Gaia is driving just outside of town, heading for the address that Ryan had given her yesterday. She has a big smile on her face, eager to spend some time with him. Granted it is for some testing to get some information on what is happening to her, but it is still time that she gets to spend with him regardless.

She is feeling pretty good about herself right now, wearing some new clothes that she had bought yesterday so that she has something that will fight her now average height. After some trial and error, along with some measuring, she figured out that she needs to have her belt set to eighty-eight percent so she can be two inches shorter than Ryan.

The clothes she is wearing are simple, just a light blue blouse and a tan pair of slacks. She starts to smile a bit, remembering how she could shop in the women's section of a store for once, and not the big and tall section. She is wearing a pair of flip-flops, something else that she can't help but smile about purchasing. She would normally have to buy her shoes in men's sizes. But her current footwear came from the women's section. Granted, the size she needs is a bit large for someone her height, but she couldn't care less about that.

Gaia's GPS is informing her to make one last turn onto a dirt road that us coming up on her right. She can't wait to meet up with Ryan again as she makes her turn. The road she has just turned onto is a bit on the long side, but she can see her destination soon enough. The building that she sees is a bit on the small side and plain looking. She will admit that she was expecting something a bit more impressive.

As she pulls up to the small building, she notices that two vehicles are already parked there. A light blue SUV, which is similar to hers, and a red sports car. Which can mean that Ryan isn't the only one here. She will admit that she was hoping to be alone with him, but the time spent with him is all that matters to her at the moment.

Parking her vehicle, Gaia steps out and looks at the building. She takes a deep breath, taking a moment to compose herself before she heads for the entrance.

"Hello?" Gaia says as she steps inside. She can see that the interior is just as small as she expected, though it seems to look a bit smaller because of how cluttered it is. There are several tables in the room, most of which have multiple tools and apparatuses piled on top of them. Making her wonder how anyone can get any work done here. Hearing a door open from across the room, Gaia quickly looks towards it. "Ryan?"

She is disappointed when she sees a woman entering the room. She is a bit taller than her current height right now and is dressed for her job. A white shirt with black slacks along with a typical-looking lab coat. Her long brown hair looks to be an absolute mess as if she had just woken up from a long nap. Her face seems to be somewhat familiar, but she just can't seem to place it where she has seen this woman before.

"Oh!" the woman exclaims. She sounds British, just like Ryan, but hers is a lot more prominent. "You must be Gaia." She quickly approaches her, almost as if she is excited to meet her. "Ryan 'as told me all about you and how you came into contact with the substance."

"Uh... Yeah I did," Gaia answers feeling a bit uneasy. This woman is uncomfortably close to her, almost right in her face. It's as is she knows nothing about personal space.

"There it is," the woman says as she kneels, looking right at the regulator belt. "I never thought I would see this in use so soon. This is just so amazing." She then reaches for the dial, rotating it, causing the numbers to go up.

"Wait! Stop!" Gaia exclaims, reaching for the woman's hands, but it is too late. She can already feel vertigo, a sure sign that her body has already begun its expansion. The woman takes a step back, a look of excitement on her face as Gaia is steadily getting bigger, her clothes getting tighter on her body.

When vertigo fades, Gaia is easily over seven feet tall now and looking down at this woman. She is at a complete loss of words as to how this woman just came in and adjusted her size as if it were proper to do so.

"It works!" she says excitedly. "I knew it would work, obviously, but to see it in action is just so satisfyin'." She starts to approach Gaia again, her hand outstretched as she is already reaching for the overgrown woman's accessory, "Let's see how it functions in reverse, shall we?"

"That's enough Janet," Ryan says as he comes out of the back room. Janet stops as she looks back at him, looking very disappointed. "The belt is Gaia's now, and I don't think she appreciates you adjusting it like it is some kind of toy."

"Oh come on," Janet begs. "Not even a reduction by about fifty percent?"

