Author's note: Hello, readers! This is yet another story that I wrote as a (very) young kid. I used to be terrified of thunderstorms, so I wrote this story as a way to distract myself from the weather outside, as well as to calm myself down. Keep in mind that I typed this story mostly verbatim, and that my writing has improved exponentially since then. With that aside, enjoy!

Chapter 1

One morning, when I was eating breakfast, I saw huge, black clouds appear. I said, "Mom, is there going to be a thunderstorm outside?"

Mom said, "I don't know."

I washed my hands, brushed my teeth, got dressed, then made my lunch, packed up, then got dressed for outside, then I went in the garage, opened the garage door, and got into the car. Then, Mom got in, and we drove off to day care. I drew some floor plans with my best friend Chris, then ate snack, and got on the school bus. Once I got to school, we sang O Canada, then we did some silent reading, and then math, the subject I hated most. I watched the clock tick until I saw the hour hand on 10, and the minute hand on 6, and the bell went BZZZZZ! It was time for recess!

I put on my rain coat, my mitts, my rain hat, and my rain boots, then I went out for recess. I thought it was only going to be a rainy day, until at the end of recess, I heard "BOOM!"

Then my eyes got really huge! I knew exactly what that boom was. Thunder!

Uh oh, I thought. This must mean that a thunderstorm is coming. Then, I ran to the doors with my friends at lightning speed! I took all my clothes off, and did more math, and then I heard that "BOOM!" sound again. I saw a really bright flash of lightning! Then, I saw the hour hand on the 11, and the minute hand on 6. I still had fifteen minutes left before lunch.

I saw another bolt of lightning, and I heard another tremble of thunder. Then, I saw the hour hand getting close to 12, and the minute hand on 9. Guess what? I saw the clouds move away. Then I saw blue appear. It got sunny outside now! That was exactly what I wanted. Sunshine. I felt happy now that it was sunny.

Then, I heard, "BZZZZZ!" It was lunchtime! That was the time I had been waiting for! I had crackers, yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, blocks of cheddar cheese, blocks of mozzarella cheese, blocks of Swiss cheese, half a turkey sausage, a plum, and a cookie. I ate every single thing in my lunch. The bell went off a few minutes later, and that meant it was time for recess again! I didn't hear any more thunder again, but when I walked on the baseball diamond, it was slushy.

Mr. Mackay (my teacher) told me that I shouldn't go in the slush, so I played on the climber instead, but the slides and the floor of the climber were slippery. I ran on the grass instead...until water started splashing everywhere!

So I ran on the sidewalk instead. One second later, I spotted more black clouds coming towards us. Even though it was summertime, something crazy happened!