Chapter Two

Madison certainly didn't forget about their agreement but that was mainly because Rachel wouldn't let her. The next day, Sunday, Madison did the laundry and folded the clothes. She put the shirts and pants in one pile and the dresses and skirts in another pile. Once that was finished, she put everything away neatly in the closet. On Monday, she vacuumed the living room. On Tuesday, she cleaned the bathroom. On Wednesday, which was a rainy day, she dusted the bedroom. On Thursday, she cleaned the kitchen cupboards. And on Friday, she washed the windows. Shortly after she had finished the task, she heard a knock on the door. Since she was closest to the door, she answered it.

"Is Rachel Hanford here?" asked the delivery woman.

"Yes she is." said Madison.

"I have a package here for her." said the delivery woman.

"One second please." said Madison. She went into the kitchen where she found her sister snacking on some cookies.

"There's a package for you at the door." said Madison.

"Thanks, sis." said Rachel. She got up from her chair at the table and skipped to the front door.

"Hi there." said the delivery woman. "This box is for you. By the way, I like that skirt of yours." Rachel was wearing a light red skirt underneath a plain white sweater.

"Thank you." said Rachel.

"You're welcome." said the delivery woman. She handed over the box and went on her way. Rachel closed the door and took the box into the living room.

"I bet my jump rope's in here." said Rachel. She opened up the box and found a bright red jump rope with solid pink handles.

"Yes, this is the one." said Rachel.

"I'm guessing that you're satisfied with your order." said Madison.

"I'm quite satisfied." said Rachel. She put her rope away and happily spent the rest of the day watching movies on television.

"I can't wait to use my new rope tomorrow." said Rachel as the girls got ready for bed later that night.

"You're that excited, huh?" asked Madison.

"Oh yes." said Rachel. They slept happily that night, but when they woke up the next morning, there were grey clouds in the sky and it was raining.

"I don't think you'll be able to use your new rope today." said Madison.

"That's too bad." said Rachel. They got out of their pajamas and changed into light pink hand smocked puff sleeve dresses with round collars at the neck and satin stripes on the skirt, their white silk tights and their black leather boots. They fixed up their hair in front of the mirror and then went to have their breakfast.

"I'll just have some fruit." said Madison.

"That makes two of us." said Rachel. They had apple and orange slices and then they went into the living room.

"What are we going to do since we can't go outside?" asked Madison.

"I know exactly what we can do." said Rachel. She got some board games out of the front hall closet and put them on the living room table.

"Board games are a perfect activity for a day like this." she said. "Which of these do you want to play first?"

"I guess we can play Scrabble." said Madison.

"Scrabble it is." said Rachel. She set the game up on the table and they started playing. Now both girls were very good at Scrabble so they had no trouble coming up with words. Rachel kept track of their scores on a piece of paper. After an hour had passed, she added up their point totals and found that the final result was very close.

"How did we do?" asked Madison.

"You did very well, scoring two hundred and ninety points." said Rachel. "However, I ended up with three hundred and five points. That means I won by fifteen points."

"Wow, that was certainly a close game." said Madison.

"I'll say." said Rachel. "What do you want to play next?"

"Let's play some Monopoly." said Madison.

"All right." said Rachel. While she was setting up the game, Madison went over to the window and saw that it was still raining.

"It's still coming down." she said as she made her way back to the table.

"Aren't you glad we're inside where it's dry?" asked Rachel.

"Oh yes." said Madison. "Now which one of us is going to be the banker?"

"I think I should do it because I'm older." said Rachel.

"That makes sense to me." said Madison. Once everything had been set up, they began playing. Now Monopoly has always been known to be a long game, so it took an hour and a half for the girls to complete their match. Both girls played well, but the game came to an end when Madison didn't have enough money to pay a large rent on Rachel's Boardwalk property due to the fact that there was a hotel on it. Due to this, she had to declare bankruptcy.

"Looks like I win again." said Rachel and she put everything away.

"I'm just not as good at these games as you are." said Madison.

"What do you mean?" asked Rachel.

"Well for one thing, I lost our jumping contest last weekend and now you beat me in these two games." said Madison.

"Don't be so hard on yourself." said Rachel and they put the games back. "You did very well in all of those games. I think the issue is that I have more experience with the games since I'm older than you. I'm sure you'll beat me at something eventually, so don't give up. Now is there anything else you want to play?"

"Not right now." said Madison.

"Well what do you want to do then?" asked Rachel.

