Chapter 2

He sped out of the room only to crash into Sophie, startling her as she screamed, thud creating a chain reaction as the whole gang jumped out of their skin. Immediately after their incident, Felix shushed the others, claiming to have seen something move not far from where they stood.

As Seth offered to check out the occurrence, his trusty stalker Cecelia clung onto his arm as she claimed to confidently help him out. As the two walked barely five feet ahead of their friends, Felix decided to grab Sophie and belt a sudden loud sound.

He managed to terrify his girlfriend and Luka, whilst startling the two brave adventurers. Jesse however, chuckled to the point where he almost lost balance.

"You're such a dick dude," Seth turned to the joker. "Was this just a prank prepared by you and Jesse then?"

"Oh no!" The hyena attempted to defend himself, just managing to calm down. "I had no hand in this, I just couldn't help but enjoy seeing our two 'heroes' jump outta their skin!"

"Sudden loud noises have been proven to affectively startle people, EVEN when they're not scared at all!" Cecelia retaliated. "That's why even low-budget horror movies can still get scares out of their audience!"

"Yeah!" Seth enforced, as at that moment he realised the two were still connected and shook from her palms. "Besides, smart people like me and Cecelia know not to get caught up in your silly stories of 'ghosts' and 'myths'."

"Yeah," his sidekick huffed. "Of course, there's no such things as ghosts!"

Then, as if set-up for a stage cue, as she made her exclamation, all lights in the school suddenly flashed on. As the surprise caught them all of guard, especially once all of them were accounted for and therefore impossible to have done so themselves, they realised something.

"All of these lights are gonna illuminate this school like a lighthouse!" Jesse stated. "Se-seriously now, Felix. I don't know how you did it, but you need to turn all of these lights off before we're caught."

"Wha-!" He choked on his own immediate reaction. "You know what guys, I'm good, but I'm not SO good that I can make all of the lights in the school turn on at once from THIS spot!"

"Whatever Felix, not cool man," Seth replied. "C'mon, we'll just have to turn all of the lights off one-by-one as quick as we can."

"Jeez, that's gonna take forever!" Cecelia replied.

"Then we'll split up-."

"To hell we will!" Sophie cried. "I don't wanna lose anyone in this place!"

"C'mon Seth," Jesse stepped forward, as he could see he was about to retaliate. "Don't you think she's terrified enough?"

"Fine. It just means it'll take us twice as long!" He complained. "Maybe next time, she should tell her boyfriend not to pull such a time-consuming prank."

"I told you, this wasn't me!"

After turning all of the lights off surrounding the music room, the group continued to go up the maths tower, seeing as that would be what would catch outsiders' eyes the quickest. Luckily, the school was surrounded by fields front and back, with a treeline going all around the edge, mostly hiding the ground level school, besides the maths and language tower.

As they ascended onto the language floor, they noticed that no classroom lights were left on, however each of the rooms all appeared to be locked. A shame Seth stated, as he had heard a rumour about their Spanish teacher keeping a sex toy in her desk drawer, and what better of a time to myth bust that claim.

As they neared the maths floor, everyone stopped in their tracks as a set of footsteps could be heard by half of the group. The apparent sound of two feet occupying the hallway ahead had the three ahead startled to say the least.

While Jesse, Sophie and Felix were the only students to hear the acclaimed footsteps, Seth confidently continued past them, proceeding with his tiresome claims of them overreacting to every slight sound. Cecelia, though also taking on the unintentional look of being scared, assisted Seth, further insisting that they were all scaring themselves due to the atmosphere and reasoning for being in the school in the first place.

While Jesse agreed to their assumptions possibly being correct, the others did not seem so eager to follow as he had. Despite this, they all continued onto the maths floor, where they found themselves intrigued when one of the classrooms stayed illuminated once the corridor light was extinguished.

