In the middle of downtown, a woman is in a panic, her brown eyes full of fear as she is desperately trying to cover herself due to her lack of clothes. Using her arm she is covering her breasts, which is a bit difficult due to their size, while her free hand is covering her womanhood; of course, these attempts to maintain her modesty are futile at best. Keeping her backside covered is not an issue for her, her blonde hair reaching halfway down her thighs. This woman has other problems to worry about, problems that are much worse than her being naked in a public place for all to see.

This woman is enormous. She is standing in front of a three-story apartment building, the roof only reaching her hips. To make matters worse the apartment building is getting smaller along with everything else around her. She is growing. The growing woman had just barely made it outside, the damaged entrance being proof that she had to burst her way outside moments even; the confined space had become too small for her and was getting even smaller as she grew. She looks down at the mass of people around her large feet.

Local law enforcement was quick to arrive after the reports of a large and still growing, woman was confirmed to be real instead of a poorly executed series of prank calls. They have their weapons drawn, aiming as high as they can, the aim going even higher as their intended target is still getting larger. Each officer is unsure about what they should do about this woman. There are no laws against growing, the only illegal activity which she is guilty of is public indecency. Her size alone makes her a major threat to the city and its citizens, but she is showing no signs of hostile behavior. If anything she seems to be scared and confused about her situation.

"I'm sorry," the woman apologizes. Because of her size, her voice is very loud, even though she is speaking in a normal but panicked tone. "It just won't stop! Can't someone help me?"

The gargantuan woman is continuing to grow as if some unseen force fueling her constant growth. Soon her knees reach the roof of the apartment building only to pass by it within moments. The pavement begins to crack and sink beneath her weight.

Soon she can hear a sound by her ear. One that is somewhat familiar but would normally be impossible to be so close. She turns her head towards the helicopter which is hovering by her head, slowly ascending as it is staying level with the worried woman's face. The words "Channel Six News" is on the side of the aircraft, indicating that it belongs to the local news station.

"I need help, please!" the massive woman pleads. "I won't stop growing!"

The footage pauses right there, keeping a focus on the woman's look of panic. "That was the incident where you made you big debut, Lily," a brunette-haired woman says as she is sitting across from what looks like the same woman who is on the screen, only much, much smaller. She isn't small, which is evident from how she is sitting in the chair. The seat she is sitting in is obviously a bit on the small side to her, plus with her bare feet flat on the floor her legs are raised. Her clothes, which are a plain, grey t-shirt and a pair of black leggings which look undersized on her. Her shirt is too short to cover herself fully, allowing everyone to see her midriff. Her pants look as though they have been painted onto her while the bottoms don't even reach her ankles. If one had to guess, it seems like she is around seven feet tall.

"Yeah," Lily answers. "Kinda hard to believe that was only two months ago. Especially considering everything that I have gone through, Emily."

"I am curious," Emily leans forward as if she is eager to have her next question answered, "when you finally stopped growing you were at least several hundred feet tall. But now you are just very tall. How is that?"

Lily stretches her legs out, her feet passing by Emily from how long her legs are. "Well, I have found that I can control my size, to an extent."

"What do you mean, 'to an extent?'"

"Well," Lily pauses for a moment, trying to think of the best possible way she can explain her condition, "I have to focus on maintaining my size."

"So you can grow and shrink at will?" Emily asks sounding highly interested.

"Not exactly, no" Lily clarifies. " My body is constantly wanting to grow, and to keep from growing I have to focus on not growing. Does that make sense?"

"Sounds like it is easy," Emily comments.

"Far from it actually. I have to constantly focus on maintaining my size so that I don't grow uncontrollably. And shrinking is incredibly difficult for me because of how much harder I need to focus on that."

"Another question, one which I am sure a lot of people are wondering, what caused you to start growing?"

"I honestly don't know," Lily answers as she tries to think back. "It was a pretty average day and nothing extraordinary happened. I got up, went to work, and when I got home I logged into Final Fantasy XIV. I spent several hours doing raids trying to get better gear." As Lily continues to talk about that fateful day her feet begin to slide across the floor. Not from her moving her legs, but rather from them getting longer. Her pant legs begin to rise higher, exposing more skin. Her shirt begins to smooth out as she is filling it out, her head rising even higher. "The next thing I know, my clothes are getting tighter and everything around me is steadily getting smaller," she continues, unaware that she has started to grow again.

