Sarah is looking up at the giant woman who is standing before her, her neck starting to hurt from how high up she needs to look to see the giantess's face. She knows that she is looking at her older sister but a small part of her is having a hard time believing it. Her sister is a normal-sized woman. "J-Jane?" she finally manages to say as she is finally starting to get over the initial shock.

"I am sorry, Miss Jane!" Sam apologizes, rushing in behind Sarah. "I tried to stop her but…"

"You had one job!" Jane says in an irritated tone, "One job!" Sam steps back a bit, her size and tone both intimidating him.

"Y-You're huge!" Sarah exclaims, looking up and down Jane's massive body.

"Thanks," Jane responds sarcastically, "I was not aware of that."

"I gotta call Mom and Dad and tell them about this!"

Jane watches in horror as her sister begins to reach for her phone. Without thinking she reaches out to grab her sister. The sight of such a large hand coming right for her startles Sarah and causes her to drop her phone before she can hit send to make her intended phone call. The sensation of her large fingers wrapping around her body is foreign to her, but she soon finds her feet leaving the ground as Jane is lifting her into the air and she is soon at her sister's face. With a serious look on her face, Jane glares at her sister. "You can not tell Mom and Dad about what has happened to me, or anyone for that matter! I have done everything I can to keep them from finding out and I won't let you screw everything up!"

Jane is giving her sister a stern look, knowing just how intimidating her size can be. Sarah gets an excited look on her face, confusing the giantess. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT, EVER!"

Jane's jaw drops at the unexpected reaction from her sister. Is she serious? "I'm sorry, what?"

"Look at you!" Sarah continues, "You just picked me up like I am nothing. I bet I weigh nothing to you." Her eyes widen as she gasps, a realization hitting her, "Are you going to make me big too?!"

"No!" Jane answers firmly.

"Aww… Why not?" The birthday girl is disappointed with her sister's answer, "You get to be fifty feet tall, why can't I?"

"Hey! I am only thirty-four feet tall!"

"Because we don't have the means to," Sam answers, "What we used to enlarge your sister has broken beyond repair. She is stuck like that."

"Well, that blows," Sarah answers, only thinking of the missed opportunity for herself. "At least we can have so much fun with you being a giant!"

"That isn't the point!"

"Miss Jane," Sam says grabbing his employer's attention, "Your sister only wants to celebrate her birthday with you. She is already here and she already knows your situation, so why don't you just let her stay?"

Jane looks at her sister, who is still in her hand then back down towards Sam. "Fine. But you hang onto her phone and don't let her have it back. Can't have her telling my parents about my situation."

"Yes, Miss Jane," Sam responds as Jane rolls her eyes at how she has just been addressed. Picking Sarah's phone off the floor, he inspects it for any damage. The screen is intact and free from any cracks thanks to the case it has on, which absorbed the impact of it hitting the floor.

Jane looks back at her sister, keeping her serious look. "Okay, you can stay, but only if you promise that you will keep your mouth shut about my size. Promise?"

"Pinkie swear!" Sarah is holding her hand out, her pinkie extended. Jane rolls her eyes at this gesture. Not only does her size prevent her from performing such actions with her sister, or anyone else for that matter, but she also finds it to be very childish. As Sarah's feet touch the floor and she is released, she gives her sister a disappointed look. "Aww… You're no fun." Her expression quickly changes back to her excited smile, "So are you ready to go out and celebrate my twenty-first birthday with me?"

"Sure," Jane answers with a forced smile on her face. "What did you have in mind?"

"The one thing you are supposed to do on your twenty-first birthday, go to a bar and get drunk off your ass!"

Jane can see just how excited her sister is, looking forward to this day for years. "Yeah, I can't do that."

"Huh?" Sarah responds looking confused, "Why not?"

"Because I'm too big to fit inside a bar," Jane answers sounding irritated. Of course, this fact holds true for just about any building. "Besides, not like I can afford to drink at my size." She looks over to see just how disappointed her sister is at this news, causing a small pang of guilt. "Sam can take you to a bar, a good one," she is looking right at Sam as she says this, "and he will stay sober and bring you back here safely."

"Of course, Miss Jane," Sam says. He has no plans to drink any alcohol. He is a lightweight and unable to hold his alcohol.

"But, I wanted to go out drinking with you, my big sister," Sarah complains.

"Well, life isn't always fair," Jane states.

Sarah is silent for a moment, hoping that Jane will change her mind. That she will change her mind and accompany her. Jane just continues to sit there, showing no signs of moving from her current spot. " Okay, Sam," Sarah says while turning back to the door. "You heard what Jane said, you are my chauffeur for tonight."

