So…The opening chapter is gonna be a bit different from the rest of the story, the first chapter is simply the Humanimal Children watching the video the rest of the story we'll be jumping back in time telling the story from the POV of Francis and the other Humanimal Hero who I'm keeping secret for the time being, and if you're thinking it is extremely inappropriate to show a man getting eaten alive to First Graders, I'm just remembering how I felt in my Special Ed Classes where they showed us some PSA Safety Video that traumatized me.

After five thousand years since the Earthlings first landed on Mizzer, the Humanimals were ever so slowly, bit by bit beginning to loosen up and simply stop caring about the fact they would never be perfectly human, first it began with the insects and other invertebrates, then the fishes and other water peoples, slowly but surely it happened to the bird communities and the reptile and amphibian communities, then the tropical mammals and woodland mammals, when Marzipan was born it was just beginning to stir in the hearts of the domestic mammals; the barnyard mammals and the domestic cats and dogs.

Recently in schools in every Humanimal district as Mizzer had five thousand years of history to teach, Humanimal teachers of every district were beginning to teach the cubs of what they recognized as Mizzer's first Humanimal Hero during a pivotal time in Mizzer's development …

Let us follow Marzipan during this pivotal moment in first grade. It is February it is raining and not snowing because in Marzipan's hometown of Bluebell the climate is very similar to Southern California, close enough to planet's equator . There is never any snow. Marzipan's Mom Esmeralda has packed Marzipan her usual lunch, a tuna sandwich and a thermos of milk. (Marzipan is a very picky eater, even for a cat) Marzipan grabs her backpack, her lunchbox and her umbrella and her Mom drops her off at school, Marzipan makes her way to her Special Ed class, as she's hanging up her umbrella, the teacher, Ms. Nightclaw, a Black Moggy Cat Humanimal, announces it is time for a very important lesson on the history of Mizzer, time to learn about a Humanimal who was a hero, time…To watch a video.

The Kittens of the Special Ed class are always down for watching TV especially over doing math worksheets or getting 'hooked on phonics' Ms. Nightclaw turned off the lights, placed the VHS tape in the VCR and thus began the video opening with footage from five thousand years ago. (That's the nice thing about founding your civilization with 21st Century Level technology by contrast during the 21st Century, five thousand years before that we were just beginning the Neolithic Revolution)

The Narrator said "One hundred years after first landing on Mizzer we came across one of the native life forms on Mizzer, a gigantic carnivorous plant, one hundred feet tall and most terrifying of all was capable of moving and thinking…"

The first shot of the creature is the giant plant attacking the ancient old city of the Humanimals at night! The only illumination is from the police helicopters, so the footage is blurry and jerky…As three Venus flytrap-like maws swing in and out of the darkness and take bites out of the nearby skyscrapers. There are various gasps and squeals from the kittens, the girls feel pure fear, the boys feel a mixture of fear and exhilaration to see such a monster!

"Later…" Said the Narrator "…Some explorers returned from their Explorations Eastward bringing tales of what happened to their team mates when exploring the Great Plains, the footage you're about to see is the live recorded death of Cat-Man explorer Nathanial Dewclaw.

The Footage was from a rocky ledge above a plain with tall grass near a sparse woodland where the carnivorous plant is cleverly disguising itself among the harmless trees, below is a brown-furred Cat-Man cutting through the grass with his own claws, never realizing the danger he is walking towards!

"Does he see it?" Asks a female voice

"No." Says an Australian accented male voice "He doesn't see it at all! He's headed straight for it!"

The Carnivorous Plant has three 'Maws' or 'mouths' one on its center stalk and one of either end of two branches giving it the appearance of having 'heads for hands' it is one of these 'hand mouths' that strikes grabbing the poor Cat-Man and tossing him in the air to be caught in a waiting maw! It all happens amazingly fast! When he's grabbed all the cameraman can say is "Oh shit!" (With the 'shit' bleeped out of course) and as the Cat-Man is tossed in the air and lands in the giant maw all the watching man and woman can do is scream in horror! The camera is dropped, the kittens watching are dead silent , this is a fellow Cat-Humanimal they're watching get eaten! It could have been them!

"Things were pretty grim." Says the narrator "These plants…Named the Biollante after a Japanese movie monster who was also a carnivorous plant…Were insanely fast and strong and insanely hostile, our scientists theorized the Plants saw us as invaders to their territory and were determined to expel the invaders, like most any plants they could be destroyed by fire however it is not easy to take aim on a giant that can either run away fast as the wind or can smash the tanks and helicopters before they can deal a blow. But then one Humanimal, a Pig-Man named Francis Bacon led the way in developing the tactics to defeat them. "

The video showed a fancily dressed Pig-Man feeding a long necked sapsucker, one of the native animals that at first glance seems like a long necked dinosaur, particularly shaped like a Brachiosaurus, but has smooth gray skin instead of scales and has a long thin snout like an anteater, its natural diet is sipping the sugary sap out of Mizzer's giant trees. Francis seems to have tamed one of the gargantuan beasts by feeding it a lump of sugar…

If you're wondering, 'If they were founded in the 21st century why do they still have VHS tapes? That is part of the joke Mizzer is meant to an anachronism a planetary time capsule of 80s and 90s culture that will be able to remember things about the late 20th century after the rest of the Earthling empire has forgotten them