Chapter 3

"Help!" I screamed, while I was in the washing machine. Mr. Mackay did the attendance. I was the only one who was not in the classroom. Instead, I was getting spun around really fast in a big washer! Then, they checked all the rooms in the school. When they came to the canteen, everyone, including Autumn, saw me getting spun around in the washer.

Six minutes later, the washer beeped. The same people who put me into it took me out. Then, I walked with my classmates back to the classroom. We did some more math, and then we got out for recess a third time. I played with Autumn and Tracy again.

"Were you okay?" they asked me.

"I was dizzy in there," I said. "Very. Like, I got spun at 1,032 RPM!" I went on the swings a second time, then, "BZZZZZZ!" We ran to the school, again, at lightning speed!

Then, we did some science and social studies. I was so happy to have that subject! Social studies is my favorite subject. I also like science. Then, we did agendas, then we were dismissed for home, because now it is 3:30. I went home. I played RollerCoaster Tycoon on the computer. Then, "Ding dong!" the doorbell rang! It was Autumn. She came to our house to have a sleepover. I was very happy to see her. Then, another guest came to the door. It was Autumn's mom. She was also going to have a sleepover at our place.

Autumn watched me play RollerCoaster Tycoon. Then, I gave Autumn and her mom a grand tour of the house. I even showed her my Jacuzzi tub! And the basement. And even the garage. Then, we all had supper, then brushed our teeth, then went to bed. I slept with Autumn. Her mom slept with my mom and dad. I dreamt that I was on a really big roller coaster, with lots of loops and steep drops. Autumn dreamt that she was riding a pony. Her mom dreamt that she was on a really big airplane. My mom didn't have a dream, and my dad dreamt that he had his gun and was hunting deer.

We woke up at 6:30. First, we played the board game "Sorry", then listened to music, battled with our Beyblades, ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, and then we went to the IMAX theater to watch NASCAR. After the movie, we went to Fun Mountain, a water park. Autumn went on the Twister with me. Her mom went down the Banzai. My dad went down the Dragon. My mom went down the Tunnel Drop. We had a lot of fun! After, we went to Licks Ice Cream Parlor. I had vanilla ice cream. My mom had strawberry. Autumn also had strawberry. Her mom had chocolate, and my dad had vanilla, like me.