Jane watches as both her sister and personal assistant leave, breathing a sigh of relief when the door closes behind them. "Why did she have to come and visit?" She asks herself.

She has a strained relationship with her sister, one that nobody in her family is aware of. She is jealous of Sarah, and it isn't even her fault. Her parents have always seemed to favor her younger sister for no apparent reason. Yet she can't help but feel some jealousy towards her sister.

Jane is scrolling through the apps on her projector, searching for something to watch. She wants to keep her mind occupied, away from all of today's events. She begins to relax once she selects a show to watch from her list. She stretches her legs out, her feet still feeling somewhat sore. That phone call from her mother interrupted the foot massage that she had requested from Sam. She can always request one from him tomorrow, they are just so relaxing.

She leans back in her seat even more as the episode begins to load, knowing that both her sister and Sam will be gone for most of the night. Believing that they won't return until the bars start to close for the night. The giantess starts to grin as she pictures the type of drunk her sister is. Would be worth it to have Sam record her drunk antics so that she can watch them at later dates.

The sound of a door opening grabs Jane's attention. "Jane!" she hears her sister call out, "Come outside! I want to show you something!" Jane sighs at this interruption, reluctantly getting up from her seat. "As if I have anything better to do," Jane mutters under her breath.

Raising the bay door, she is greeted by the sight of both Sarah and Sam standing by the flatbed truck. Her eyes immediately move to the bed of the truck as it is loaded with kegs, the type of kegs that are typically filled with beer. She shoots Sam a look, who only shrugs his shoulders at his employer. "What is this?"

"Well, I really, really wanted to go drinking with you," Sarah explains. "So I got the great idea to get myself a case of beer and you all these kegs."

"How did you even afford all this?" Jane knows just how pricey alcohol is, even when it is bought in bulk. For her sister to just drop that kind of money is raising her suspicions.

"Simple," Sarah holds up a debit card, which Jane can't make out too easily due to her size, "Mom and Dad gave me their bank card!"

"Of course they did," Jane says in a low tone. The most she has ever gotten on her birthday is fifty bucks. A small part of her is even wondering why she is even surprised.

"Come on, Sis!" Sarah says excitedly, "Let's go inside and enjoy the fact that I am now a legal drinking age!"

Jane can't deny that her sister has good intentions. Such a charge is going to raise questions from her parents, questions which will need answers. Jane decides that she isn't going to worry about such details. Grabbing one of the kegs off the back of the truck, she decides to enjoy tonight. After all, her sister was nice enough to think of her.

Sitting down inside, Jane examines the keg. It fits in her hand as if it is a regular-sized glass. Turning the keg over she wonders how she is going to open it. Normally one would use a tap to pour the contents. Jane does not have such a thing, nor does she think it would be an efficient way for her to drink.

"Can't you just rip the top off?" Sarah asks, already popping her first can open and brings it to her lips.

Jane looks at the keg, knowing that her sister has given her a valid suggestion. For her shows she has showcased her strength. To most people, she can seem to be pretty strong, even though her strength would be considered to be pretty average for her size. She grabs the rim of the keg with her free hand, feeling how the metal starts to bend from her grip. Tightening her grip, even more, she pulls back ripping the top off as though it is made of aluminum foil. Sarah watches her sister in awe, amazed at the display of strength she has just witnessed.

Jane and her sister continue to drink, the alcohol's effects on them starting to become apparent. "Jane," Sarah says as she finishes her fourth beer, "you are so lucky to be so big. I bet, I bet that you could do whatever you want."

Pulling her now empty keg away from her lips, her fifth one, she squeezes the metal container, crushing it as if it was an actual beer can. "You know what, I could. I have kept myself cooped up in this warehouse for a year, why shouldn't I go out and have some fun."

Sam's eyes widen with worry. The idea of Jane heading out is not uncommon. She is a common sight in the town. But for her to head out in her current state to have fun, he can only imagine the trouble she could cause. Jane drops the crushed keg to the floor, hitting the floor with a loud metallic clang. "But first," the drunk giantess reaches over to grab another keg, "I gotta drink this beer, which my sister bought for me." Sam breathes a sigh of relief, glad that Jane is postponing her outing. Still, he needs to find a reason to keep her at the warehouse.

Sam does recall one activity that Jane loves to do but is too shy to enjoy it. He imagines that in her inebriated state that her inhibitions have been lowered to the point that she may enjoy it. "Miss Jane?" His employer looks over at him with a drunken smile, crushing the keg she has just emptied with a single hand. "Perhaps you would enjoy singing some karaoke?"

