After we arrived to the town we went directly to the police station, then to a hospital & clinics, we tried to search everywhere to see where is he.

I even start to ask people in the streets, their reactions were disturb because they didn't understand how not a kid, not a female, & not a mental illness run away.

But no hope.

Then we went to the Grand Mosque, a place to pray & to relax.

It was hard to focus while you are worry, then my brother called & said he found him.

We took him with us to the village, we said nothing, I wanna shout at for what he did without thinking.

After we arrived &he welcomed by while family, my dad & mom talk with him & hesaid he couldn't continue to study medicine after saw the bodies & the blood, he couldn't study without images of men, women, & children appeared on his head.

The next day he went to the police station to clear his name.

After that he start studying engineering at the college in village.