"I honestly don't know." said Madison. "We can't jump inside the house."

"You're right." said Rachel. "I know what we can do, though. Remember when we went jumping last weekend and you saw that pouch on the dress I was wearing?"

"Yeah." said Madison.

"We can customize the rest of our dresses to include pouches if you want." said Rachel.

"That's not a bad idea." said Madison.

"Plus, it would also give us something else to do on this rainy day." said Rachel.

"Well you're not wrong." said Madison. "All right, let's do it." The girls retreated to their bedroom and took out all of their dresses from their closet.

"I'm very impressed with how your organized all of our clothes." said Rachel.

"Thanks." said Madison. They put the dresses into two piles, one pile for the dresses that were Rachel's size and the other pile for the dresses that were Madison's size.

"We'll do mine first since I already know how to customize these." said Rachel as they sat down at their desk. "I want you to watch me so that you'll get an idea of how to do it yourself." Madison carefully observed her sister as she worked on each dress. What made it easier was that all of the dresses Rachel owned were the exact same ones that Madison owned. The only difference, of course, was that Rachel's dresses were in a bigger size. It took some time to get through Rachel's pile, but after an hour and a half, she was finished.

"There we go." she said. "Now give me an honest opinion. Do my dresses look better with the pouch or without them?"

"I think they look better with the pouch." said Madison.

"I think so too." said Rachel.

"You know what else I think?" asked Madison. "I think it's time for lunch."

"You think right." said Rachel. They went to the kitchen and had peanut butter sandwiches for their lunch. After they were done eating, they went back to their room and sat back down at their desk.

"We're going to work on your dresses now." said Rachel. "Since yours are the same as mine but in a smaller size, it should take less time. I hope you were watching me earlier."

"I was." said Madison.

"Good because you're going to do these on your own." said Rachel. "I'll watch so that I can help you if necessary." Madison went to work and was very careful so that she wouldn't hurt herself. She got through the first two dresses without any trouble, but ran into problems with the third.

"I need some help." she said.

"That's why I'm here." said Rachel. The two of them went through the rest of Madison's pile together and after an hour, they had finished everything.

"Well, what do you think of our work?" asked Rachel.

"I love it." said Madison. "Whenever we go jumping in the forest now, you can keep your rope in your pouches and I can keep my rope in my own pouches. Thanks for helping me, Rachel."

"You're welcome." said Rachel. She put the dresses away and was about to close the closet when she noticed that their shoes had been rearranged.

"I did that last weekend." said Madison. "I put our sneakers, slippers and boots on one end of the closet and our dress shoes on the other end. What do you think about that?"

"I think that's pretty smart." said Rachel with a smile. "I also like the way you organized our clothes."

"I guess I did a pretty good job, huh?" said Madison.

"You did an excellent job." said Rachel. "I'm so proud of you. In fact, I think you deserve a little reward." The girls went into the kitchen and Rachel took out a container of chocolate fudge swirl ice cream from the freezer.

"One reward coming up." said Rachel. She put the ice cream on the counter and started scooping it into bowls.

"How many scoops do you want?" she asked.

"Two scoops, please." said Madison.

"You got it." said Rachel. She filled both bowls with two scoops of ice cream and put the container back in the freezer. The girls then sat down to have their treat.

"This is really good." said Madison. "I've never had this flavor before."

"Neither have I." said Rachel. "I remember reading a review about this flavor before and the people that gave the review really liked it. That's why I bought it. What do you think?"

"I love it." said Madison.

"So do I." said Rachel. Just as they finished their treat, the phone rang.

"I'll answer that. You clean up." said Rachel. She went over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hi sweetheart, it's your mother." said Mom.

"Hi, Mom." said Rachel.

"How's everything going over there today?" asked Mom.

"It's going great." said Rachel. "We couldn't go jumping today because of the rain so we played some games and customized our clothes to put pouches on them."

"Well at least you two were able to have some sort of fun even though you had to stay inside." said Mom. "Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'll be coming down to visit you girls next weekend."

"That's great!" cried Rachel. "When are you going to come?"

"I'll aim for next Saturday." said Mom. "Are you girls free that day?"

"Saturday is when Madison and I usually go jumping." said Rachel.

"How about next Sunday, then?" suggested Mom.

"That works." said Rachel.

"All right, next Sunday it is." said Mom. "I'll see you girls then. Bye, honey."

"Bye, Mom." said Rachel and she hung up the phone.

"Guess what?" she said to Madison excitedly. "Mom's going to visit us next weekend."

