Jump in the Fyre


In a land of pale kings

It's time to send Valentines into battle

Stuck in the waiting line of expression

Until forever dust on the gravel


Do not be afraid of what you are inside

The fiercest elements of nature must be controlled

When you have the power of knowledge at your fingertips

And not much left of a soul


The stuff of creation is innate

Always striving for perfect harmony

Combustible ignition, fire at the gate

Fueling a new door into the future


We need fire to survive and thrive

No matter which way you spell it.

Sometimes the best thing is to divide

Yourself from the hypocrite and it's opposite


When you stare into the eyes of fire

What do you think it's trying to tell you?

A wave of calamity and destruction

Or a torch of warmth and light if you let it.


So beautiful and wild, I'll just watch from this post

Sitting in the window, looking down so high.

I feel the supreme rush, to jump is what I want the most.

Over and over, 'cause I'll always come back

So might as well enjoy seeing through

The wheel of time, the eyes of the trap.