"No!" Gaia answers quickly, covering the belt's dial with her hands.

"You heard her," Ryan says. "You will see the belt's functions soon enough, okay?"

Gaia watches as Ryan is walking towards her. She can't help but feel a bit embarrassed. She was hoping that she would be a bit shorter than him when she met up with him. Instead, she is at least two feet taller than him with her clothes too small for her and clinging to her body. Not to mention her footwear is undersized, her toes and heels hanging over the edges. All she can do right now is smile at him, even if it is in a bit of a nervous manner, as he looks up at her.

"You'll have to excuse my sister, Janet," Ryan apologizes.

"Sister?" Gaia repeats. Now it makes sense why Janet looked so familiar to her, she is Ryan's sister. The two do look a bit similar now that she can see both of them together.

"Twin, fraternal sister to be precise," Janet adds in.

"Right," Ryan replies. "She is just a bit excited because she designed the prototype that you are currently wearing, and she is just eager to see how it functions."

"I also created the compound that you came into contact with," Janet adds in.

"Wait, if you made the stuff, why can't you make more?" Gaia asks sounding very confused.

"Well, created may be a bit of a poor word choice. It's closer to a discovery if you want to get more specific. As to why there isn't more, I can't recreate the conditions to do so. It was a complete accident, to be honest, the byproduct of a failed experiment. There are just so many variables to take into account on its discovery, that the odds of remakin' it are astronomically low. Let me put it like this. I would have better odds of winnin' the lottery twice while being struck by lightnin' durin' a snowstorm."

"You can see why I asked you to help us with the testing now," Ryan adds.

"Yeah," Gaia agrees. "So what am I going to be doing today?"

"We are going to keep it simple for now. All you are going to do is set the belt to it's maximum and minimum sizes."

"Wait, what!?" Gaia asks. Her face turns beet red at the very thought of her wardrobe situation with her being at such sizes. "I mean, I don't have anything to wear at such sizes. Sure, when I shrink down, I suppose I could cover up in my clothes, maybe. But to be at my max height? I have no way of keeping myself decent."

"Calm down," Ryan says, reassuring the frantic woman. "You will be decent for this. We do 'ave a set of clothes for you that will expand and contract with you as you are changing size."

"Like the belt does, right?"

"Exactly." Ryan points to the room that he had come out of, "It's in there. Go ahead and put it on. Though you might want to be your normal 'eight when you do, that way it fits you properly when you put it on."

"Right, of course." Gaia rotates the dial on her belt, reverting to her natural height of six foot one. She stumbles slightly as the veritgo causes her to lose her balance a bit. Her clothes are still a bit tight on her, but due to being stretched out, they aren't as tight on her as they should be.

Gaia heads into the room that Ryan pointed to, closing the door behind her. After all, if she is going to change out of her clothes, she doesn't want anyone to see her doing so. She looks around the room, trying to find the clothes that Ryan was referring to. It takes her a moment, but she does find them laying on a countertop.

"Is this really it?" she asks herself. They look like a black tube top and a pair of bike shorts. Is this what Ryan expects her to wear? She turns the material over in her hands, even tugging at it to see just if there is any more to it than what she sees. "I guess I have no choice," she says as she starts to undress.

After getting changed, Gaia steps out of the room. "Is this how it is supposed to fit? I feel a bit exposed here as if I am just in my underwear." The clothes she is wearing are skin tight on her, the top being enough to cover her breasts while the shorts barely come halfway down her thighs. She feels a bit exposed due to how this outfit fits on her.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Ryan apologizes. "That is all the material we had to work with when those clothes were made. The material is a bit difficult to produce and just as costly. Give me some time and we will have something for you that gives you better coverage, okay?"

"That's fine," Gaia says, putting on a smile on her face. "Any chance a pair of shoes can be made as well? I don't want to have to go barefoot either." She wiggles her toes as she says this, helping to emphasize her point.