"I love karaoke!" Jane says with a drunken smile. She begins to stand up, slowly as she is having some problems with her balance. "I know exactly what I want to sing." With her stance staggered to help maintain her balance, she grabs the remote for the projector and loads up an app.

Sarah is hanging onto Sam, giggling in her drunken state. "This is going to be so good. Jane never, never sings or dances."

"Why is that?" Sam doesn't need Sarah to answer her question, with a country song starting to play he can already see just how the giantess is starting to dance. The word "bad" doesn't even begin to describe Jane's dance moves. He wishes he could turn away, but it is like watching a car wreck. He can't help but be reminded of a character from a popular nineties sitcom as he watches her. Then she started to sing.

"I retired my red lipstick 'cause you said you didn't like it. I didn't wear my high heel shoes, 'cause I couldn't be taller than you." Her voice is cracking and she is singing way off-key. It is almost as if she is intentionally trying to sing horribly.

Sarah is laughing at her sister, who is blissfully unaware of the spectacle she is making of herself. At least this is keeping her at the warehouse instead of her wandering through the town, doing whatever comes to her mind. Though he does have a strong feeling that her sister would be making suggestions while accompanying her.

The two sisters alternate, taking turns as they each pick their own songs. They even choose a duet to sing, with Sarah standing on the projector as she sings along with Jane. Soon the singing ends, the two drunk women growing bored with the activity. With how much alcohol they have consumed, Sam highly doubts that either one of them will be able to remember tonight's events.

Jane has already lowered her sister to the ground, who stumbles stepping off the giantess's hand despite being barefoot. "You know, you should tell Mom and Dad about how big you are."

"No," Jane answers, "I can't… I can't tell them that I am a giant now. They would freak out."

"No they wouldn't," Sarah replies with a smile on her face. "It is great that you are big! You can do so many things that others can't. Mom and Dad need to see that."

"Okay, okay. But you gotta call them." Jane holds her hand out, her palm about half of her sister's height. "My hand is too big to call anyone."

"I got it," Sarah drunkenly responds. She is searching her person for her phone, failing to realize that even if she did have it she has no pockets to keep it in. Unable to find it, she begins to look around on the floor. "Uh-oh. I think I dropped my phone somewhere."

"I have an idea, you can use my phone." Jane gets on her hands and knees, her head looming her personal assistant. "Sammy." Sam can't help but feel nervous. He knows what the giantess is going to ask for. "Hand Sarah her phone, we have an important call to make."

Sam is fully aware of who Jane is planning to call. Under normal circumstances, he would be prompt in bringing what the giant woman has requested. "Miss Jane, I am afraid I can't do that. You are drunk right now which means that the alcohol is clouding your judgment. Once you sober up I am sure that you will thank me for refusing this request."

"But I am thinking clearly," Jane argues with a drunken slur. The giantess is serious about what she is saying but her drunken smile is not helping to note how serious she is. She points her finger at the small man, tapping her digit against his chest causing the small man to stumble back until he falls back. "You work for me, which means I pay you to do what I say. So if I say to give Sarah back her phone, you have to give Sarah her phone."

"Miss Jane," Sam replies while getting up from the concrete floor, "I must voice my concerns about this decision."

"I said give the phone to Sarah!" Jane raises her hand and slams it next to her personal assistant, her closed fist missing him by several inches.

Sam's heart is pounding, looking over to realize just how close the giantess came to crushing him. Looking up at Jane, his eyes wide with worry, he watches as she is laughing. "Oops! I almost hit you. Let me try again, this time I will miss you by at least a foot or two, okay?" He is now realizing that Jane does not have any consideration for her size in her drunken state.

"Okay! Okay!" Sam cries out as he watches Jane begin to lift her fist once more. "You have made your point. I will hand your sister your phone."

He wastes no time in grabbing Jane's phone from his workspace, doing what the drunk giantess is asking of him. He is aware of just how upset she will be the following morning after she has sobered up. Anything she threatens to do then is within reason. In her current mindset, he is afraid that she will hurt him, unintentionally anyway. He feels as if he is choosing the lesser of two evils.

Handing Sarah her phone, he swallows hard, knowing that he is going against Jane's wishes here. "Here you go."

"Thank you so much!" Sarah pulls Sam in close, locking lips with him as she gives him an open-mouthed and very wet kiss. "That is my tip for you and there is plenty more for a short cutie like you."

Sam steps away, his face red from the unexpected token of affection which he has received. He will be the first to admit that the kiss was nice, but his heart already belongs to someone else.

Sarah is already starting to unlock her phone, her impaired motor skills causing her to incorrectly enter her unlock pattern several times before she can successfully unlock her phone. "Unlocked!" She looks towards her sister, who is already downing her last keg of beer, "You ready Big Sis?"