Emily stares for a moment, watching as Lily has easily gained another foot in height and still growing. "Uh, Lily," Emily finally says as she interiors her guest," You're starting to grow."

"Sorry," Lily apologizes casually, just as the seams of her pants behind to split open, "I guess I got a bit carried away with the question." She closes her eyes and takes several deep breaths. Her growth begins to slow until it finally comes to a stop. "I lost my focus there."

"Is it easy to lose your focus?"

"I have come a long way when it comes to managing my size. I can lose my focus easily, but not as easy when I first started."

"Despite this difficulty, things seem to have been going well for you. Job opportunities and commercial ls that utilize your unique ability. What's it been like for you?"

"Okay, I guess," Lily answers as she shrugs her shoulders. "Don't get me wrong, the attention is nice, plus the pay is good. Some of the opportunities I receive are nice, but others, not so much."

"What do you mean?" Emily leans forward once again, intrigued by what Lily is saying.

"Well, there was one job I did that I had to be nude for," Lily answers. "Nothing like that, mind you," she adds in quickly, realizing the type of work that she was implying. "It was a demolition job. Using me to bring down a building is cheaper, more efficient, and safer."

"So why did you have to be naked for that?"

"The only way I could do it is if I grew, I mean really grow. You can imagine what my clothing options are once I surpass a certain size."

"I am sure that this suggestion has probably come up before, but why not play professional basketball? Surely your condition could prove to be quite an asset."

"It is something I have considered, and I was even scouted for a team. Things just didn't work out."

"Was it because you were too tall to play?"

"Believe it or not, there are no height restrictions when it comes to playing professional basketball. The problem was me growing during the game. After several practices, I had to drop out. I can't do an activity that requires me to think on my feet and stay focused on maintaining my size."

"Is there a cure for your condition? That way you can lead a normal life once again."

"Actually, there isn't a cure for what is happening to me, and there won't be one either," Lily answers.

"You sound so sure about this."

"How can I explain this. I don't grow. Saying that I grow implies that it is my body doing it. It is like there is some unseen force that is doing this to me: it isn't like my pituitary gland is pumping out growth hormones at an insane rate to cause me to get bigger. It is more accurate to say that my body expands. So there is no cure for what is happening to me. All I can do is stay focused so that I don't grow uncontrollably."

"Surely something could be done if given enough time."

"I've been studied, poked, and prodded beyond the limits of my comfort and nobody knows anything about my condition."

"One last question for you, how do you plan on using your ability?"

"I haven't really thought about that. Right now I just want to live a normal life."

"With all the attention and publicity you have been receiving, it sounds like your life is far from normal now."

"One thing I can say about that is 'normal' s a relative term."

"Well Lily, it has been a pleasure talking with you," Emily says as she leans forward and extends her hand out."

"It is nice being here," Lily responds as she reaches out to shake Emily's hand. Emily looms on in amazement at how much smaller her hand is when compared to Lily's. Though it would be more accurate to say how much larger Lily's hand is when compared to hers. Despite how large her hand is it still has a feminine appearance. The tall woman can easily wrap her fingers around the smaller woman's hand. Just from this interaction she already feels so small compared to this woman. She can only imagine how she will feel when Lily finally stands up.

The lights on the cameras go off, indicating that the giantess is interview is no longer being shot. Emily looks over at Lily, who seems to be having some problems standing up. The woman's hips have become so wide that she is actually stuck in in the chair, actually lifting it off the ground by several inches as she is trying to push it off. After several minutes of struggling, she finally manages to free her hips from the chain's tight grip on her. The seat lands on the floor as Lily finally stands up to her full height. Everyone who is around her can't help but stare. It is like she is an adult in a room full of children; not even the tallest person is eye level with the woman's breasts. Her head is above the walls of the set by several inches, meaning that if there was a ceiling she would be unable to stand up straight.