"That is being looked into," Ryan explains. "The material only reacts when it is making contact with your skin. Shoes, to fit properly and comfortably, tend to be too loose for this."

"What about socks, or even tights?"

"Working on that," Janet answers. "The material is prone to gettin' holes in it and tearin' We just need to find a way to have the material thick enough for the soles."

Gaia sighs, looking down at her bare feet as she says to herself, "So I will just have to deal with being barefoot for now then."

"You ready to test out the regulator belt's full capabilities?" Ryan asks. There is a slight hint of excitement in his voice as he says this. He will admit, he is eager to see how both Gaia and the belt handle the drastic changes in size she is about to go through. He has seen her both grow and shrink before, with her only complaining about accompanying vertigo as she changes size.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Gaia takes a deep breath, mentally prepping herself. She reaches for the dial and starts to rotate it to her right, the numbers on her belt going down as a result.

"Gaia, hold on a minute," Ryan says hastily. He watches as Gaia stops, her body only shrinking until she is about the same height as him.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"Uh no. It's just that shrinking down to under an inch tall may not be the best idea while standing on the floor. With you being that small, who knows what hazards could occur."

"Like being stepped on," Janet clarifies.

"Yeah, that would be pretty bad, wouldn't it?" That is one thing that Gaia did not anticipate, the dangers that could be associated with being so small. An object that she normally would not think twice about could be dangerous to her at such a small scale.

"Here," Ryan suggests while patting the surface of one of the tables, "Sit up here while you shrink. That way you can be a bit easier to keep an eye on.

Gaia hops up on the table, scooting back as far as she can while allowing her legs to hang over the edge still. She reaches for the dial once again, looking down at it as she readies herself to spin it. Being one percent of her natural height is going to be such an odd experience for her.

Gaia rotates the dial, again. She is watching as the lighted numbers start to go down until only a single digit is lit up, one. She can feel vertigo overtaking her again, swaying a bit from how dizzy she feels. The world around her is getting larger by the second as she is steadily shrinking. What she is wearing is shrinking along with her, something that she is relieved about.

She starts to feel a bit sick, nauseated from how long the vertigo is lasting. She hopes that she will get used to this sensation at some point, otherwise it will get annoying. When she stops shrinking, she can't help but look around at her surroundings with a sense of awe. She stands up and looks at the items on the table that she is now standing on, with everything that is on it easily being bigger than she is. The table itself seems to be the size of a football field to her.

She starts to walk towards the center of it, this new perspective feeling quite surreal to her. No one has ever been this small before, and she highly doubts that anyone else ever will be. This experience is looking to be a unique one for her. She is pulled back to reality when she hits her foot on something and trips over it, falling face first.

Rolling over and sitting up, she sees that what she tripped over is a paper clip. She knows that it is only an average paper clip, but to her, it looks huge. She lifts it as she stands back up, now seeing that the piece of office supplies is bigger than her. "Wow," she mouths as her eyes travel up and down it.

"Gaia, 'ow do you feel?" Ryan asks as he crouches by the table. Gaia turns towards Ryan, dropping the paper clip at the sight of him. He is huge compared to her now. She still has to look up at him, despite his crouched position by the table. "You feeling okay?"

"Yeah," she answers as she gives him a thumbs up. She isn't quite sure how well he can hear her, so she figures that she should be making gestures as she answers him.

"You breathing okay? Any pain or other lasting effects?"

Gaia shakes her head as she approaches the edge of the table. "I feel fine, actually. No pain, no other side effects that I am aware of."

"That is good," Ryan says with a smile.

Gaia smiles back at him, hoping that he can actually make it out. She is so tiny compared to him now, she does wonder how well he can see her. "Ahhh!" she exclaims, jumping out of the way as a massive ruler is slammed next to her. Her heart is racing, seeing how close it came to hitting her.

"Damn it, Janet. You need to be careful," Ryan lectures his sister. "You could have hurt her."

