I heard it sliding, shifting against the ground. I heard the click of something against the floor. The room wasn't very big and I was exposed, staring at myself in the mirror. I had forgotten to breathe, my heart in my ears, my reflection staring back at me.

My skin was the color of chalk, my eyes wide, my fingers gripping the edge of the sink so tight I almost feared I might shatter the porcelain. I tried to make myself turn and look, to face the fear head on but I remained staring at myself, trying to find the courage to return to reality instead of trying to convince myself it wasn't happening.

I heard breathing in the darkness; heavy, raspy, expectant and eager. It was breathing in and out from my bed, a dozen feet from me. It was panting now, my eyes upon the red words upon the mirror as the sickening realization came upon me that it had been here. It had been in this room the whole time. I had lain down upon that bed with the lights off, and it had been underneath me, not four feet away.

I thought of the others in the hose, my friends and-

My friends, I realized. I tore from the sink and the mirror, adrenaline lending me speed. I went for the door, trying not to look lest I lose my nerve. I failed to keep my eyes from there, and I saw it: something slipping from underneath the bed, a shape much like that of a man, splayed out against the floor. It was inching, inching forth, a limb stretching out as it pulled itself along. It raised its head, a strange imprint of dark on dark glaring at me.

The breathing became more audible, intensified as it pulled itself forth. It was beginning to rise up. I pulled at the lock, working it frantically. It was up now, striding, just feet from me as the door opened. I bolted out, slamming it behind me. I tore across the vacant hall, hearing and seeing nobody else. I was feet away, just a short distance as I collapsed on the door, slamming it with both fists. I tried to scream their names, only a strangled squeak emerging from my throat.

The door opened a second later and I saw Dani there, wearing only undergarments. She saw the look on my face, must have heard my heartbeat. She seized me and pulled me into the room, closing the door instantly. "Erin!" She said my name, concern upon her own. "Erin, I have you! I have you- "

"S-something in my room," I managed. "Under…under my bed…" I was near tears now. I had thought myself beyond being frightened. I had been borne down by a homicidal werewolf who had threatened to torture me in ways I could not fathom, had been hunted by his torturing sociopath of a daughter. I had been stayed ahead of a renegade angel, had run through a macabre wonderland of shadows and torture fashioned by an eldritch deity all with him on my heels.

But each time, I had something else backing me, some plan, some way to prepare. Here, I was vulnerable, off guard, helpless. I was beyond terrified now, my legs giving way as Dani caught me. I held to the vampire, aware I sounded like a terrified child, my friend cradling me against her.

"Shh, shhh, it's okay. It's okay, I have you." She said. I saw Emma behind her. Seeing my distress had sobered her immediately. She was not swaying on her feet, the lackadaisical silliness gone from her face. Instead, I saw all-business Emma, her eyes hardening, turning gold. Emma had not just come here as a friend, I realized. Few people knew dangers that lurked within the most innocuous places as Emma West. She was here as my protector as well, and when my safety was threatened, she observed no formalities as well.

"What happened?" Emma asked. She knew Dani had me, had no reason to moderate herself. She was already seizing her shirt and pants, throwing them on. "What happened Erin?"

"There's something in my room," I said. "It was under the bed. It left a message on my mirror. It's still there," I managed The others in the house, I realized. They were in danger. They-

My crystal had not activated, I thought. I remembered the calls, the sounds in the walls. It could have been human, I knew. Not a monster, just a person, a deranged stalker, an attacker. Emma was into her bag immediately, pulling something from it. Even in the darkness, I could see the keen edge of her favorite knife. "Dani," she said.

"Right, honey," Dani said. "Erin, you're safe with us," she touched my cheek and I tried to steady myself. There was no dismissal, no attempt to tell me I had not seen what I had. My word was more than enough for them. "Do you have your phone?"

I had left it in the room with whoever or whatever had lurked there. It was protected with my thumbprint, at least making it safe from anyone else. "No," I said.

Dani retrieved hers. She pressed her password and gave it to me. "Text Hardestadt," she said. "Azmodan, Karai, Mammon, anyone you know who can help here. Do you think it's human?"

"My crystal didn't say anything," I said.

"Probably then," Emma said. "Nothing's moved in the hallway. I don't smell any blood. I still don't like this," she added it at the end for my benefit. Acknowledgement helps, especially for former victims who have been terrorized. Emma knows this better than almost anyone else. Where someone else would have tried to convince me I imagined it, she and Dani took me at my word.

