Screw Castles

I want trees to rise

Open up the gates so I can

Bring you new earthly surprise


Root systems in the dirt seem invisible

But they're there

They connect us to all things

Even when we're unaware


Take me back to the beginning

Then shoot me up to the sky

I want to reach for a new birth

Write the pages, my head is spinning


I don't need dragon hearts or chainmail

To conquer and seize someone else's land

Its about time that someone came up with

Some type of grand new plan


My castle is a cathedral

Made of up beautiful forest expanse

I shall borrow only a few trunks

So you may read my story at last


Have you forgotten what's important

And where true spirituality lies?

Our sources are all so wonderful and different

All blessings, no disguise


Treacherous omens for my citadels

To turn you to stone would be futile

Oh, why do you always have to be so

Flammable and useful


I will crown a liege of descendants

Before I must retreat back into space

The roots might be gone, but our interdependence

Will be remembered by the intertwining of fates


We are the Old Ones

We are here to guide you back home

Help you to rewrite your future

And assure you're not alone


Long after I'm dead, a legacy, a legend

No longer bound by trees and graphite

Shall color the path of wisdom and progression

And inspire a new generation of shining knights


Remember us, as kind as possible, we plead

We are all kin and brotherhood

So why make you bend the knee

Even Freja's sisters are misunderstood


We may not look the same, but we are

Among you

It's in your DNA

Try to kill us, but hate never wins.

And now we're stuck with the ghosts of

Wandering Jews


So much death and destruction

Only makes us stronger

You tried to make us not function

Well we'll just keep going harder


We have kingdoms, too

Although they might have been burned

You cannot erase

Gifts that can never be returned


Speak up, child, what are you saying?

I can't hear you over my own ego

They told you to drown them?

Your congregation of mosquitos?


They don't always sing pretty

And don't hestitate to give them

A mind of your own

Swap out a new committee

Show them where the new crown is thrown


Go ahead, yes that's yours

Pick it up and put it on your head

It might be heavy but it will ensure you never

Just sit around and stay in bed.