"You could have crushed me!" Gaia yells while stomping her foot on the table's metallic surface.

"Sorry," Janet apologizes to a very annoyed Gaia. "I am just so curious about how small you are right now."

"Well, a heads up would have been nice," Gaia responds in an annoyed tone.

"She should be just under three-quarters of an inch tall now," Ryan informs her.

"Yes, should be." Janet looks at Gaia, putting on a friendly smile, "Could you stand next to the ruler, please?"

"Uh, sure." To be honest, she is curious herself to find out if she really is as small as Ryan said she would be, so she is more than willing to allow Janet to measure her. Standing next to the upright ruler, she can easily tell that the one-inch mark is above her head by about two feet. Or what would be two feet if she was still over six feet tall.

"Just under three-quarters of an inch," Janet says reading the measurement off.

"Wow, so that means you are naturally over six feet tall then."

"So Ryan," Gaia says, ignoring Janet as she starts to walk towards him. "How long do you need me to stay this small?"

"You can grow back now if you wish."

"Good because of I..." She doesn't finish her sentence, she is so busy looking up at Ryan that she fails to see where the table ends. She finds herself plummeting to the floor, a drop that she knows that she will not survive. All she can think about is how she never told Ryan how she feels about him as the linoleum tiled floor is approaching her.

Gaia shuts her eyes, not wanting to see the impact coming. Despite that, she braces herself for the eventuality that is coming, the pain of her bones being broken when she hits the hard floor. She cringes just moments before she believes the floor is just mere inches away, well what is considered inches for her anyway. She starts screaming the moment she lands.

She screams out of pain for a moment, until she realizes that she is not in pain. In fact, she notices that the floor does feel soft, well soft for a floor anyway. Not to mention it feels warm. When she was walking around earlier, the floor felt cold and hard beneath her bare feet, like a floor should feel like. She slowly opens her eyes, shocked by what she discovers.

She is laying on what looks to be a floor of flesh. She can't understand it, the floor didn't look like this earlier. She begins to wonder what she is on until she remembers that she is just under three-quarters of an inch tall. She turns her head, looking up to see Ryan's relieved face up above her. He must have caught her which can only mean that she must be on his palm.

Ryan lifts Gaia close to his face, keeping his movement slow so that Gaia does not fall or stumble again. "Are you okay?"

Gaia holds her thumb up, her hand shaking from the fright of her very recent near-death experience. "Just a little shaken up, but good otherwise." She slowly stands up, the sensation of flesh beneath her bare feet feeling a bit unnatural to her. If she had to compare it to something, she would say that it is kind of like standing on a firm mattress.

She looks around at the hand she is standing on, fully taking in her current situation. She is actually standing on someone's hand, which looks pretty large from her perspective. She doubts that she could even wrap her arms around any of his fingers due to how small she is in comparison.

"Gaia," Ryan says, pulling the tiny woman out of her thoughts. "I think you should return to your normal size now. I think we've all had enough scares for one day, don't you agree?"

Gaia nods, agreeing, "Yeah." As she is being lowered back down to the table she can't help but smile. Ryan was worried about her? Not only that, but he had also just saved her life. As she steps off of his palm and back onto the table, she looks back up at him once again, smiling at him.

"That was too close though," Janet comments.

Gaia stumbles back before she falls back, the sight of a large woman's face suddenly appearing right behind her being something that she is not quite expecting. "Damn it, Janet!" She feels embarrassed about falling not just once, but twice, especially in front of Ryan.

"Do you think that you could stay that small just a little bit longer?" Janet asks. "I mean there are just so many possibilities, not to mention I would love to know how your body is handling this.

"Janet," Ryan says, pulling the excited woman away from the table. "I think Gaia has been through enough at that size for one day."

Gaia watches as the two siblings go back and forth in what looks to be a mild argument. Being an only child, she never really had anyone to argue with growing up, which she guesses that she is fortunate in that respect. She takes her hand to her belt and starts to rotate the dial, only stopping when the display reads eighty-seven percent. She can already feel a sense of vertigo wash over her again, meaning that she is already starting to change size once again.

