OK now I'm gonna do the time-skip Francis and Alison are now 12 years old before we get to Francis and Alison a brief interlude with Mez the Dhole

Meanwhile at the same time Francis had been talking with Solerous and having his dream of the Black Cat- Man in Heaven Eugene the son of the Head Scientist asked his Dad "Why did we come to Mizzer?"

And his Dad answered "We have come to live a life of peace, friendship and scientific exploration! We have come here because everywhere else Humanimals are enslaved but don't you dare tell them that…If the Humanimals knew they would want to liberate their poor enslaved brethren but we have an agreement with all the other Human-Colonized Worlds they'll leave us alone if we leave them alone."

"The Humanimals don't seem very peaceful." Said Eugene

"What?!" His Dad said thinking his Son was saying the Humanimals were at war

"I mean they don't seem to be getting along in friendship." Eugene said "They all segregate themselves into different districts and even Humanimals in the same district don't seem to interact with Humanimals of different species."

"They're just shy is all." His Dad said "This is all still so new to them; they'll come around soon enough." But after what he had just heard he was beginning to feel a tingle of a doubt.

"Well I tried." Eugene said to his Dhole-Girl friend Mez sometime later as they were both fishing in a stream between the Human and Humanimal communities, "Dad said we came to Mizzer to live a life of peace and friendship but he wouldn't tell me anymore than that."

(He didn't dare tell Mez about what his Dad said about the Humanimals being enslaved because he feared what his Dad said was true)

"He thinks you Humanimals are just shy." Eugene continued "He doesn't understand the true nature of the problem."

"We don't understand it either." Mez said "For some reason we're all terrified of all the other species but nobody seems to know why…"

The Human Boy and the Dhole-Girl sighed deeply

"We still can't conquer our violent urges…" Mez said

"Hmm?" Eugene raised an eyebrow

"I mean what we're doing right now." Mez said "We're trying to catch a trout, a fellow living creature to kill and eat."

"The trout is a normal a trout!" Eugene said "Not a Humanimal!"

"But we all know it could become a Humanimal!" Mez said "The Humanimal Trout who live in the lake were made from normal trout!"

"Yeah you're right." Eugene sighed "As much as it pains me to think about snuffing out a life, I can't go vegetarian, I get too hungry without meat…"

"You are practically skin and bones…" Mez giggled

"I still keep thinking about what a sight I was when you first met me in the underground shelter…" Eugene said "…Not only was I covered in acne, I had pink eye! Oh the shame of it!"

"Yeah…" Mez said "…We still have those illnesses despite the earlier scientific literature hoped to eradicate all illness."

"Maybe we're not meant to achieve perfection."Eugene said "If we did and we never had to struggle for anything we'd become soft and weak so when danger finally appeared we wouldn't be able to do anything about it…"

Than the Human and the Dhole simply stared into the sky, with the last thumbnail of sunlight going behind the mountains and the beauty of the cosmos overhead the two creatures took a moment to muse about their place in the universe as living creatures.

Several years later when Francis and Alison were both twelve years old Francis was old enough to visit Alison on his own without needing to tell his parents where he was going, Alison's parents invited the two of them to the Human Side of town for the 'Medieval Nights attraction where you were served supper and watched Humans ride ordinary horses and joust like in Medieval Times.

"That Blue Knight sure is good!" Alison said

"He sure is…" Francis said before adding "…Milady!" in an exaggerated British accent

Alison laughed "You know I like jousting so much I wish I could marry it…"

And then Francis felt a bunch of shocking signals throughout his body! He grunted and squealed a few moments before landing face first in his chocolate mousse!

The next thing he knew he back in the back of Alison's parents' car

"Sorry we didn't help you out earlier…" Alison said "…We thought you were just trying to be funny…"

"I don't know what happened to me back there…" Francis groaned "…I just had these horrible visions of the Biollante…"

DUN DUN DUN! The Medieval Times scene was inspired by classic 90s cartoon Freakazoid!