"Lily," Emily says excitedly as she approaches the large woman. She can't help but look up at her with a sense of awe, the same sense of awe she had when she first got close to her while she was in that helicopter two months ago.

Lily looks down at the woman who was interviewing her, a smile on her face. The main reason she is smiling is that she is aware of how intimidating she can be at a larger size. Putting a smile on her face helps to put others around her at ease, or so she has been told.

As Emily approaches her Lily begins to crouch down, bringing herself closer to the shorter woman so that talking can be easier for the two of them. As she starts to bend down, she stops when she hears a loud tearing sound coming from behind her. She doesn't need anyone to tell her what this sound was, it is one she is all too familiar with. Her face turning red she stands upright quickly, she instinctively moves her hands to cover the hole that has just formed in the back of her pants.

"That was a great interview," Emily says as she is looking up at the tall woman, "I think people will have a better understanding of who you are and what you go through after today. Hopefully I can interview you again in the near future, I still have so many questions for you that I would love for you to answer."

Emily's attention is drawn away from the giantess, now noticing a tall man who is standing at a doorway that leads offset. He does seem to be tall, looking like he is easily over six feet tall. With the look he has on his face and his short blonde hair, he looks pretty serious. But that isn't what caught her attention, it is how he is dressed. "Lily, is the secret service with you?"

"Huh?" Lily looks back at the man that Emily is referring to. "Him?" She confirms as she looks back at Emily, "No, that is just Dean, my 'parole officer." As Lily is describing Dean there is a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Any reason why he is dressed like that?"

"I'm not sure," Lily answers. "Though I have narrowed it down to one of two reasons. Either his job requires it, or he takes his job way too seriously." Emily chuckles at the answer she is given, "Though I suspect that it is the latter." Lily looks back at Dean, seeing how he is pointing to his wrist as if he is wearing a watch. "I gotta go, I don't want to get in trouble," Lily says sarcastically.

Lily makes her way over to the exit where Dean is waiting for her, rolling her eyes as she approaches him. "You know, I am a big girl, you don't have to keep an eye on me as much as you do."

"The fact that you are a big girl is the very reason I need to check in on you as often I do," Dean answers. "Besides, it is what I am paid to do."

Lily ducks through the doorway, something that she has gotten used to doing over the past couple of months. With her being well beyond an average height most of the time a lot of things tend to be too small for her. She steps outside and stands upright once again, getting in a good stretch as she can feel the sunlight on her skin, her arms reaching up as high as she can while she elevates herself by standing on her toes.

"Are you done?" Dean asks as she watches Lily stretch.

"Yeah," she answers.

The pair approaches a black pickup truck, the vehicle which was used to bring Lily to the news studio and will be taking her back home. Lily approaches the back, getting ready to climb into the bed of the truck. The suspension creaks as it is adjusting to the large woman's weight. "How many times have we been over this," Dean says as Lily begins to lift her leg over the side of the truck, "You are riding in the passenger's seat, not the bed of the truck."

Lily looks at the vehicle's cabin then at herself. "Um… I think I am a bit too large to fit inside the vehicle," she points out."

"Then shrink down," Dean replies, "until you are back to your original size."

"As come on," Lily groans, "What is the point of having a pickup truck if you never haul anything. Besides, it is difficult for me to shrink back down."

"All the more reason for you to shrink back down," Dean argues. The sight of a man arguing with a woman who is so much larger than him is quite a sight. Most would think that he is crazy trying to tell her what to do. "You used to have a lot of difficulty maintaining your size, and you have gotten a lot better at it. You should do the same with shrinking back down."

"I know," Lily says with a sigh. "But," Lily climbs into the truck bed defiantly. The truck sinks low to the ground, doing its best to handle the excess weight it is now carrying. "I want to ride in the back. It's not like you can make me shrink back down, can you?"

Dean walks up to his truck, leaning up against it as he looks Lily in her eyes. "You have a valid point, I won't argue with you there. "But what about the house, the land, even the cable internet you insisted on having, even the freedom you have been allowed to have. You remember what will happen if you fail to follow your end of the agreement."

"Yeah," Lily says sounding defeated. "Don't grow too big when it can be helped, be mindful of my size, no aggressive actions, and I gotta listen to you." The giant woman climbs out from the back of the truck, knowing full well that Dean has her. "Give me a minute."