Everything around her is starting to shrink, or more accurately she is returning to normal size. She knows that the world around her isn't changing, but rather that it is she who is changing. She soon finds that everything on the table is at least half her height now and still dwindling in size. The vertigo is starting to get to her, causing her to feel sick to her stomach. She leans forward and takes a step forward to keep her balance. Unfortunately, the table is not as big as she had thought and her one foot steps over the edge.

The two siblings stop their little argument when they hear something hit the floor. They both look back to see the child-sized woman, who is still growing, face down on the floor. Ryan looks down at Gaia "Are you..."

"I'm okay," Gaia answers, slowly getting up. She is keeping her face hidden to hide the fact of just how red it is. The embarrassed woman slowly gets to her feet, doing her best to keep her balance as she stands straight up. Looking at Ryan she sees that she is only chest level with him and still rising. By the time her vertigo passes, she is eye level with his nose.

"Are you up for testing the other end of the belt's capabilities, or do you need a couple of moments to recuperate?" Ryan asks.

"I'm good, ready whenever you are," Gaia responds. "Though, I doubt that I will fit inside here if I move the dial all the way to its maximum setting"

"That would be very interesting to see," Janet comments with her eyes showing quite an interest in the possible outcome.

"No!" Ryan says firmly. "You have done enough damage to enough labs. Honestly, after the last mishap, I am half tempted to pull your funding for your little projects."

"It wasn't my fault," Janet argues. "I made one small miscalculation on the output because I forgot to carry the one when I double-checked my work, and you want to 'old it against me?"

"I'm counting it as your seventh mistake. You forget that your lab is so far out now because of those simple mistakes you make. I seem to recall that you almost set an entire building on fire about a year ago."

"At least I put the fires out," Janet responds.

"You made them worse! You, of all people, should have known that the chemicals that you were using do not react well to fire extinguishers."

"Uh, excuse me," Gaia interrupts, feeling awkward about being present while watching the two argue. "What about my testing?"

"Oh, right. Of course," Ryan says, remembering that he is in the middle of testing out Gaia's new ability. "Why don't we step outside for this one?"

The three of them head outside and around the back of the building. The area is large and open, making it a good place for Gaia to try out her belt at the maximum setting. "Are you sure about this?" Gaia asks, feeling a bit exposed in such a wide, open area.

"Don't you worry," Janet says, "There ain't no one around for miles. You'd be amazed at some of the testin' that I can get away with out here."

"One of the reasons why her lab is out so far, practically in the middle of nowhere," Ryan adds in. "Whenever you're ready, Gaia."

Gaia walks out to the middle of the field, placing her hand on the belt's dial. Taking a deep breath, she tries to mentally prepare herself for what she is about to do. She never thought that she would ever grow intentionally, much less to her maximum size. If being under an inch tall was a unique experience, she can only imagine that being over sixty feet tall will be just as unique. Without any further hesitation, she starts to rotate the dial.

After spinning the dial several times, the numbers now read one thousand on it. She takes a deep breath, doing her best to fight the wave of vertigo that she is feeling as her entire body is starting to expand. She starts to look downward, keeping her eyes on both Ryan and Janet as they seem to be dwindling with everything else. She is doing her best to keep her balance, not wanting to fall over at such a size, imagining the damage that she could do in the process. She is already twice the height of Janet's lab and still increasing in size.

She leans forward, feeling like she is about to throw up because of how long the vertigo is lasting. She takes a step back, doing her best to remain standing. She closes her eyes just when she thinks that she is about to get sick, hoping for the best. Then her vertigo stops.

She opens her eyes, looking down at the ground. Both Ryan and Janet are staring at her with a sense of awe, and she can't blame them. She is easily the biggest person that they have ever seen, neither one of them coming up to half her shins. The two of them look like dolls to her from her perspective.

