Jeff is sat opposite me in my living room. He can see I am having a hard time taking in the information that my ex fiancé has died in prison, in apparently suspicious circumstances. Spike has jumped off my sofa and headed to see Jeff, knowing the police officer would fuss him. Jeff has known my dog since I picked him up from the Dog's Trust three years earlier. I can't help but smile. I adore my dog, and I know that Jeff does too.

"Danny is dead." I say the words out loud, thinking that if I can hear them in my own voice I might be able to believe it. Danny was the love of my life. The only man I have ever seen myself living with, marrying even. Now I know he was cheating on me, lied to the police about a murdered prostitute I know what a lucky escape I really had. Its only when I see Jeff looking at me as if he is about to destroy me again I realise he is here to do more than break the news.


"When did you see him last?"

"Oh no." I can't believe this. "No, you are not dragging me back into this. I am a nurse. I work in that hospital but I am not in every department. "I was off duty yesterday. Ask the lads, check with Megan. I wasn't there. I have not seen him since he was sentenced."

"Ellie." He sighs heavily. "No one is putting this on you but he died after a visit to your emergency department."

"And? I wasn't there. I don't even see why I am being told by a police officer that he is dead. I'm not his next of kin. You know that."

"But there was bad feeling there."

"Bad feeling is a bit different to killing someone. Check the CCTV."

"Kelly is."

"Detective Frosty Knickers." I roll my eyes. The woman hates me. I have to say that the feeling is mutual. I have disliked her since the first day we first met. She is the sort of woman I certainly don't what in my life. "She's a nightmare." Jeff looks away from me, more focused on Spike who is tugging Jeff's shoelaces.

"Oh my God."

"Listen. I am here as a friend."

"You sound like you are about to arrest me."

Jeff scoffs. "As if! Listen kid." He leans forward. "I am not 'ere to nick you for crying out loud. But you know that place."

I'm listening to him but I am not sure I am really understanding what is being said. Jeff sighs.

"Las, you were almost killed a year ago. Danny was in prison and was killed. Someone in that hospital knew something and we are convinced that person knew what he did to you. Not just the Mika murder but the rest of it too. The lying and cheating. Is there anyone who loves you enough to want revenge."

"No." I roll my eyes. "You are being ridiculous. I am not in a relationship. I never will be again."

"Don't say that."

"Its true." I point to my chest. "Ellen Lincoln, Spinster of this parish."

Jeff smiles, he is really a lovely man and I know he wouldn't be here if he wasn't worried about me.

"I didn't want you to 'ere about Danny from someone else. Look, he died after going to get his ankle sorted. He died where you work. You and him have a history. You are going to be spoken to officially." He runs his hand over his face, suddenly seeming weary. "This could cost me my job, luv but I'd not do this for anyone else."


"Tell you to find his killer. The real killer before you end up being arrested."

"There's no evidence. There's evidence I was no where near him!"

"Yeah." He nods, agreeing with me. "But its not the first time Kelly has gone after someone and made the evidence fit later. Look, be careful but you need to look after yourself and I think the only way we can make sure you're safe is to make sure we find the killer before she pins this on you."


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