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In the sense of the moment

Chapter Eight

HAWAII Air Force Base

Doctor Bets had tears in his eyes meeting up with his daughter Ingrid moving out from the door of the security building. She was a little overwhelmed with having been kidnapped and tied up in a small warehouse. When the security officers had overtaken the three Chinese terrorists keeping watch over the thirty year old woman.

They had given up quickly with seeing all of the power with the weapons ONI had carried with them. They were more then happy to give up easily to be placed into the brig on the base.

"Daddy, I am so glad to see you. I was praying that help would come soon to get me away from them. Now we can be together for where security decides to place us into a protected safehouse." She stated with hugging her father with now dried tears.

"There are as well charges that will be filed against me with damaging the submarine Seaview for trying to murder Doctor Matz, even though he had decided to drop the charges. Even though now it's up to the Nelson Institute to give a decision on the damage done in the Admiral's lab."

"Maybe he will change his mind as well daddy. Come on let's go inside and have something to eat. I need to eat after the food they had given me at the warehouse that was just awful.

Before they had gone inside. The young security officer stopped the doctor first with checking him for any possible weapons on his person. The young blonde officer felt a little overwhelmed with doing his job in spite of the situation between the doctor and his daughter. "All right doctor, you can go inside. Transportation is going to be here in a few hours before taking you and your daughter to the safehouse."

"No problem Sergeant." Doctor Bets said with moving inside to wait with his daughter.


Captain Lee Crane and his team moved along in the truck now heading for one of the villages to meet with Chief Guro with his thanks. Philip Deegan was driving on the trail with the road somewhat bumpy and slippery due to the recent rains. Patterson and Kowalski were looking out the back entrance checking out the landscape of the hills.

"If it wasn't for the heat, humidity and bugs. This island is just lovely for those wishing to get away from the action." kowalski replied to his friend agreeing with his statement.

Crane asked Deegan sitting in the front with the ONI agent. "So relations better now then ever since the attack?" He asked with concern in his demeanor.

"Yes Captain. The military is sending further help with a number of people of all different walks of life to help rebuild the island. Otherwise the villagers are coping the best they can with those having been killed in the destruction. I did my best with alerting them at that particular time." Philip responded with pulling into the outskirts of the village with some of them walking carrying trays of food and other items on their heads with the balance normal range. "We will get off here to meet with Chief Guro. He knows we are coming to talk with him."


Admiral Nelson had said goodbye to the General of the base and his long time friend. He had made sure that Doctor Matz was fine, as with Doctor Bets and his daughter before heading back to the Seaview. Chief Sharkey asked the Admiral on whether it was alright to fly back and let the Admiral relax in the co-pilot's seat. He agreed since it was just the both of them having taken off and would be arriving in twenty minutes.

Sparks was informed with Admiral Nelson placing the call on the FS-1. He then let Commander Morton know of the FS-1 will be arriving soon into the berthing area.

Commander Morton waited near the observation nose for the FS-1 to arrive. Though he was more worried about the Skipper and his team investigating the island with the ONI agent Philip Deegan.

The steward from the galley came forward to bring the pot of coffee he asked for himself and the other junior officers working in the Control Room, while they waited for the FS-1.

Twenty five minutes later Chief Sharkey and the Admiral were glad to be back on the Seaview after dropping off their both passengers and the satellite components.

The End...