the first day of shooting, she starts to make her way to the building. Her emerald green eyes are full of excitement, finding the idea of being in an actual show very appealing, despite its odd premises.

The first thing that she notices about the building is the entrance, which looks to be about twenty feet tall. With a large bay door on the front of the building, she would most definitely have some difficulty lifting it open. Luckily for her, she doesn't need to open it to head inside, since there is a normal-sized door right next to it. She pushes it open and steps inside the building, looking at the interior. She is surprised at the furniture that is inside the building. Everything is huge, looking to be at least six times bigger than what your typical furniture should be. Granted they do look a bit rudimentary from how they are constructed, but she still can't help but be impressed due to how large they are.

What she can assume is supposed to be a chair, which looks a lot more like a bean bag, it is so big that she would have to climb it just to sit in it. In front of it, hanging on the wall is a large white sheet. She is confused about this at first, that is until she sees the projector that has been placed on a crude-looking end table that is right next to the chair. Still looking around the interior, she can even see a prop in the corner of the building that looks very close to a mattress, though it seems to be just a simple sack that is stuffed full of straw.

Looking around the warehouse even more, she notices a piece of furniture that looks completely odd to her, even though it is oversized. The table she is looking at is a lot bigger than what a normal person would need, just like everything else, but the legs are very short as if it is designed for someone to kneel at it. She can't help but wonder why the legs are so short. Perhaps a budget constraint?

"Jane Doe, right?" a masculine voice says, grabbing the curious woman's attention.

She turns to look at the source of the voice, seeing that someone is walking towards her. He looks to be the same height as her, his brown hair a bit on the long side, looking as if he hasn't bothered to brush it in a while. "Yeah. I'm here for the part."

"Right. I am Jacob Peterson, I talked to you the phone several days ago." He stops to look at Jane, eyeing her. He notices that she does have a bit of a trim figure along with a pretty face. "Yeah, you are perfect for the part. Though I will admit that I didn't imagine your hair would be so long."

"Is that going to be a problem?" she asks, sounding slightly worried as she holds her long, wavey hair in her hands.

"No, no, your hair is just fine," Jacob reassures Jane. "I'm just surprised, that's all. Most women don't grow their hair out as long as yours due to the hassle." Jane breathes a sigh of relief upon hearing this. She would have been devastated if she had to cut her hair. Granted, she would have done it if she needed to while having an anxiety attack at the same time. "Well, before we get started, let's meet everyone that you will be working with, shall we?"

"Yeah, sure." Jane follows Jacob, now noticing that there are three other people in the warehouse, each person working on something different for the shoe.

The first person she sees is a woman. A bit on the tall side, looking to be slightly over six feet tall, she seems to be busy messing with a camera. The black-haired woman is too busy inserting a micro sd card into the device to even notice the new arrival that is approaching her.

"This is Mary Pippin," Jacob introduces her. "Mary, this is Jane Doe, the fine actress who will be playing our giantess for the series."

"Hi," Mary says, adjusting her glasses as she looks downward at Jane. "I'm in charge of the camera work, sound and anything else that is post-production related. So great to have you here with us."

"Thanks for the warm welcome," Jane says, smiling back before she follows Jacob once again.

Leaving Mary to her work, Jane notices another guy, who is busy reading a script. He is the one who catches her attention. With blonde hair, blue eyes and slightly taller than she is, she is seriously contemplating on asking him out after the day is done. She doesn't even care if it would be professional to do so or not.

"Lloyd!" Jacob shouts grabbing his attention. "Meet Jane, she will be playing the role opposite of you as your wife."

"Pleased," Lloyd says, holding out his hand.

Jane holds her hand out, just going through the motion of the handshake, the next thing that she does notice about him is that he is not wearing a ring. "Yeah," she says. Her mind is now somewhere else since she is too busy staring straight into his eyes. She finds herself picturing him being her actual husband.

"Uhhh... You can let go of my hand now," Lloyd says, pointing to the fact that Jane is still holding his hand.

