She turned to him, looking into his dazzling, green eyes. She remembered the first time she'd seen them, shining at her from across the room. The new kid, watching her nervously from his seat. It had been raining on that day, just as it did then.

When she saw him, she'd stopped breathing. She wasn't quite sure what it was about him, but she was frozen, gaze locked with his. From that moment, she'd never doubted that she loved him. Whether he loved her... that was a mystery.

And now, there she was, trying to get her words into a coherent sentence. A long moment of silence passed between them until she finally asked. "Do you think I'm pretty?"
"No" he answered, expression unreadable. His tone was quiet and solemn, but there was a edge to it that she couldn't describe. An... uncertainty. She could feel tears in forming in the corners of her eyes, not quite spilling over. "Do you want to be with me?" She asked, grasping at anything, hoping he say yes.
"No" he repeated, and she could tell he noticed her tears.

"Do you even like me?" She asked desperately.
"No" he said again, and this time she couldn't look at him to see if his expression had changed.

Then she asked something she knew she needed to know. "Would you cry if I walked away right now?"
"No" he said, losing the uncertainty.

She began to walk away, slow tears leaving steaks down her face. He grabbed her arm and she whipped around to face him, feeling completely humiliated.
"You're not pretty... You're beautiful," he said, tears filling his eyes as well, "I don't want to be with you forever... I need to be with you forever." She felt her heart flutter, a caged butterfly threatening to escape her chest. Was he really saying what she thought he was? "I don't like you... I love you."

He chuckled slightly manically, matching her desperate tone, "I wouldn't cry if you walked away... I'd die!"

She ran up to him and he wrapped his arms around her. "Please stay with me..." he whispered.

"I will."