I had been terrified like this in the past, dim memories of my old stalker returning. I had just been an officer worker then, when something had latched onto me. Something had begun stalking me, following me home, always remaining out of sight. Then it had begun breaking in, letting me hear it in the night as I huddled terrified in my bed. Then it had lurked outside my door before it had come into my room some nights, letting me see glimpses in the dark.

I had almost sleepwalked through days, exhausted and terrified, jumping every time someone spoke to me, breaking down in tears in the bathroom. I had been convinced I was going to die, that when the thing had been through playing with me, it would finally close in one night, when I had been wrung dry of all my pain and fear.

But I had lived. A man had shown up one day, trying to tell me what was hunting me. I had shouted at him, slammed the door in his face and told him to leave me alone but he had persisted. He hunted these things. He helped people, and he was here to help me. It had been out of a comic or a novel, something fantastical and unbelievable.

I had seen so much since then that the terrifying had become mundane. But this, being alone and exposed in here with something else? Now I was scared again. Only human, I reminded myself as Emma pulled the door open. She marched to my room, opening it. She pulled her knife back, a fighter's crouch as her lip curled, eyes gleaming gold through the dark.

Nothing greeted her. Even I could see that from my position. Emma was alone in the doorway. Dani had released me to dress, staying close as she gently took my hand. Emma sniffed and turned to me. "Nothing," she said.

Nothing had been able to leave my room, I knew that much. Emma would have heard the door open. She walked into the darkened hall, the short distance to the bedroom. She checked the perimeter, opened the closet. I held my breath, but she rooted through, seeing nothing. I stayed close to Dani's side as Emma checked the bathroom. She then walked to the bed and knelt down, looking under.

"Nothing. There's nothing here."

"I didn't have a nightmare- " I started, but Emma shook her head.

"Not saying for a second you did. I believe you," Emma said.

"Babe, it could be an Alp," Dani offered.

"One that could slip out so easily? A Croquet-Mitaine would be more likely. A troll might fit the bill…" she mused and I remembered how hard Emma and Dani had studied with Hardestadt. "It could be a Pontianak- " she stopped short and coughed. "Not that I'm…making assumptions, Erin."

"I'm not pregnant," I said bluntly. "And a Pontianak wouldn't hide out to play. They go right for the kill. And it doesn't smell bad enough."

"Might be the Bogeyman," Dani said.

"That isn't funny," I said, shooting her a look.

"I wasn't joking," she returned. "Okay, there's about a zillion things it isn't. But I do know it's loose in this house if it's here. Which means everyone here could be in danger."

Innocent girls here, I thought. All in danger. I thought of Dana suddenly, remembering the way she had spoken. "It could be anywhere," I whispered. "Whatever it is. But…" I explained the situation as best I could, my friends listening to me. I showed them the symbol I had been shown and Emma frowned deeper.

"You didn't tell us immediately?"

"I didn't think of it. My alarm wasn't going off," I said. "I didn't think much of it, guys. Do you know it?"

"Nothing," Dani said. "I read through the books Hardestadt gave us. But this? This's new…"

"Really new," Emma said. "It could be nothing but we should…"

"Speak to Dana I finished. Emma nodded. "The door was locked."

"I can unlock it easier than I can hack her computer," Emma said. "Check your phone, Erin."

I realized I had forgotten Dani's instructions and I moved to my own phone, opening it. Everything seemed in order and I opened up Hardestadt's information. I began to text him, writing a simple message: 'Something is here with us. We need your help.' If I knew him, and I did, he would respond instantly when he saw the message. I waited seconds but no sign indicated the message had been read.

Emma signaled me and I showed them the way to Dana's room, glad to have them by me. Cathy, Candice, Nour and Sharice were likely asleep, the other girls having departed for the holidays or in their own rooms. "Emma, any blood?"

She sniffed quickly at the air. "Nothing," she said. "I don't hear anything, either."

"Can you hear everything here?" I whispered.

"I could hear someone being attacked," Emma said. "Trust me on that." She looked to Dana's door. "Is that it? I have a feeling she's got some explaining to do."