"Right, sorry," Jane says, now fully aware of what she has been doing. She starts to shy away, feeling a bit embarrassed about how dumb she has just acted in front of him. She is grateful when Jacob pulls her away to meet the last member, cutting the awkward moment short.

Lastly, she notices a large gun, which is mounted on a turret, that looks as though it belongs in a sci-fi movie. She doesn't quite understand why there is a prop like that here, but then again, she doesn't need to. It is then that she sees that someone is working on it, apparently fiddling with a screen that is mounted on the back of it. He is a bit hard to notice, not being very tall and his black hair is kept on the short side. The only reason that Jane had even noticed him is that he raised his arms, letting out a triumphant shout as if he has just figured something out.

"And the most important person we have here, Sam Smith." Jacob waves, getting Sam's attention. The short man looks over at Jane for a moment, waving to her as he is just now noticing her. "He is in charge of getting you to the proper height for this show."

"Oh, so you are in charge of the special effects then?" Jane asks. The way Sam looks, she can't help but picture him working special effects.

"Not exactly," Sam says while patting the gun. "I am actually in charge of using this to get you to about thirty feet in height."

Jane chuckles slightly at the obvious joke until she sees that no one else is joining in on her laughter. "You're serious?" She is looking at Sam with a puzzled look on her face, wondering just how serious he is about what he had just said.

"Yup," Sam answers. "I snagged this from a science professor's lab right after he was institutionalized. He went completely nuts from overworking himself for many years. When he finally lost it, he was found wearing his clothes backwards and speaking complete gibberish. Though I have heard that he has been repeating the word 'gleegla' very often."

Now Jane knows for a fact that Sam has to be kidding about everything. With a dumb story like that, it has to be some kind of ill-conceived joke. She smiles, deciding to humor him as she begins to entertain the ridiculous idea for shits and giggles. "Okay then, make me thirty feet tall then," she says, taking several steps back so that she is in front of the gun's barrel. "I'm ready to grow so we can go ahead and start filming." She is holding her arms out, away from her body, as if she is honestly encouraging Sam to fire the gun right at her immediately.

"Okay then, the big moment that we have all been waiting for." Sam moves back to the device, already starting to tap away at the screen so that he can power it up. The gun starts to hum as the end of its barrel starts to glow a bright green. "This shouldn't hurt you at all."

It is now that Jane realizes that everyone is looking at her with extreme anticipation. Even Mary and Lloyd have both stopped what they were both doing so that they could watch what is about to happen. Everyone seems to be interested in such a simple ruse, almost as if they are anticipating that something is actually about to happen to her. Could this be more than a simple joke? Is she being hazed? Before Jane can even decide what to do, a green ray is fired right at her and hits her square in the chest.

She has no idea what had just happened to her, the prop had just fired some sort of light at her. It didn't hurt her, which she is grateful for. She feels completely fine, although she is now glowing green, which fades after a few seconds. That is when she starts to notice that everything seems to be shrinking around her, getting smaller by the moment. "What the hell is happening?!" she shouts in confusion. Everyone is looking at her with a sense of excitement. She has to look down just to keep them in her field of vision. That is when it fully hits her. The warehouse and everything around her isn't shrinking, she is the one who is growing.

She starts to panic a bit, looking up to see that the ceiling is approaching rather quickly, her body stretching upwards to it. Instinctively she covers her head, bracing for an impact that is going to happen at any moment. The ceiling is now only several feet away from the back of her head, something that should be outright impossible with her feet planted firmly on the ground.

After a couple of minutes, the world around her has stopped shrinking, or rather she has stopped growing. She looks down at herself, seeing that she has to be at least six times bigger than she used to be. The only thing that she is grateful for is that her clothes have grown with her, she couldn't stand the thought of being naked in front of a bunch of people she doesn't know too well. She starts to pat down her own body, making sure that she is physically okay. Everything about her is still proportional, she is just a lot bigger now. But that still doesn't make what has just happened to her any better. "I'm... I'm huge," she says, staring at herself in disbelief before she looks at everyone else. With no one even coming up to her knees, they all look like small children to her.