Lily closes her eyes and really begins to focus. At first, nothing seems to happen, the woman still retaining her statuesque figure. Then she slowly loses an inch as she begins to shrink. She isn't shrinking as fast as she grows, as she said earlier she has a hard time shrinking back down. This is because of how much needs to focus to achieve this. The best way that Lily would describe this to someone, she would say that maintaining her size is like trying to memorize several lines of dialogue. While shrinking would be comparable to cramming for an exam that one only has a couple of hours to prepare for.

The process is slow and it seems like it is getting slower the smaller she gets. Her stretched out clothes are becoming loose on her as she is losing inches, becoming very baggy on her shrinking frame. Her pants fall around her ankles when she is the same height as Dean. Fortunately, her shirt is so oversized on her that it covers her intimate area. And still, she is getting smaller. It isn't until she is eye-level with his chest that she finally stops. This isn't by choice but because it is as small as she can get.

Looking up at Dean, Lily spreads her arms out as she asks, "Better?" with an attitudinal tone in her voice.

"Much better," Dean replies as he unlocks his truck. "Speaking of being mindful of your size, I have been meaning to talk to you about that demolition job you did."

"What about it?" Lily asks as she bends down to pick up her pants off the ground.

"Well, for starters, you shouldn't have done that," Dean comments as he opens up the driver's side door and begins to climb inside. "Imagine how someone could have perceived your actions if they just saw you demolishing a building. It could be perceived as you being aggressive.

"They approached me and offered me a nice amount of money to perform a service," Lily begins to explain as she climbs in on the passenger's seat." Besides, it's not like I enjoyed doing this." She is lying as she makes this last statement, she couldn't help but have some fun as she brought down that building. While she never would choose to do such a thing, she wouldn't mind doing it again. "Plus, I cleaned up the debris afterward. That has to give me a positive image."

"Regardless," Dean responds as he turns the key in the ignition, starting the vehicle's engine, "my supervisor chewed me out because if your actions. I would recommend that you refrain from performing jobs that require you to destroy properties."

"So what, am I supposed to just turn down an opportunity that nets me cash?" Lily asks. "The stipend I am receiving is nice, but it only gets me so much."

"It is enough for food, replacement clothes, and some entertainment," Dean clarifies.

"Yeah, it is enough. If you don't take into account that I need to buy clothes and shoes often because I accidentally outgrow them." Lily looks down at her feet as she continues, "Do you have any idea how much it costs me to get a pair of shoes that fit my feet?"

"If you tried to remain at your natural height, you wouldn't have to get shoes that are so big," Dean explains as he pulls out onto the main road.

"But I like being six feet tall," Lily explains. "That way I am not the shortest member of my family."

"Then I guess that means you have to pay extra money for footwear to fit your big feet instead of buying all those games."

Lily says nothing about the comment Dean made about her foot size. She won't deny it, her feet are big. Before her condition and when she was stuck at the petite height of five feet, she wore a size nine. Of course, this never did bother her. So long as she could find shoes that fit her she was content. "Or I could always redneck it and go barefoot."

"That is your choice then."

After several moments of silence, Lily busy looking out the car window as they drive through town, "Hey, would you mind dropping me off at the card shop later, I wanna do Friday Night Magic, I made a killer deck the that I am sure I can win with."

"Look, I am paid to keep an eye on you and make sure that you are not abusing your size. I am not some chauffeur who will take you out to play some magic tricks."

"It's Magic: The Gathering," Lily corrects.

"Whatever," Dean says. He couldn't care less about that card game or whatever Lily chooses to do in her spare time. So long as she stays out of trouble and refrains from growing out of control, it makes his job easier. "Get an Uber driver to take you."

"Or I could always grow," Lily suggests with a playful smile. "You know, shoot up by several dozen feet and walk to the card shop."

"First of all, you know you're not supposed to that," Dean responds.

"Relax, I was just kidding. Lighten up." Truth be told, Lily was half-serious when she made that suggestion. Lily looks out the window once again as they are leaving out of the small town, knowing that her home is several miles away.