[…] "Good to see you again, Adelaide" as she entered my office I made a gesture towards the light-gray divan. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

She came in, looking around the room and analyzing every inch with her quick amber eyes. Adelaide was considerably fast for a woman her age and her size. "Hi doc." She replied and sat down on the divan, making it crack a little bit.

"So…How have you been lately?" I muttered a simple spell to close the door and signaled with my index finger to bring the coffee table closer to us. While the table was making its way careful enough to avoid spilling even a single drop of coffee on the rug, I sat on my armchair beside my patient.

"Oh, I've been great." It really seemed so. She was smiling with confidence, was in a good mood and apparently in good health as well. "In fact, I was about to stop coming to our sections. It's just that talking to you is just…delicious!"

The moment I thanked her for the compliment, the coffee table reached us and stopped. "Would you like some coffee? Biscuits? Anything?" I snapped my fingers and made the listed items appear on the table.

"Maybe some coffee, make it sweet, please."

I pointed two fingers at the coffee pot. It became full of steaming pure black coffee. Bitter elixir of life. I extended my hand to the coffee pot and made it float a little and start pouring. Before the liquid could approach the table the cups appeared on a tray and were filled. No sugar for me. I touched the tip of her cup gently with my index finger. Once…twice… checked on her "Is two enough?"

"Too bitter! Are you trying to kill me?" She laughed and I touched the tip of the cup two times more. "And the final touch…" she joked. I added the last sugar and she exhaled "Perfectly sweet".

Clearly, my sessions with regular patients were not like this, but Adelaide was not a regular patient. I always needed to give her something to make her talk. As soon as she took the first sip I tackled her with my first question.

"I've heard you started a new project. Something related to…cooking? Was it cooking?"

That was a 'bait question'. Her eyes began glowing like fireflies. She was hooked.

"Yes! Oh, I'm so happy. I've found what gives purpose to my life!" Her feet moved rapidly with excitement and it was possible to see her striped socks. Purple and black stripes in one foot. Yellow and orange stripes in the other. Maybe she was really excited about her new endeavor or maybe it was the great amount of sugar already kicking in. "I found my vocation. Cooking is everything to me right now."

"And what kind of food have you been cooking.?"

"Sweets, of course!" she had already finished her coffee and kept moving around. Just like a small child talking about their first day at school. Every move made the divan complain with a crack. I was considering casting an 'upgrade spell' to make it more resistant. She didn't seem to bother with the cracking sounds and continued. I was sweetening her second cup. "Pastries, cakes, lollipops, cotton candy, ganache, glazed berries, cookies… The list goes on. I make some savory dishes too, but they're not as good."

"That's amazing, Adelaide! Tell me more about it. What's in your cooking plans so far? Opening a restaurant, how about that?"

"Oh honey, I'm not an entrepreneur. I already lived too much, seen too much. I don't want any business to keep me from having a good night o'sleep. My plans are much humbler than that." She took another sip of coffee and glanced at me as to say that she was about to tell me some crazy thing. "I'm moving deeper into the woods of the common folk. There in the wild I'll build my new house…made out of food."

"A house…" I made a pause to process what I was about to say. " …made out of food?"

"Yes, mainly sweets, but we can say it will be a house made of food."

"That's quite different." Who am I to judge? You see, magic people are eccentric. We became used to flying coffee pots and all kinds of spells. Why would a house made out of food be such a strange construct? If it would leave her out of trouble, it was good enough for everybody. "And…what about our talk. You know. The little problem we have been treating for the past sessions…"

"Ho ho ho ho, that's in the past, sweet pea." Adelaide interrupted me, laughing. I did my best to decide if it was a nervous laugh, but I wasn't able to come to a conclusion. If she was hiding something, she was doing it right. "No more messing with the common folk. Poor creatures."

"I didn't want to sound indelicate. I'm sorry." I looked at the clock on the wall. We had some minutes left. I just wanted to be sure. "However, Adelaide, you're were not just bothering or confusing the humans. You were harming them."

"I know, I know. No more harming humans. No more eating them." She made a funny face "They tasted really funny anyway"

"So, promise you won't harm the humans when you move to the forest near them?" I started pouring more coffee for the both of us and also grabbed a biscuit with jelly on top.

"I promise I'll try" she brought the plate with the biscuits close to her and started wolfing them down. In one or two minutes there would only be crumbs.

"You know, you're a handful Adelaide." I meant it, but it came out of my mouth more like a joke. We both laughed. As she laughed with two or three biscuits in her mouth some crumbs flew over the table. I realized we needed more coffee.

"By the way, these petit fours are amazing! I want the recipe, sweetie. I would even enchant you to get it." And she laughed again. Of all my patients she was the one that always had the most fun coming to the sessions. I was very careful with this, because I didn't like the idea of seeing her angry. Adelaide was one of those people that probably are terrifying when lost in fury. I smiled at her and snapping my fingers, made a small scroll appear in her hands. She opened it and started reading the recipe out loud. Unintentionally I zoned out, staring at the crumbs on the table. They looked like a pathway someone could follow, and they led to her.