"And the perfect height for your part," Jacob shouts up to the confused woman.

Jane gets on her knees, a look of desperation now on her face. "No. No, no, no. This has to be some kind of mistake. I mean, how am I supposed to live my life like this? You could have just as easily superimposed me into the scenes or even used forced perspective shots. I'm too big for anything now! What am I supposed to do at this size!?"

"Calm down," Jacob reassures the distraught woman. "You won't be that size all the time. The size ray does have a shrink function to it as well. It has been fully tested and I can assure you that you can be shrunk back down to your regular height."

Jane starts to calm down now, feeling a bit of relief now with the information that she has just been given. "You mean, I won't always be this big?"

"Of course not," Jacob says confidently. "You are only needed at that size when we are shooting the show. Though, if this is all too much for you to handle, we can shrink you back down now and hopefully find someone else to fill your role."

Jane has to think about this for a moment. Would it be so bad being over thirty feet tall for her role? It is a unique opportunity, one that no one else would get to experience. "So, if I am understanding this right. You will only make me this tall whenever we are shooting a scene, then shrink me back down when we are done?"

"Precisely," Jacob replies. "Besides, think about it. You will be a first, being able to fulfill this role without the need for any special effects or camera tricks. It's history in the making."

Jane mulls the idea over inside her head once more. After thinking it over for a couple more minutes, it doesn't seem so bad to her. She is unable to think of any reason to outright dismiss the idea. "Okay, I'm in."

"Excellent," Jacob says enthusiastically. "Right, so we are going to do a screen test today..."

"Wait, a screen test?" Jane asks sounding very confused. "You mean I don't have the part yet?"

"No, no, you do have the part. Just let me clarify what I mean. Yes, a screen test is normally done to see if two actors have the chemistry that is necessary for a shoot. But in this context, it is to make sure that you are the right size, and find out if your height needs to be adjusted any further. We do need to make sure that you will fit inside the shots. Not to mention that there is also the possibility that you could be too small to pick up and hold Lloyd for certain scenes. There is even the possibility that you could even be too big, drawing too much attention away from any other actors that you will be working with."

"Well, that is a relief," Jane replies. "I was afraid that I could be doing all this for nothing." She is honestly hoping that she is big enough for the scenes since she isn't exactly too keen on actually being around thirty feet tall for this show in the first place.

"Right," Jacob says, pointing to the table that Jane had noticed earlier. "You will find your script on that table over there. You and Lloyd will just be doing a read through today."

Within moments, both Jane and Lloyd are at the table that Jacob pointed out. While Lloyd is standing on the table's surface, Jane needs to kneel beside it. The concrete surface isn't exactly comfortable on her knees, but she can tolerate the slight discomfort. She looks down at her script, which looks as though it has been scaled up so she can read it easily. She figures that it must have been at a normal size at some point before it was enlarged with the same size ray that was just used on her. Looking at the sections that have been highlighted for her, she starts to read her lines. "Why, we got married last night, silly."

Lloyd looks up at Jane, not even looking at the script which he has in his hands. He has read it over several times so the lines are still fresh in his memory. "Married!? I don't remember that. I think I would remember hooking up with a woman who is as big as you are."

"Well... You were very drunk last night to the point where you just outright proposed to me. I did turn you down at first, but the things that you were saying to me were so sweet and kind that I just couldn't say no when you proposed again."

"Wait, I proposed to you? Look, I am sure that you are a good woman, but I can't be married to someone I don't know anything about."

"That's okay, we have plenty of time to learn so much about each other now."

"What I'm saying is that I am not ready to be in such a serious relationship."

"It's my height, isn't it?"

As Jane and Lloyd continue to read through their lines, Jacob leans in closer to Mary as she is shooting the test scene. "How is it?" he asks in a low tone.

