So here we're no longer in the POV of the First Grade Kittens and have flashbacked to Francis' time and here a reveal the species of the other hero

Who was Francis Bacon? Well to answer that question we have to travel back in time roughly one hundred years (More or less) after the Earthlings landed on Mizzer and shortly after The Black Cat died and the Day of Reckoning. Francis had been one of the many Humanimal Babies during the Day of Reckoning whose cry alerted the Humans that something was up with the Humanimals, however since he had only been an infant he had no memory of the Day of Reckoning and no one who did remember would tell him, so like many members of his generation, Francis was left confused about why the older Humanimals were so somber and why the teachers would give long berating lectures about how they would never be human and thus never be perfect until the students cried!

During the first five years of his life, Francis lived in an apartment in the Livestock District of the rapidly decaying ancient City of the Humanimals. After the Day of Reckoning it became clear to most of the Humanimals that their city was no longer fit to live in, so they began moving out in droves, creating smaller suburban towns named after various plants. However the construction of these new towns meant that once again Humanimals would have to mix with Humanimals of different districts, at least temporarily and for certain Humanimals like Mr. and Mrs. Bacon the thought of having to mix with different kinds of Humanimals was so horrifying to them that they would rather stay in the dying city rather than risk showing themselves to the other Humanimals. They had been children when The Black Cat decided to segregate the various kinds of Humanimals, because the different kind of Humanimals had been taunting each other over their various differences, claiming they would never become Human with those differences, these taunts quickly escalated into full on brawls, and thus The Black Cat had to segregate the Humanimals into districts based on their similarities, with the Domestic Cats and Dogs both being so numerous they both got districts solely for their own species.

Francis Bacon was reading a fairy tale book under his covers when the attack happened! There was the blare of the emergency sirens! Francis squealed having never heard that sound before! His Mom, Mrs. Bacon charged into his room, (Mr. Bacon was working late again) She grabbed her son, tucked him under one arm and began to race out of the apartment along with all the other Humanimals, it was a bona fide stampede!

"Mom!" Francis squealed "What's happening?!"

"There's no time to explain!" Mrs. Bacon squealed herself as she began racing down the stairs with all the other Humanimals, it was a miracle no one was killed in the stampede! As all the Humanimals left the apartment complex they finally saw what was the emergency and most of them screamed in horror! Some thirty feet away was a giant Venus flytrap-like plant with three giant maws taking bites out of the various buildings! Humans flying helicopters flew around the giant plant but it was clear they could do little more than distract it, bullets had no effect on giant vegetables! More Humans came and escorted the Humanimals to an emergency center in the human town.

This was horribly awkward for the adult Humanimals, not only having to mingle with other species of Humanimals but to be seen by the Humans! The children were more concerned about the giant plant monster even when the Humans brought out toys and snacks for the various Humanimal children.

Being a Pig Francis did finally crave a snack he reached for a cup of milk and someone else reached for the same cup of milk, a hand furrier than his, Francis saw a beautiful orange tabby cat-girl about his age.

I know what most of you are thinking and no they are not gonna become a couple, they will only ever be platonic friends, at this time Humanimals are incapable of breeding with Humanimals of different species.