"Gaia!" Ryan shouts up to the impossibly large woman, "How do you feel?"

"Huge," Gaia answers, feeling a bit silly giving such an answer. But it is the only thing that she can think of to accurately describe what she is currently experiencing.

"Any pain, weakness, lightheadedness?" Ryan shouts up to her.

"No," Gaia answers as she shakes her head in response. She sits down on the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest. "Just like earlier, I feel fine."

"Good, good," Ryan says walking up to her. She looks absolutely huge to him. Even walking beside her foot, he is getting a real sense of scale of just how big she is. He feels so small compared to her, he can only imagine that this is how she must have felt in his hand earlier. "So, there seem to be no adverse effects on how your body can grow or shrink."

"Doesn't seem that way," Gaia agrees. Looking down at Ryan, she can't help but find his relatively small size to be adorable. The idea of picking him up and hugging him does cross her mind, but she ultimately decides against it. Just because she can do something doesn't mean that she should. "Do I need to stay this size for much longer, or can I shrink back down?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

Gaia starts to reach spin the dial on her belt yet again, watching the numbers go back down. "Good. Honestly, I think I am tall enough at my normal height. This is a bit of overkill in my opinion."

Gaia starts to shrink back down, watching as everything is starting to return to its proper size to her. When she is done shrinking back down, she stands up, looking up at Ryan with a bit of a smile on her face. Looking up at him, this is how it is supposed to be in her opinion.

Heading back inside, Gaia asks, "Is that all for today then?"

"Yeah," Ryan answers. "I think that you have been through enough today."

"No, there is one more thing," Janet says. She is rummaging through a drawer, apparently looking for something. She then holds up a needle and a syringe for both Gaia and Ryan to see. "A blood sample! I need to see how that compound is reactin' to your body."

Gaia stares at the needle, her gaze fixated on it. Her eyes widen in fear as she takes a step back. "No. No, no, no! I decline, I refuse. No drawing blood, no shots, no needles whatsoever."

"Oh come on," Janet responds in a tone that is more suited to a young child. "All I need is just an itty bitty little drop of blood. It'll only hurt for but a second."

"I don't like needles!" Gaia hides behind Ryan, which is only possible because she isn't at her full height. "I don't have to do any testing that I am uncomfortable with, right Ryan?"

"She has a point," Ryan confirms. "Everything is strictly voluntary, so she does have a right to refuse anything that she is not comfortable with."

"Oh, come on," Janet says in a sweet voice as she is approaching her brother, the syringe raised and ready. "It is for my research. I'll only take a little bit, I promise."

"No!" Gaia yells defiantly, "Keep that death tool away from me!"

When Janet circles around Ryan, she is a bit dumbfounded to see that Gaia is no longer behind him. "Huh? Where did she go?" She looks around quickly, spotting a dwindling woman running away from her. "Clever girl."

Gaia is running, not paying any attention to where she is going, so long as she gets away from Ryan's determined sister. She is having a hard time running straight, her vertigo that she is experiencing while she is still shrinking is throwing off her balance.

Janet begins to chase after the terrified woman, feeling as though she is chasing after a child. Though, with as small as Gaia is now, she might as well be. "You know, the smaller you get, the slower you are. I will catch you eventually." She reaches down to grab the small woman, her fingers just inches away. Gaia runs underneath a table, heading for the opposite side of the room, a path that Janet is unable to take as easily.

Being only several inches tall now, and still shrinking, Gaia is looking for a space to hide. Somewhere that Janet can't reach her. She manages to find a crevice, one that she can squeeze into, now that she is under an inch tall now.

"Now I gotcha!" Janet yells as she dives forward, her hands outstretched as she is ready to grab the tiny woman. She closes her fist, watching in disappointment as Gaia literally slips through her fingers and outside of her reach.