"Perfect," Mary answers, not even bothering to look away from the camera's view screen. "She is fitting inside the shot quite perfectly. Though her acting is a little subpar in my opinion."

"This is just a read through. Besides, I'm sure that she will do a lot better when we shoot the pilot episode."

Jane lowers her script, looking a bit confused at Lloyd. "Uh... It says here that I am supposed to pick you up and hold you. I'm not sure if I can do that quite yet. I'm afraid that I may hurt you."

"Go on ahead," Lloyd says encouragingly. "What better way to practice than to do it. I will let you know if you are squeezing me too hard."

"Okay..." Jane reaches down for Lloyd, still feeling a bit uneasy as she is wrapping her fingers around his body. This is very odd for her, she has never picked up a grown man before. "How is this?" she asks with both of her hands around Lloyd's body. "Not too tight?" She still can't believe what she is doing. Sure she has held a child before, but Lloyd is even smaller than a newborn from her perspective. She might even be able to hold him with a single hand at her current size.

"You can tighten your grip a little bit more. That way your hold on me is a bit more secure." He can feel Jane's grip tightening around him as he tells her that. He can tell that she is doing it slowly, assuming that she still afraid of unintentionally hurting him. Lloyd can't blame her for worrying about that though, at her size she could easily break his ribs with very little effort. "That's good."

Jane slowly lifts Lloyd off the table, his feet dangling in the air. Jane smiles a bit, actually amazed at what she is doing. Lifting him close to her face, she looks right at him, seeing how calm he is. "Are you okay?"

"I'm good." Lloyd answers. "This is perfect. You have a nice hold on me so I don't fall."

Jane looks at Lloyd, smiling at him. She can feel as if there is something between them right now. The seemingly perfect moment is ruined when a low growl can be heard echoing throughout the warehouse. "Sorry," Jane apologizes. She blushes while looking down towards her stomach, clearly embarrassed about the sound. "I kinda skipped breakfast on my drive over here. Can we break for lunch now?"

"Sure," Jacob shouts up to the large woman.

Jane gently sets Lloyd down on the floor, saving him the effort of needing to climb down a ladder to get off the table. "You are going to shrink me back down to my normal height for lunch, right?"

"Of course," Jacob answers. "Sam will take care of that for you."

Jane heads over to the size change ray, kneeling in front of it. She is glad that she can be returned to her normal height, she can hardly imagine how hard her life would be if she was forced to be six times bigger than most people. She eagerly watches as Sam taps away at the screen, just waiting to be shot again so that she can be returned to her normal height.

Sam starts to power up the size ray, ready to return Jane to her original height as promised. The machine hums, powering up as it is getting ready to fire at it's intended target once again. Just as it gets ready to shrink Jane back down, the humming fades as it starts to power down. "No, no, no," Sam says frantically.

"Is everything okay over there?" Jane asks sounding slightly worried.

"Uh... Yeah," Sam answers, looking at the red text on the screen, "Everything is just fine." The words "Insufficient Cooling" are displayed on the screen, followed by "System Failure." He desperately taps at the screen, hoping to bypass what seems to be a minor error. It takes him a couple of moments, but he finally manages to power up the machine once more, to his relief, as it is getting ready to fire once again.

Upon trying to power up again, the machine starts to smoke, overheating until it is forced to shut down once again. "Don't do this now, come on," Sam complains. As if on cue, fire erupts from the machine, giving a clear indication of what is about to happen next. The look on Jane's face is one of absolute horror as she watches Sam dive away from the machine, followed by a small explosion leaving the size ray in pieces, in a state that is beyond repair.

Jacob rushes over to Sam, the loud noise catching his attention. "What happened!? Is everyone okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Sam says while getting up from the floor. "But we lost the size ray."

"No, no, no," Jane repeats out of shock. "I can't be stuck like this, I just can't. Please tell me you have a backup or some other means or returning me to normal?"

