Lily is fast asleep, her mouth wide open, drool coming out the corner of her mouth while she is blissfully unaware of anything that is going on around her. She seems to be content laying where she is at, the hard floor presenting no problems when it comes to her comfort. Her bare skin is sliding across the floor while her large, bare are sticking outside the barn door for the world to see. Her heels are digging up the dirt outside as they are being pushed out farther, her head being pushed up against the back wall. The barn she is laying in is sizable, yet her feet and legs are outside because she is bigger than it. The barn is slowly getting smaller by the minute as she continues to grow.

An alarm begins to go off, the noise pulling the giant and still growing woman out from her slumber. Lily groans, the sound being an unwelcome one as she would love to sleep a bit longer. She knows that this is not possible because it was set for a reason. "Echo!" she shouts while still half asleep, "Stop!" The device's alarm shuts off just as it was instructed to, allowing Lily to wake up in peace.

She slowly starts to sit up, her eyes half-closed since she is still tired. "Sleeping in three-hour intervals is going to be the death of me," she complains. She is soon met with a sharp pain in her forehead, striking the rafters because of how big she is. Rubbing the sore spot she tells herself, "Right, right. I'm growing." It takes her moment, but she does focus on her size to halt her growth.

Finally opening her eyes, she looks along the entire length of her body, With her feet and legs sticking out the barn door, she estimates herself to be over fifty feet this morning, possibly sixty. This is the reason that she sleeps in a barn. She has to focus on maintaining her size to keep herself from growing, something that is just not possible while she is sleeping. An open space, like the one she is in does give her enough space to grow while she gets the rest she needs. Even the barn is not big enough to accommodate her body's growth for eight hours of sleep. That is what the alarm is for. Sleep for two or three hours, wake up, shrink back down, then go back to sleep. She will admit that she finds this routine to be annoying but knows it is necessary to keep her size in check.

Her attention moves over to a small pile of clothes, small to her anyways, that is right next to her. Picking them up between her fingers she brings them up to her face, examining the clothes that she had removed before she went to sleep. She can't help but smile, thinking about how she could have outgrown them if she had left them on before going to sleep. Sleeping au natural was a bit odd to her at first, but she has come to find that she has a sense of freedom when she sleeps in the nude and has come to enjoy it.

Closing her eyes, Lily begins to focus on her size. Not just maintaining it, but to become a more manageable size. It takes her a lot of effort, but she is slowly losing the inches that she had gained as she slept. As her body begins to shrink, she soon finds that she is able to sit upright without hitting her head against the ceiling. "That should be good, for now," she says as she stops shrinking.

It takes Lily a moment to adjust herself inside the relatively small space, but soon she is crawling out the barn's entrance. She has to turn herself to fit her shoulders and hips through the entrance, her back touching the top of the large door's frame. Once outside, she stands up to her full height and gets a good stretch in. "I was due for a stretch." She looks down at the barn, the two-story building is level with her hips at her current height.

The sound of a car horn honking pulls her attention away from the barn and towards the road. Watching as a vehicle is speeding down the road she simply rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms over her generously sized chest. "Like you haven't seen my boobs before. Most people have. All you gotta do is just Google the night that I started growing and BAM! You get a nice view of the girls." She places her hands on the sides of her breasts, squeezing them together to help emphasize the point she makes.

Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes once again as the barn's roof is getting closer to her head. She has always found shrinking to be a pain because of how hard she needs to focus in order to do so, but she knows it is necessary. The world is not made for a woman who can be a giantess so she should be a normal size when she can. With the barn being about an inch taller than she is, she stops shrinking once again.

She walks across the property, making no attempts to preserve her modesty in any form. Enough people have seen her body in its natural state so she feels that she has nothing left to hide. While she is not an exhibitionist, she has no problems forgoing clothes when they are not an option.

Standing in front of her home, a simple single-wide manufactured home, she crouches down as she looks at the entrance. At her current size, there is no way she can fit inside. Sighing, she knows that she has no choice but to shrink down even more. It takes her some effort, but she manages to become small enough to fit inside her home; even if she needs to duck through the door just to do so.

Her first stop is the shower, feeling that she desperately needs one since she did sleep in a barn. Showering at such a tall stature does present its problems, such as the showerhead not being high enough for her. The stream of water hitting her bare breasts as opposed to her head. She can't help but smile about this since it means that she is no longer a short woman who used to be just shy of being five feet tall.

Her mind begins to wander as she thinks about how her life used to be when she was short while she is shampooing her hair. She is unaware of how the water is no longer hitting her chest as the stream cis getting lower, her body starting to grow once again. Within moments her head strikes the ceiling, notifying her of her latest growth. "Lost my focus again," Lily says as she rubs her head. She sighs, deciding that she needs to shrink yet again.

With her shower finished, Lily steps out and proceeds to get dressed. The clothes she is wearing are a bit large on her, designed to fit a woman with a statuesque figure. Stepping out of the bathroom, she stops in the doorway. Her head is several inches away from the top, a problem she can easily fix. With a smile on her face, she closes the gap until her head brushes up against the frame, her clothes shifting on her body as they accommodate the extra inches she has chosen to gain. "Much better."

After having her breakfast, she heads over to her closet which is packed with boxes. Each one labeled with the name of an older game console. "Okay, which game do I want to play for Throwback Thursday?" She begins to look over her various options, mulling each one over. "The Sega Dreamcast? Virtual On, Sonic Adventure, and Grandia II? The Sega Saturn!" She proceeds to dig out one of the boxes, eager to grab it. "Sonic Jam, NiGHTS: into Dreams, Burning Rangers, and Panzer Dragoon Saga. This will be good for today."