She took the knob and wrenched it. I winced, but the lock came loose well enough. Emma stepped in, Dani by me. Emma tried the lights, only to be met by a dull click. Nothing flickered to light. She tried a few more times, and nothing. I held up the phone, illuminating a bit of the room as I said Dana's name. There was no reply and I caught something with my phone's light. "Do you see that?" I whispered.

I saw my name written on the wall, in jagged black letters. 'ERIN.'

Next to it, another 'ERIN,' and then another, and another, climbing up the walls to the ceiling, my name in twisted black, over and over again, mad scrawls that overlapped, down to the dressers, across the floor. It seemed like the room itself was screaming my name as Emma stared in mute shock.

"That…I didn't see it in the dark," she managed. "It wasn't."

The lights flickered on and I looked to the bed. Dana lay on her side, unmoving. I reached to to take her shoulder. "Dana, I- "

The girl rolled back, vacant eyes staring upwards. It was not Dana there, but another girl. Her mouth was open, eyes staring vacantly ahead, dark bruises around her throat. I jumped back with a strangled yelp into Dani's arms. She seized me, holding me tight as I saw the marks upon the girl's wrists, gouges that had no blood attacked to them.

But written above her head, under a series of hastily scrawled 'ERIN', I saw written in dried red:


The lights died suddenly and I tried not to scream. I felt Dani's hand in mind, holding tight. Emma seized my other hand and we stayed there, Dani's voice coming out softly.


"No, they couldn't act like this. There's no reason one would be bound here," Emma said. "I'm still trying to narrow it down. Something's going in. We're in danger. Erin, your crystal is still going?"

"Yeah, I- " I stopped short. "Dani, I've got your hand.

"Yeah," she said. "Emma, you've got mine, right?"

"Got you, baby," Emma returned. The cold hand within mine began to squeeze, the fingers running over my own.

"Something," I whispered. It was rubbing my hand now, a parody of affectionate care. "Something has my hand.

Emma shifted in the dark and lunged, swinging her fist. The lights came on and I saw she had embedded her knife in the wall. She tore it out, snarling and looking around. "I'm freaked," she announced simply. Dani held to me even tighter.

I felt drained of energy, hearing only the sudden howl of the wind. We were in a room with a corpse. A girl was dead. What had her name been? Who was she? I didn't know. I might never. Whatever she had been, whatever hopes she might have had for the future, everything had been erased. How had the door been locked? A million 'how hads' leaped into my head, a billion unanswered questions when I heard my phone. It was Hardestadt and my heart leaped.

"Baby," I said as I took it up. He had responded

'Problem?' rapidly. I began to type.

'Something is in the house. Something dangerous. Someone is dead.'

'Dead?!' he repeated.

'Dead. We need help, honey. Please call.'

'Help?' The response was instant.

'Why are you repeating yourself' I typed. Sudden iciness crept all over my back as the response was quick.

'Repeating myself…?' I did not type now, staring as a three dots appeared to signal typing. 'What you have to do….let me lick it. Let me lick your pretty pink-' it cut off suddenly and the typing continued.

'ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN ERIN' Over and over, through blocks and messages.

'Let me lick let me lick let me lick let me lick your pretty pink Erin Erin erin pretty pink Erin let me let me LET ME LET ME LET ME'

Again and again, I thought something was laughing at me. I almost threw the phone away, Emma staring, and I saw the beginning of fear in her eyes, something that chilled me all the worse. "This can't be happening," I felt my head, shutting myself from the phone. "What is it? What's doing this?!"

"We need to warn everyone," Dani said. "Everyone here is in danger. Do we know what it wants?"

"Kill people?" Emma whispered. "But this body…this blood looks dried. There's no scent to it. There's nothing." She didn't have to say that freaked her out all the more. Something had been in this room with us, something that was now playing with us. It could be watching us now, I thought.

"Can we get everyone outside the house?" I asked. My phone seemed to click on cue and I looked at it, seeing the warning: sudden snows. The wind howled as if to accentuate the point.

"It's a blizzard," Dani said. "But the weather…"

"Something isn't playing by the same rules, honey," Emma said. "I could go out in there- "

"Emma?!" I said, my voice shrill to my own ears. She shook her head.

"I'm not. I don't know what's out there, and I can't leave anyone here. Strength in numbers, end of story." I tried not to let the relief show on my face.

"You're not…scared?" I tried.