Gaia is finally able to stop and catch her breath, feeling quite safe in her hiding spot. Her legs are tired from all the running that she has done, feeling as though she had just run a marathon.

Janet is on her hands and knees, trying to find Gaia. "Come on Gaia. Please? Just let me draw some blood."

"Janet, that is enough," Ryan says firmly. "It's obvious that Gaia will not consent to this, so just drop it."

Janet huffs, stepping away from Gaia's hiding spot. "Fine," she says sounding very attitudinal. "She wins."

Gaia takes a step forward, having heard the conversation. "You can come out now," Ryan says, "She's giving up."

Gaia steps out, her hands on her belt so that she can return to a normal height. She freezes when she sees a shadow looming over her, a large hand coming out of nowhere. Janet is kneeling behind her, reaching out to grab her.

"Gotcha!" Janet exclaims as she scoops up the tiny woman. "Now you have no choice but to cooperate." She sounds pleased with herself as she says this, now having Gaia at an extreme disadvantage. "Now, let me take a blood sample and I will let you go, sound fair?"

"I said no needles!" Gaia shouts in protest. "No!"

Ryan sighs, shaking his head at his sister. "You really didn't think this through, did you?"

"Of course I did," Janet replies in a matter-of-fact tone. Her face soon changes when she can feel a building pressure coming from inside her hand, not to mention that it feels as though Gaia is getting heavier now.

Gaia is expanding in Janet's hand, effectively prying her fingers apart. It doesn't take long for her captor's grip to become loose enough for her to squirm her way free. Thankfully the drop to the floor isn't too far for her, so she doesn't feel anything. She quickly scrambles away leaning up against the wall, her size still increasing.

"Thought it through, huh?" Ryan asks with a smug look on his face.

Janet looks at her brother feeling rather annoyed. "Shut up, Mister Takes-Apart-a-Toaster-Just-to-See-Where-the-Bread-Goes-After-the-Toast-Pops-Up."

"Hey, I was three years old and curious at the time."

The two had another problem to worry about. Gaia is already too big to stand upright and still growing. Her body pushing anything out of the way just so she can have room. When she is done she is at least four times her natural size now. Forced to be sitting with her legs outstretched, leaning forward due to the cramped space she is in now.

"Ha!" Janet cries triumphantly. "Too big to hide now!" She rushes forward, jamming the needle into Gaia's leg.

Gaia winces, expecting to feel the associated pain of having her blood drawn. She starts to relax slightly when she realizes that she feels nothing. Looking over at Janet, she can see the woman's look of disbelief on her face.

Janet is holding the syringe up to her face, looking at the broken needle. "But... But..."

"You give up now?" Ryan asks. "That needle is too small to penetrate her skin at her current size."

Janet sighs, knowing that she has effectively been beaten. "Fine," she finally says, dropping the now useless syringe to the floor. "No blood sample." She starts to walk off, muttering to herself as she heads off into the next room."

"You okay?" Ryan asks.

"Yeah," Gaia answers, starting to calm down a bit. "I really, really don't like needles."

"I can tell."

"Is it okay if I stay this size a bit?" Gaia asks. She doesn't particularly like the idea of remaining her current size, "If I shrink back down now, I think I might actually throw up. All that size-changing and vertigo just does not sit with my stomach is all."

"Yeah, sure," Ryan answers, "Take as much time as you need.

"Hopefully not too long," Gaia responds with a nervous smile. "I am already thinking about lunch. I can't imagine how much I would need to eat just to fill my stomach.

"Just imagine how little you need to eat at three-quarters of an inch tall," Ryan adds.

Gaia thinks about that for a moment. She can picture herself sitting in front of a normal-sized meal, which could last her for days if she were to eat it at her minimum height. "I guess that would be something that I would have to try." She starts to reach for her belt, feeling a bit awkward doing so with the limited space that she has in the small building. Testing her full capabilities was a bit unique today, ,though she knows that she still has a lot to learn.