She carries the box, which contains the vintage console and its games, over to her television. She has a smile on her face as she opens the box, eager to spend all day playing it. Just as she reaches inside the box, a knock on the door interrupts her plans.

Lily doesn't bother getting up to see who it is. She knows exactly who is at the door since there is only one person who would be knocking on her door this early. "Nobody's home!" she shouts as she places the gaming console on her entertainment center.

"Very funny," a familiar voice says from the other side of the front door, "Let me in." Lily groans in frustration, feeling that her plans have been ruined by this unwelcome guest.

Standing up, she proceeds to make her way to the front door. Of all the days for Dean to show up, why today? She has been looking forward to sitting down and playing some old games for hours on end. No interruptions, no Dean. Just a chance to have some normalcy. Back in her life.

Throwing open the door she looks down at Dean. She crosses her arms as she looks down at him, doing her best to look annoyed. Putting on a fake smile, she begins to speak in an overly friendly tone, "Hi Dean. I was not expecting you to come and check up on me. It isn't like I had plans or anything."

"That is good," Dean replies in a similar tone as he looks up at Lilly, "because we have somewhere to go." He continues to look up at the tall woman before him as if he is expecting something from her. "Aren't you going to let me in?"

"Fine," Lily huffs as she steps off to the side, allowing her custodian to enter her home. "Look, if this is about the car that saw me as it drove by, it was nothing, really."

"How tall were you when this car drove by?"

"I don't know," Lily answers as she shrugs her shoulders, "maybe forty feet."

"Lily, you know how the government feels about you being at such extreme sizes."

"Hey! I just woke up and my mind was still tired. It isn't exactly easy for me to shrink when I first wake up."

"We will discuss that later, but right now, I need you to shrink down and wear something that is more appropriate." Dean is mainly referring to the form-fitting shirt that Lily is wearing. He doesn't recognize the character on the front of it, but he does imagine that it is a popular one from one of Lily's favorite games. "I gotta take you to the facility for some testing."

"But today is Throwback Thursday," Lily complains, "Can't they reschedule my 'all-important' testing to another day?"

"Believe me, I had plans too," Dean argues.

"Yeah," Lily scoffs, "I bet your plans for today were so exciting. "Besides, why do they have to keep testing me? All those months of poking and prodding at me and they learned squat about my condition." As the tall woman continues to talk, really getting into her rant, her body begins to inch upwards, her already ill-fitting clothing shifting on her body. Her leggings are rising as her midriff is becoming exposed. "Look, I am in complete control of my condition. I am not going to just start growing uncontrollably. Lastly, I am… Ouch!"

Lily has to lean forward now, the sharp pain that she had felt was her head banging against her ceiling. Stopping her growth and rubbing the sore spot on the back of her head, Lily kneels on the floor as she gives Dean a dirty look. "You could have told me that I was growing."

With a smug look on his face, Dean looks down at Lily. "I thought you said you were in complete control of your condition."

"So I made a mistake, big deal."

"It is a big deal. A mistake from you could have dire consequences. If you were to lose control because of something unforeseen and end up being several hundred feet tall again, you would end up causing a lot of damage."

"No I wouldn't," Lily argues, "I would be careful."

"It doesn't how careful you try to be, at such a size it wouldn't take much. Your big feet would sink into roads." Lilly looks back at her feet as Dean makes this comment. She is aware of how big they are but she feels that he didn't have to point it out. "Even trying to touch anything as gently as you possibly could would lead to damage. Not to mention what could happen if you tripped over something and fell."

"Okay, okay! I get it," Lily says. "I know things can get bad. You don't think I had similar thoughts going through my head when I first started growing? But I know about these things already."

Before Dean can add anything else. Lily's phone starts to ring. Seizing the opportunity for a distraction, Lily gets up to grab her phone, her head hitting the ceiling again as she forgets that she is over eight feet tall again. Answering her phone is cumbersome for her, her fingers being too large to answer the call easily.

"Hi, Mom," she says answering the phone.

All Dean can do right now is wait for Lily for finish talking to her family before he can take her to the facility for her monthly testing.

"Yes, your little girl is doing great. Only, I'm not so little now… Yes, I am managing my condition…"

Dean is listening to the one side of the conversation that he can hear, feeling as though Lily is doing her best to stall for time; succeeding in doing so quite well.

"That is good to hear… Yeah, sure. That sounds great… I will be over immediately, Dean can bring me over… Love you too, see you soon." Hanging up, Lily looks over at Dean with a slight smile. "Looks like there is a change of plans. That was my mother, and she has asked if I come over for a visit. So, naturally, I said yes."

"What about your Throwback Thursday?"

Lily shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, "Better than being tested on."

"I guess I have no choice then." That one phone call that Lily decided to answer is going to cause some trouble for him. He is going to have make his own phone call, explaining why he is isn't going to be bringing Lily in for her mandatory testing. His superiors are not going to be happy with this development. "Just get back to your normal height first."

"But this is my normal height," Lily says with a coy smile.

Dean crosses his arms, already not too happy about how things have developed. "You know what I mean. Your height of five feet."

"How about six feet?" Lily asks. "I never did like being short."

"Five feet tall," Dean repeats. "You already found a way to avoid the testing at the facility for today, please don't push it."

"Fine," Lily huffs. Before she focuses on shrinking back down, her mind wanders to her family. Both her mother and her sister have been supportive of her condition, always telling her that things would be okay even when she was effectively quarantined. Even her father had come back to town just to see how she was doing. She can't help but smile, looking forward to visiting her family.