Well Happy Earth Day everybody! Wanted to come up with something unique for Earth Day but couldn't think of anything other than the stories that were already in progress, and most of them do touch on environmental issues mostly the 'Be Kind to Your Fellow Creatures' moral this story is unique though as it is actually pretty subversive as the invasive Colonizers wipe out a Native Species but as we shall soon learn the Biollante are actually attempting to destroy the Biodiversity of their planet out a misguided feeling of protecting themselves so ironically the 'Invasive Species' are doing the Planet a favor by wiping out an insane and insanely powerful species.

As unlikely as it seemed, the Dhole-Girl did as she was bid and told her boyfriend's father what to do, letters were sent to both Alison's and Francis' parents telling them that their test scores had shown they were geniuses and that they were being transferred to a school for gifted children.

Of course Alison told her parents what was actually happening and as they said their good byes, there was fear and apprehension but Alison's parents knew their Kitten was a Mage, realizing this was probably the only hope for Planet Mizzer.

For Francis meanwhile, well, his situation was totally different, he didn't exactly hate his parents but he couldn't wait to get away from the Fuddy-Duddies who were as fun as wet sacks of flour...As the young Pig-Boy began to pack his things for the trip, he spied the chest of drawers that he had found in the caves underneath his house and realizing he had never tried on any of the other clothes.

He opened one drawer and pulled out a Sorcerer's Gown like the kind you would see Merlin wear in books and movies, it was dark blue with silver stars and crescent moons all over.

'Unfortunately Francis...' Came Solerous' voice 'Only the specific underpants have been enchanted to change size and shape and even form a hole for your curly tail to fit through, the rest of my clothes won't fit your porcine proportions as I was rather thin when I was alive...No you'll have to get new Sorcerer clothes tailor made for you.'

Francis sighed but realized this was a golden opportunity, he went over to his mirror and examined his reflection.

"Maybe I'll get something in a nice purple color..." Francis said "...Compliments my pink complexion..."

'Well Francis...' Solerous said '...You certainly know what you like! That's what I like about you, you're decisive!'

In his internal thoughts which Francis couldn't hear, Solerous was thinking to himself about his Porcine Apprentice, having never had children during his long life the Sorcerer was beginning to think of the Pig-Boy not just as his apprentice but as his son.

Soon enough Francis had his things packed and a limousine came to take him and Alison up into the hills where the first observatory and the HQ where Mizzer's lead scientists were trying to figure out a Plan to deal with the Biollante was, Francis and Alison didn't tell the Scientists they were Mages but they said they desperately wanted to train to figure out how to deal with the Biollante situation, they wanted to study the Biollante for any weaknesses, the Scientists seeing they didn't have much to lose, agreed.

Over the next few years, Francis and Alison physically trained to be able to survive in the wild wilderness and they learned all they could from the research that had been made about Mizzer.

Alison grew from a Kitten to a Slim an Pretty Queen Cat, and Francis grew from a Piglet to a very Muscular Boar, from all the training he had done he was like a Pig Bodybuilder!

During that time Francis had been studying the Long Necked Sapsuckers, those gray scaly giants, like the giant Sauropods of Prehistoric Earth but they had long thin snouts like anteaters as their only food was the sugary sap of Mizzer's giant trees.

Such beasts could be the perfect Mounts for all but the largest species of Humanimals! Francis could see they were fast as the wind when they got going, so riding one of those Pseudo-Dinosaurs could be the only means to escaping a rampaging Biollante!

So little by little Francis got close to the Sapsuckers, gaining their trust by feeding them sugar cubes, eventually one of them, a docile male would let Francis ride on his back, after that Francis taught the Sapsucker to accept wearing a saddle and a bridle...All the Scientists were amazed at what Francis had accomplished! Francis then announced at 16 years old he was going to ride his mount out to the Eastern Prairies to try to spy on the Biollante, hopefully he would be back within three days but if he wasn't...Don't try to search for him...

OK I think that's enough for this chapter, next chapter is where things will heat up and then get...Psychedelic