"That what you think?" Emma managed a smile. "Erin, I'm fucking terrified. I get scared a lot. I'm trying to push it back right now. Know who taught me that?" She pointed at me. "You did. You and my sister, when you got into Hargrove Prison and saved our lives. You did when you walked into Carcosa even when you thought you were going to die." She kissed my cheek. "I'm not letting anything happen to you. That goes for both of us. Everyone in this house."

"It has a sense of humor," Dani said. "And if it knows where we are…"

My phone rang then, and I saw the number was unknown. More on instinct I answered it, greeted by the raspy breathing. It seemed insane: Kappa Phi Omega had no dark history. There was no curse on the ground below us, no murders that had happened within the walls. It was in Cambridge, for god's sake.

"Erin," the voice rasped my name.

"Stop," I said. I put steel in my voice. "Just stop it."

"Erin," it drew my name out, drawing out each letter as if running tongue and teeth over it. As if my name was a delicacy to be sampled. "Erin." The voice giggled, childish and high-pitched as the phone rang again. "Where am I?"

"What did you do with Dana?"

"Dana can't come to the phone, but you seem more fun than her," the voice purred. "Much more fun. Want to get to know you better than her."

I hung up on the spot. I tried to blot it away, remembering as it had wriggled from under my bed after…

I felt the touch of its tongue on my fingers, lapping quickly. I envisioned it lurking as I lay above, waiting as it shivered in anticipation. 'It,' I realized. 'It,' I thought again. A word that encompassed so many possibilities, stripping identifiable characteristics of the assailant and reducing it any number of potential factors. Formless, nameless, ubiquitous.

And after me.

"Where am I…?" It whispered again, the voice changing to a perverse rasp. "Where. Am. I?"

"Who are you?" I asked. "What are you?"

"Where," the voice was insistent again. "Where? That was my question. Where?!"

"You're in the house," I whispered. "You've already killed someone. What are you?"

"Going to find you. Going to get you. Going to get you and everyone else. Not another peep, time to go to sleep. Under your bed. In your closet. Right next to you. Right behind you," the voice was teasing again. It hung up without another word.

"Erin?" I heard my name. I glanced up, seeing Alicia there, wearing her normal clothes. Cathy and Nour were by her, their faces twisted in confusion. "What's going on? We heard you yelling there."

"Why…why do you have knives?" Cathy asked, her eyes on Emma and Dani. Emma did not spare any time for a pause.

"It's not safe," her voice was brusque. "You should go back to your rooms."

"Those aren't safe either," I said. "I know this sounds crazy, but something is in the house."

"What the hell does that mean!?" Cathy asked. Alicia stared at me.

"You have any idea how crazy this looks?" She asked.

"I know that!" I said. "Something was under my bed- "

"Like…a ghost or something?" Nour asked. "This isn't making any sense."

"Everyone here is in danger. Does it bother you that there was just a blizzard?" Emma said. "Something went after Erin. It's in this house and it's watching us right now. It heard us talking about it. Someone is dead- "

"What the fuck does that mean?!" Nour's eyes widened. "Dead?!"

"Dana's room," I said. "There's a girl in the bed…there was a message for me on the mirror. Something is here with us. I'm not insane and neither are they. Guys, the investigations we do…it involves things like this, okay?" I held up a hand. "I know how it must sound right now, but I need you to trust me. Emma, Dani and I have done this a lot, we're not joking about any of it. You have to believe me."

Hardestadt had said that to me when we had first met: 'you have to believe me.' When I had been terrified out of my mind, knowing my stalker was not human but unable to accept precisely what it was. It had taken me days to listen and by then it had almost been too late. After that, only me being willing to put myself in danger and lure my assailant into a trap had seen its end at the end of his sword.

I saw my old friends' faces twisted in confusion, but Cathy was the first to speak. "Something…like what we read about in the news?"

"No," I said. "I don't know what it is. I've never seen anything like this before. Never." My stepdaughter was a werewolf, my friends were vampires, my mothers in law were an angel an two demons and one of my confidantes was the queen of hell. Yet I had never seen anything like this, not once in my entire life. That still chilled me to the bone even worse than anything.

"Guys, we can't really think- " Nour began, but Alicia shook her head.

"Let's just say I believe you believe," she whispered. "Erin…someone is…someone is dead? Who?"

