I woke up in the next day, I wished it was just a nightmare but it wasn't. I went to his college to ask his friends & profs, but everyone knows nothing about him, he even stopped going to the college from the last month.

After that I went to the bus station to return back home, nothing could more.

I was thinking all my way to home, what it did happen & why it happen, my parents called him daily & there were not any problems or mistakes, he even lied to us about how his studies goes well.

After I arrived to the village I went to my parents directly to see what we can do about this problem, we were scared more of him going to join of the gangs by himself or being forced.

I went with Dad to visit the police station, then I went alone to the investigation unit, then to internal intelligence to find him inside country & I also make a request to search him if left the country after I went to the customs & external intelligence

I was drinking my coffee in the morning when I received a phone call.


"Hello" I replied.

"Are you the one who looking for his brother?"

"Yes, its me?" I answered.

"I'm from the police station, please come to us."

I went directly with Dad to the station, we saw a CCTV video of my lost bother, he was in the bus station in the city, taking a bus to the middle town.

We drove the car quickly to the town.