As Jesse confidently and carelessly approached the door, situated in the middle of the corridor and opposite one of the staircases, the door suddenly slammed in his face. After causing a wave of teens to jump out of their skin, the door slam was accompanied by a light laughter from the very end of the corridor.

With everyone's attention directed towards the origin of sound, Jesse tried the door handle to try and see if anyone was inside, when that and every other door on the floor began opening and closing frantically.

Sophie began to cry and cover her ears, begging for it to stop, when after more laughter, everything fell silent. While Felix attempted to calm his girlfriend, and Jesse reflected similar affection to Luka, they all couldn't help but back towards each other until they were all gathered together. Then, as if someone had sneaked towards the centre of them, they all received a chilling breath on the back of their necks, soon to be accompanied by…

"... Boo!"

After the quiet but abrupt and unrecognisable whisper, half of the group cried out in terror, as they all charged for the stairs. Clambering down the stairs, almost pushing and tripping over each other, the accompanied flapping and slamming of doors had successfully terrified and chased the group away.

Once they had all made it to the bottom of the stairs, they were all surprised to find familiar faces erect at the foot of the stairs. Owen, Kane and Jake, all burst out in laughter, pointing and chuckling to the point of drawing tears, despite the group's frantic breathing and confused faces.

"You guys are so stupid!" Kane shouted.

"Such wusses!" Jake chuckled.

"Wh-what?" Sophie asked, attempting to wipe away her constant flow of tears.

"After actually agreeing to stay the night in school, did you really think we were just gonna sit back and let you all have an uneventful night?" Owen continued to laugh. "We've been watching ever since you guys got here!"

"That's not possible…" Jesse tried to deny his claim.

"Oh, but it is! We hid just as you guys did!" Jake continued. "Kane even stayed in the music room storage closet, which came in use when he managed to scare that wuss out of the room!" He singled out Luka.

"Yeah!" Kane took over from his friend. "I'm glad my dummy scared you guys out of the maths tower!"

"What dummy?" Jesse asked, repeating himself as he wasn't heard over their laughter. "What dummy!"

"Don't 'what dummy' us, why else would you guys come running down the stairs! We laughed loud enough to draw you over to the scary mannequin we put up there!"

"Wait… How did you guys make all of the doors slam open and close?"

"What?" Kane asked.

"Just drop it, Jesse," Seth interjected. "I knew this was all a prank, a hoax!"

"Yeah, there's no way that there'd be real ghosts here or anything!" Cecelia reinforced.

At that moment, a faint snapping sound could be heard coming from the bully's location. As Jake and Kane both looked over to their friend, who had suddenly stopped laughing along with them, he stood with a stiff body and vacant of any kind of response. Promptly after his name was called, his head fell off, and blood spurted out like a garden sprinkler.

The girls, Luka and Kane all screamed out, as all four of them begin crying frantically. While Seth, Felix and Jesse stood mortified and confused, Jake stood consumed in fear, directly beside his recently deceased friend, as his blood continued to paint his stiff body.

Within the crazy situation, no one knew what to do or what was going on. Then, Jake began to slowly levitate without any struggle or resistance. In fact, as he raised higher and higher off the ground, he started letting out a frantic and chilling chuckle, as he had clearly lost his mind in the short space of time.

"Wh-whatever kind of trick this is, stop it…. Stop it NOW!"

As Seth watched the bully slowly ascend towards the ceiling, at the very moment he asked them to stop, Jake's neck snapped, to the point where his spine pierced through and was exposed. As more blood began shooting out across the remainder of the otherwise clean stairs, every last person screamed, and they all ran.

While Kane shot away to everyone's left, the rest rushed down the stairs, passing the bleeding corpses and managing to get sprayed themselves, as everyone unintentionally split up. Half of the group ran to the left, while the remainder ran forward beyond the foul scene, where Sophie and Felix both had managed to slip on the stairs from the excessive amount of blood.

Within the frantic situation, all students had managed to separate themselves from each other. With the bullies and friends all on their own, the end of term nightmare had only just begun.