"I don't know," I said. "But Dana's missing. She was acting weird before- "

"Some of the girls said she was being weird for a while," Cathy said. I had not thought much into it. Had I missed too many warning signs? Had I been so desperate to relax I had missed someone who needed help? Or…

I thought of the paper with the symbol, the seeming gibberish image. I tried to recall everything Dana had said to me, trying to find any double meanings within. What had she meant? Was she a victim? Someone pursued, hunted and terrorized?

Or was there something else. It was fixated upon me, hounding me. Had I been an intended victim? Was she trying to warn me or something darker? I looked at my phone again, realizing all communication had been cut off.

"Let's not stick here then," Nour said. "It might be cold outside. So what?" She was already walking for the door.

"Nour- " I started with my old friend, but she shook her head, undoing the lock.

"If something's wrong, the police station isn't too far. We can head over there, get help and come back!" she said opened the door, a cold wind blowing into the hall instantly. I winced as the frigid air touched me, the snow so thick outside that we could not see ahead. To walk outside, even in heavy clothes, would be tantamount of suicide. It was a pure white world now, and I could not perceive even the buildings in the near distance. Not the trees, nothing else.

It was as if the house had been placed in the center of a pale void, nothing but the snow outside. But on the door, on the handle, I saw it. Nour's gaze followed mine and she gave a startled shriek, shocked as she slammed the door. Something scratched about at the front, footsteps stalking around the door as Nour locked it. She was shaking as knuckles suddenly rapped upon the front door.

But she had seen, as had I, the bloody hook on the handle, glistening there in the night air, a warning and a promise in one. "Go away," my friend whispered. "Just go…"

Thump thump. Two knocks. The universal sign for 'no.' It was sending its message clear enough, I thought.

Emma stood. "We're not getting out that way. If it's close by…we need to get everyone still in the house, bring them to a safe spot. You have Dani and I, we do this for a living."

"A living?!" Alicia's voice was strangled. "How do you- "

"We're more than we seem, okay?" Dani's voice was soothing. Emma always had a blunter manner, even at her most compassionate, while Dani calmed others down. "Please don't panic, we'll help as best we can. We've seen worse than this."

"Stay in groups," Emma said simply. "Nobody goes off on their own. Everyone sticks together. I'll head and wake everyone, get them in the common room. You all know where that is, right?"

"Yeah," I said. "Right around the corner, past that hall," I pointed past Emma's shoulder. "With that stupid clown in the chair."

"What are you talking about?" Cathy asked sharply. "Clown?"

"From…the party? Someone brought- " And just like that I stopped talking as the realization took me. I was slow, my instincts dulled. I had not been thinking like I should have.

"Erin, I was there during the party. Nobody brought a clown- "

Something glinted in the light, across Emma's throat. Blood pooled from her neck, the flesh parting as a garment tearing along a seam. She fell forward, hand to her throat as black seeped through her fingers. Dani gave a scream with the rest, as I saw it there. The colors were garish, ill-fitting, the skin white. The clown stood barely five and a half feet, the painted red smile open to reveal a mass of teeth. Each was pointed, sharpened, and the eyes were doll-black like those of sharks.

It did not speak, did not spare a glance at Emma's twitching body at its feet, bleeding out in a spreading pool. It looked at me, head cocking. It remained there, knife in hand, still and silent as its breathing grew audibly.

As if it were excited. We were paralyzed, unable to move, but Dani had her knife out. She flung it into the clown's forehead, a dull thump echoing as it fell back. The knife fell from nerveless hands and it lay there. I did not dare move, did not imagine that it was over.

Dani was at Emma's side, holding her wife. The wound had closed, but Emma had lost a great deal of blood. "Baby…baby, control…control…" Dani whispered. Emma was looking at the others in a way that suddenly terrified me. A vampire deprived of blood or badly wounded is a danger to others around them, even ones with wills as iron as Emma West's.

Dani pressed her wrist to Emma's mouth and Emma bit in without any touch of gentleness. Dani winced, Emma's mouth wrapped there, cheeks working as she drank. Alicia's mouth had opened wider. "They're- "

"Yes," I said. "No time to explain. Right now- "

The knife buried in Dani's body, near to her collarbone, the clown twisting up, body at a near serpentine angle. She fell back with a strangled cry of pain as the clown leaned back, scuttling away like a crab to vanish down the corridor. The breathing had quickened. Even when we could still hear it, reverberating and echoing around us.

