In the sense of the moment

Chapter One

Captain Lee Crane began his run on the beach with leaving behind his family for a few moments of peace and quiet. The blowing wind of the breeze began to hit his face and body while he pushed himself with his trek. He was still remembering the last mission on Lunaki with his friend Commander Chip Morton shot in the leg by one of the soldiers while running down the hill to make it back to the Seaview.

Lucky for Morton, his leg and his sense of humor in tact is able to have a normal life once more after a few weeks of relaxation from doctor's orders.

There was a chance that the Seaview just might be heading back to the island to check on the villagers weeks after the attack. Though ONI had sent several communications to Admiral Nelson telling him that a envoy was dispatched to check on the amount of damage that was in flicked along with the altitude of the villagers.

ONI agent having been on the island prior. He had given his debriefing to his superiors and have given him another chance to head back to open up a dialogue with them once again.

Running almost a mile. He needed to take a breather along with a swig of water from the water bottle from around his waist. Lifting his face to check the sky filled with the usual pigeons and others. He did notice that the sky had darkened slightly indicating that a storm was moving in. However this told him that it was time to head back home to the beach house.

Finally arriving home with stopping in his tracks moving into the back yard to see his wife Rose Marie reading a book under the roof section or else she would be soaked from the looming storm. He decided to catch her guard with a quick kiss to her brow to interrupt reading a Stephen King novel . "Hey! He said with the smugness of his one word to her.

"Hey to yourself as well Lee. Finished your run already?" She said with an annoying demeanor.

"It's going to rain soon. Did you missed me while I was gone?" He said with a smooch to her cold nose.

"No! However I was busy answering the phone from Admiral Nelson needing to speak with you. However I told him that you're going to call you back when finished with the run." She announced with placing the hard cover book onto the small table on the side. Once she was able to do this with the book. Captain Lee Crane kissed his wife hard in the spur of the moment...


Admiral Nelson had an headache after taking off his glasses finishing up with the last of the files on his desk. Angie his secretary had dropped them off earlier before heading for a long lunch. He checked his new watch on his wrist for the fourth time during the last 15 minutes. He was beginning to wonder on whether Captain Lee Crane was ever going to call him with the rain coming down hard currently. It was only supposed to be a rain squall as forecasters have been saying on the local news.

He was getting impatient when all of the sudden the phone began to ring with the red light on line one. "Finally!"He motion with talking to himself and with picking up the black phone. "Nelson Institute, this is Admiral Nelson. How can I help you?" He said.

"It's Lee. Rose Marie told me that you called. What's up Admiral?"

"Are you able to come to the Institute right away? I have Commander Morton and three others from the Seaview to discuss the next cruise happening in two days. I had Angie and the Communications center to advise all of the crew compliment of the cruise to Lunaki and other areas."

"Why Lunaki again sir?" Lee said with turning to look over at his wife continued to read while waiting for the two boys to arrive home on the bus from the Institute school for ages from seven to twelve.

"Not only Lunaki, ONI wants us to check for any unauthorize vessels that might of enter into their waters. It's just routine Lee. The rest I will tell you and the other officers in person. Especially since it's classified Captain, so get here as soon as possible with hopefully the rain will be stopping soon." Nelson ordered with his altitude soured somewhat with the headache. He needed to take some pills that was inside the top draw.

"I will be there as soon as I can Admiral. Later." He replied with ending the call and placing it back into place. Turning to face his wife looking up with a brief smile. "I need to change with the meeting in his office. I have a feeling their is something more to this cruise in the first place."

"No doubt Lee it has something to do with the balance of power and the United Nations?" She made the statement with getting up from the chair to move into her husband for a real tender kiss between them. Breaking off the kiss a moment later, Lee walked away to head into the beach house to change into his uniform for the meeting.