When the sun falls and the moon rises in

The sky, light filters through the dark night clouds,

Illuminated from behind a curtain

Of the night full of starlight shining proud


The light reaches the earth and sings a song

Full of different voices of creatures small

And large, voices trying to sing along

With and against the deafening forest squall


Every voice is heard, be it coo of dove,

Owl's hoot, mouse's squeak, chirp of cricket,

Or a lone wolf's call. The night is full of

These wondrous sounds, hidden among thicket


Every night these animals speak and sing

With sounds of the night that forever ring

Hey everyone! This is QueenBookDragon, and I wrote a sonnet in my English class that I want to share with you guys. I'm also on Fanfiction under the same username, and have one story that I'm currently rewritting(Fem!Harry Potter).