Dani was on the ground by Emma, reaching for the knife embedded in her shoulder. The thing had vanished, but its breathing persisted for long seconds before stopping abruptly. I was by Dani and Emma's sides then, trying to ignore my terror. "Guys- " I started.

"Get the others," Dani whispered. Emma's eyes fluttered, blood drenching her clothes. She looked at the rest without the hunger, I was relieved to see. Nour came forward.

"I'm a doctor," she said. She was frightened, but I could see a glimpse of steel there. "I can help."

"We're vampires," Dani said. She pulled the knife out, willing the wound to stop bleeding. "I'm alright," she whispered as if trying to convince herself. "It's fast," she added. "Everyone here is in danger. You need to stick together. Get everyone."

"I'm not leaving…" I started, but Dani seized me by the collar.

"I'm hurt," she said. "If I get more hurt, I could go into a blood-starved frenzy. So I'm a danger to you. So is Emma. Do you understand me?" None of her gentleness now. Just hard facts, intended to snap me into action. "You were at Carcosa, Erin. You were at Pine Creek, and at Hargrove Prison. You know what to do here. If it can do this…it likely isn't a corporeal entity. There has to be some anchor here, some place where it's tethering itself. Find that. Emma and I will be okay. We'll guard downstairs."

I didn't want to leave her. She and Emma were my friends, but they were also the heaviest hitters I ran with. Without them, we were just human beings on our own against monsters, in a large group against whatever was hunting us. I caught a flicker of movement down the hallway, no longer the clown but a tall and lanky frame, dressed in black, face hidden in darkness. It cocked its head, a shape within shadow, in human shape but far from what it pantomimed. It gestured as It slid to the stairs, making no noise as it vanished.

"It's upstairs," Cathy said. "It could be waiting for us," her voice came out in a strangled whimper. "I don't…don't wanna die here. I don't.." I saw Nour take her hand, holding tight, even as her face was ashen. Alicia's eyes were red-rimmed and she seemed trying to hold tears back.

All of our history stopped having meaning. My anger at her, any notion of betrayal stopped mattering there. She was in danger, like everyone else. I helped people in danger. I was more used to doing it from a distance and the other times I had been in the thick of it, I'd had more time to plan, more time to think. I had been thrown into the deep end.

But it didn't change anything. Though my legs were close to knocking, though I felt ready to collapse, though I had no idea what was there, I didn't give up. It wasn't who I was. I looked to Emma and Dani. "You two," I said. "This thing can just appear anywhere. It's like some cheap horror movie monster. Nowhere in the house is safe. We can't go outside."

"Stick…together," Emma managed. She had a hand to her throat still. "Get everyone. Find…where it is. Clues. You can do it." She added. She managed a smile, showing red-stained teeth. "Believe in you…"

Something shifted in the darkness around us, through the hallways. I could see it then, a single bloodshot eye peering at me through the shadows of the hallway. The shape was only vaguely human now, bending at unnatural angles with only the dimmest outlines. Even for the cover of darkness, that should not have been possible for its form to be obscured so much. The eye stared at me even so, baleful and hungry, winking then before it faded.

"We have to go upstairs," I said.

"Up…" I head Alicia. Nour was breathing heavily, Cathy's eyes wide.

"I just…wanted a weekend away…Erin, why does it want you? Why's it after you?"

"I don't know," I said. Was there a reason? Could there be any reason? I had so many unanswered questions: what 'it' was, what it wanted, how it was doing this. Did it even want anything but fear and pain?

I could see Emma and Dani wounded, Dani giving me a determined glare. "Go," she said as she pulled herself up with Emma. "All of you. We'll protect who we can."

I heard my phone, the message from Hardestadt. It simply read: 'CAN'T SAVE EVERYONE?' I gritted my teeth as it typed out.

'NO.' And then. 'CAN'T SAVE ANYONE.'

Fuck you and your juvenile sense of fucking humor. Whatever you are. I had still loved horror movies even when my life seemed like one sometimes. But this wasn't a movie, and these weren't props or stereotypes to be murdered for the amusement of some faceless horrors. They were living people with their lives and stories. I had my story as well and I would not allow this to end them.

"Upstairs. Get everyone," I said.

'TOO LATE,' my phone warned. On some impulse I typed back.

'What do you want?'