It was Saturday, I was preparing to see my bro in the city, I went to the buses station, my bus was 1 pm.

I arrived at city, in their new station, it was complete & bigger than before.

I found a regular taxi outside, after moments of him driving to bro's home, my mom called & said that bro didn't answered his phone.

I told her maybe he didn't hear the phone or maybe a busy.

I arrived there & meet my cousin but not brother. Where is he?

His phone is closed, there was no signal, I start to get nervous, something weird here, I asked my cousin & said he saw him in his room in morning, I asked the hotel manager if he saw him leaving the hotel, he didn't saw him that day anyway.

My brain was getting more of negative thoughts about what happened to him.

I knocked his room door but no answer, I thought he was sleeping or maybe lost his breath.

I asked the hotel manager to open it but refused without police permission.

I tried to search for a window to see if the light on or not, the room's light was off but the window was looks like possible to open.

So I borrowed a ladder & brought it to try to pen the open through the steel net.

I screamed his name but no response, or just nothing.

So I choose the last straw that broke my back.