"About that..." Jacob says, sounding like he is about to give bad news. "We don't."

"But my life?" Jane says, sounding devastated about this news. "How am I supposed to... I mean, since I am now..." She is at a loss for words, having a lot of difficulty accepting the reality of her situation now. She is now stuck as a giantess, someone who is too big for this world. She looks at Sam, blaming him as anger is starting to fill her now. "You!" she says, reaching out for him with both of her hands. "You did this to me! This is all your fault!"

Sam has no time to react, feeling Jane wrapping her long fingers around his body before he is lifted off the ground. She has him in a tight hold, not so tight to where he is in serious pain, but tight enough to where he is very uncomfortable and having some difficulty breathing. He is lifted right up to her face, now able to clearly see just how livid she is.

Jane can see just how terrified Sam is of her, but she doesn't care. All she knows is that he is the reason that she stuck like this. "How are you going to fix this?" She then starts to shake him vigorously, demanding an answer that will satisfy her. "Tell me!"

"I know that this isn't an ideal situation Jane," Jacob intervenes, hoping to defuse the situation before it escalates any further, "But you need to calm down, please." Jacob is looking up at the upset woman, hoping that his words will be enough calm her down.

"Calm down? Calm down!" She is now focusing on Jacob, much to Sam's relief. "Look at me! I'm stuck as a thirty-something foot tall freak because of what he did to me, and you are asking me to calm down?!"

"Look, I know that things are not going exactly how we discussed it, but getting upset at Sam is not going to fix anything. So please, put him down before you seriously hurt him. I know that you really don't want to do that."

Jane looks at Sam, knowing that Jacob is right on both counts. She could take out all her frustration on the helpless man, and it won't change a thing about her current situation. She lowers him towards the ground before releasing him, causing the terrified man to fall several feet to the floor. Sam feels a slight pain from the impact as he lands on his back. Though this does not stop him from quickly moving so that he is hiding behind Jacob. "So what are we going to do about me then?" Jane asks.

"Well, we can still do the show," Jacob replies while thinking. "So first, you will be compensated for your increased cost of living as a result of your permanent change in height, your pay will now reflect that."

"Sounds like a start," Jane says crossing her arms. More money won't completely fix her situation, but it will help to make her new, forced lifestyle easier. She then looks at Sam, still angry about what he did to her. She points at him, adding an additional condition. "And I want him to be my personal assistant. I will need someone to handle anything that is impossible at my current size."

"Hold on," Jacob says. "That is a bit much to be asking. Maybe we can come to another agreement here."

"I do want him to be compensated for his time. That is why I said personal assistant. I think that what I am asking is pretty fair since he is the one who essentially ruined my life."

"I'll do it," Sam says before Jacob can even come to his defense again. He steps out from behind Jacob, looking Jane right in her eyes.

"Sam, are you sure?" Jacob asks, sounding a bit concerned. "You don't have to do this."

"It's my fault that she is like this. I was the one who procured the size ray and subsequently shot her with it. Being her personal assistant is the least I can do for her."

Jane leans in a bit closer to Sam, getting as close to him as she can. "Just so that we are clear about your new position, you do know that it means doing anything I ask of you, right? I could ask you to do something as simple as checking my e-mail or running an errand, to something as undesirable as giving me a foot rub."

"I do realize this, yes. I will be sure to do any task that you ask of me with a smile."

Mary walks up to Jacob, somewhat concerned about the new unforeseen situation. "Can I talk to you about something?" She pulls him away from the commotion, making sure that they are both just out of earshot from Jane. "A bigger pay for her? You do realize that we only have so much money left. The pay that you are promising her could take us broke within a month or two."

"I am aware of this. But once we shoot the pilot episode, and show it off. We'll get the money for a couple of seasons. Everything is going to turn out just fine."

Mary looks over at Jane, sympathizing with her about the predicament that she has been forced into. "I sure hope that you are right about this. Otherwise, she is going to have a very difficult life from now on."