"That's awesome!" cried Madison. "It'll be great to see her again."

"It sure will." said Rachel. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"To be honest, I'm getting kind of bored." said Madison.

"You know what, so am I." said Rachel. "In a situation like this, there's only one thing to do." They went back up to their room and moved the chairs from their desk, put them in front of the window and sat down in them.

"Since it's still raining and we can't think of anything else to do, we're going to sit here until the rain stops." said Rachel.

"When is it going to stop raining?" asked Madison.

"I don't know." said Rachel. The stared glumly out their window and although the rain had been falling lightly earlier, it was now coming down a bit harder and there was even a small bit of wind that was blowing. After another hour had passed, Madison let out a sigh.

"I wish we could've gone jumping today." she said.

"I know." said Rachel. "I'll tell you what. Since we couldn't go out jumping today, we'll go tomorrow instead. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good to me." said Madison. "Do we still need to wear a dress, though?"

"Yes we do." said Rachel. "I told you last weekend that we were going to wear dresses on our jumping days, remember?"

"Yes I do." said Madison.

"Then don't ask me about that anymore." said Rachel. The girls continued to sit and stare out at the rain that was pouring down outside. Madison found it difficult to sit still and started fidgeting around in her chair. Rachel didn't notice this at first, but after about twenty minutes of Madison repeatedly changing positions, Rachel tapped her sister's shoulder.

"It's not good to fidget like that." she said. "I want you to sit still like how I'm doing. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Rachel." said Madison. She changed back to her original position and they continued to stare out the window. The rain was starting to intensify a little more now, and the wind speed increased a little more too. After another forty minutes, Madison spoke again.

"I want to play another game." she said.

"You should've thought of that a couple of hours ago." said Rachel. "It's too late now." So they continued to stare out the window and watch the rain pour down. Madison badly wanted the rain to go away, but it didn't look like that would happen any time soon. Half an hour later, she spoke again.

"I wish it didn't have to rain." she said.

"Don't be so negative." said Rachel. "I know this weather sucks, but you need to show a positive attitude just like earlier when we were playing those games. Can you do that for me?"

"I'll try." said Madison.

"That's all I ask." said Rachel and they continued to stare out the window. Madison tried to be positive like Rachel had told her to, but she found that to be difficult when it was pouring out. After another half hour had gone by, she sighed again.

"This rain's never going to stop." she said.

"Of course it will." said Rachel. "Just try to be patient, okay?" Madison nodded and stared out the window in silence. The more she sat there, the more she began to accept that rain was needed. A couple of hours later, the rain stopped completely.

"See, I told you it would stop raining." said Rachel. "Now let's go have our dinner." However, Madison didn't feel like eating.

"I'm not hungry." she said.

"Why not?" asked Rachel. "You're not sick, are you?"

"No, I'm fine." said Madison.

"Then why don't you want to eat?" asked Rachel. Madison sighed and blurted out "I miss Mom."

"I miss her too, sis." said Rachel. "It sucked when she had to leave us last year because of her work, but we're going to see her next weekend. Doesn't that make you happy?"

"Yes, but I'd be more happy if she could live here with us again." said Madison.

"I know you would, but you can't always get what you want in life." said Rachel. "For example, when I was your age, I wanted a nice set of diamond earrings. What do you suppose Mom said?"

"She told you no, didn't she?" asked Madison.

"Yes she did." said Rachel. "When I asked her why I couldn't have them, she told me that they were too expensive. She also said I was too young and that I would have to wait until I was fourteen. I'm fifteen and I still don't have them, but that's because I decided that I don't need earrings to look beautiful and so I chose not to get them. It's just as well, though, because earrings are very expensive."

"Exactly how expensive are they?" asked Madison.

"It depends on the brand." said Rachel. "But the type of earrings I wanted cost about three thousand dollars."

"Wow, that's quite a bit of money." said Madison. "Now I see why Mom wouldn't get them for you."

"Is there something you've ever wanted so much but could never get?" asked Rachel.

"I can't really think of anything." said Madison. "I know what I want right now, though. I want Mom."

"I told you, she's coming next Sunday." said Rachel. "Can you wait until then?"

"I think so." said Madison.

"Good. Now let's go eat." said Rachel. They got up from their chairs and went into the kitchen to eat. Rachel didn't feel like cooking so she heated up some chicken that had been left over from the previous night. After dinner, they played some rounds of Trivial Pursuit and then went to sleep.