The vines creep across a dark and filthy ground

There's nothing but twisting thorns and trees all around

Monstrous beasts stalk the shadows for their prey

Eyes, claws and teeth flash from every which way

Corpses of dead animals litter the forest floor

It won't be long before the hungry demons come back for more

They will claw, bite, rip and tear with glee

They will fight with aggression, brutality and savagery

There is no room for mercy or gentleness here

There is nothing but rage, hatred and fear

Every leaf and branch seems to be covered in blood

And when storms happen, they come down in a flood

It's a wild, lifeless, lawless land

In a place as lonely and warrish as this, there is no peace at hand

All there is is endless hunger and strife

Untamed predators and creatures come to life

The path is winding and the forest is dark

But the torment has only just reached a start

The wild, bloody hunt is on now and forever

Desperate creatures flee through the dying trees in hope of something better

At the same time, across the way

Another forest is on display

But unlike the first, it is lovely, lively and lush

It fills its inhabitants with a happy, peaceful rush

It is a place of endless joy, beauty and grace

And all who live in it are safe

Everything is a bright, vivid, happy green

There's trees, flowers and rivers for as far as the eye can see

The waters from the falls and springs are clean, clear and pure

It is a place where everyone sings, dances, plays, laughs and more

All the creatures, animals and inhabitants are friendly and kind

Adorableness, beauty and reverence are not hard to find

The sun shines gold through leaves and twigs

Branches burst with delicious apples and figs

The forest is full of such wonderful smell

And the sights and sounds are stunning as well

It truly is a paradisical sight

It's a heavenly forest that feels just right

One can hear a choir of angels sing

And they ride the gentle breeze on shining, dove-like wings

But even further inside

A mechanical Heaven starts to rise

It is a gorgeous, glorious, golden city

Its beautiful architecture stretches out into infinity

The roads are paved in gold

The buildings are tall, sturdy and bold

Gorgeous citizens line every street

They're happy, fashionable and always a pleasure to meet

Everyone is happy and bright

Just like the heavenly city in all its glorious light

Angels and humans raise their voices in cheer

Golden cogs and silver machines are created here

Technological advance helps keep the city alive and strong

Machinery, electricity, virtual reality and modernity will live on

There's endless entertainment thanks to the modern advances

Under the diamond streetlights, there are songs and dances

Beautiful cars speed by and people listen to music on phones

This mechanical Heaven is one they're all happy to call home

Technology has made this place even brighter, cleaner and more accessible

It is a place full of science that is truly commendable

But there is another world that has chosen industrialization

In four parts, this place parallels the forest, and then city in a new nation

But this city is far from pretty, clean, bright or bold

Everything is rotten, decayed, abandoned and old

The twisted, uneven roads are full of potholes and cracks

Smog fills the red sky from reeking smokestacks

The machinery creaks and moans

Like a man giving a dying groan

The world shakes and shudders like someone sick

The city is full of mold, disease, trash and oil slick

Pollution runs rampant past abandoned buildings

In order to survive, some inhabitants have taken to killing

So blood and bodies line the streets as well

There is no joy or beauty in this mechanical Hell

Just wires and metal, cogs and gears

It's a city stuck in a mire for years and years

The machinery is part of the endless pain

The technology tortures as people scream in vain

Everyone's underdressed and underfed

It is a world full of demons and dead

AN: Just a set of interpretations where Heaven and Hell both have a nature-side and a city-side.

Of course, Heaven's nature looks like Eden, while its city looks like an even more glamorous and clean NYC.

By contrast, Hell looks like some creepy old forest brimming with monsters while its city is like some post-apocalyptic ruin.