It is late at night as Linda walks out of the large store and makes her way through the almost empty parking lot. She looks exhausted, as though she has has been on her feet all day, which she has been. The exhausted woman has just finished a ten-hour shift, only managing to get her required thirty-minute lunch break, all for a little bit of overtime.

It is dark in the parking lot, not just because of how late it is, but the fact that the cloudy night sky is hiding the light from the stars and moon. The only clear view one can get of this woman is when she walks beneath the light of one of the lampposts that hare placed throughout the area.

It is obvious that Linda does work at the store from how she is dressed; a light blue blouse that has a navy blue vest over top of it, which has a bright yellow logo of the store's name on the back of it. Though you wouldn't be able to see the design clearly since her black hair is long enough to cover it up; being a stark contrast to her pale, freckled complexion, and reaches past the waistband of her khaki pants. On her feet, she is wearing a pair of black ballerina flats without any socks, since she does find this pair to be the most comfortable. Tonight her shoes don't feel as comfortable because of how long she has been standing and walking during her long shift.

What made her shift even worse tonight is that some of the customers that she had to deal with when she was heading into the last three hours of her shift. Sure, some customers can be difficult, but the ones who were coming in were well beyond that. One customer had become upset when they couldn't find a particular product that was only sold during the holiday season, going so far as to toss items off shelves like they were having a tantrum. An old woman, who started to rant in at her in some foreign language when there were only two registers open and both had long lines. Then there was this one woman, let's just say she was escorted out of the store after she had thrown some kind of powder at her.

Since Linda does not own a car, she walks out of the parking lot and across the empty street as she continues. Luckily for her, her commute to and from work is a reasonable walk for her and one that she does not mind. The town she walks through is not overly developed so she does have a nice scenic route that she can enjoy if it wasn't so dark. Approaching the park she steps off the sidewalk and cuts on through the open space, a usual part of her route.

As Linda continues her walk, her surroundings slowly begin to get brighter, the overhead clouds beginning to part as the stars are now becoming visible. She looks towards the sky, grateful for the natural light since it does allow her to see a lot easier. The clouds continue to move across the sky, the full moon now coming into view. Her brown eyes lock onto the celestial body as if she has become entranced by the very sight of it. Her thoughts are becoming clouded, the moon now becoming her only concern; she has become unaware of the changes that her body is starting to go through.

Linda's clothes are becoming tighter on her body as if they are shrinking on her. Her body's features becoming more defined through the fabric as it is hugging her body. More of her pale skin is becoming visible by the second, the bottoms of both her shirt and pant legs slowly rising. Even her shoes are beginning to have a tight grip on her feet, indents forming as her toes are being pushed into the fronts causing them to curl from the lack of space they now have.

It isn't Linda's clothes that are shrinking on her, she is growing. This change is evident as her head is rising higher and higher, going from an average height to a stature that would rival even a WNBA player. Linda is not aware of these changes that are taking place. It is as if her mind is somewhere else as she continues to gaze into the moon's pale light; she isn't even shifting uncomfortably due to the increasing tightness from her clothes.

The graphic on the back of her vest is becoming distorted as her widening body is stretching it out. Her pants, which look more like capris leggings now, are hugging her thighs tightly, the seams starting to tear open allowing her pale flesh to bulge through each new opening, the button of her waistband popping off because of her widening hips. Her shirt is in no better shape, her sleeves starting to tear so that it may accommodate her unusual growth. Underneath that, the straps of her bra are digging into her skin; the metal clasps straining to hold while her breasts are overflowing the cups. Her shoes are the next thing to go, her toes tearing through the fabric, uncurling and extending over the edge of her flats.

Linda's body continues to grow, her clothes being stretched to their limits. More tears are forming along the seams as her flesh continues to push its way through. The cheap, thin material of her vest is tearing right down the middle as it is being pulled apart. The sides of her flats are being separated from the soles as her feet continue to grow along with her body, leaving the growing woman in her bare feet as her soles are engulfing the bottoms of her ruined footwear.

A snapping sound is heard, the clasps of her bra finally breaking due to the unnecessary strain, her breasts surging forward now that they are no longer being contained end up pushing themselves against the inside of her shirt creating several more tears. The inseam of her pants is now splitting open as if it is being unzipped; the hemlines, now stuck at her calves are tearing apart.

She has already grown a couple of feet in height and her ascension is continuing. All the while her eyes remain locked onto the heavenly body, unaware of her still ongoing transformation, despite the low groans of discomfort that are escaping her lips.

Her shirt and pants are tearing away, falling off to reveal her freckled skin until all that remains is her pink underwear, and even that is offering very little coverage since it now resembles a thong. Even that doesn't last long as it snaps away and falls to the ground, leaving Linda in a vulnerable state.

Linda is still growing in the middle of the park, still completely unaware of what is happening to her. Her head is beginning to reach the same height as the trees, getting closer to the tops as she continues to inch higher by the minute. Her bare feet are uprooting the grass as her toes are pushing the ground that is beneath them, creating large bare spots and leaving nothing but the soil beneath.

Her growth finally begins to slow, her body's unprecedented growth beginning to stop. Linda blinks slowly as she begins to regain her self-awareness, "At least the moon is out now so I can see everything easier."

Linda is now aware of a new sensation, or rather a lack of one, she can no longer feel any of her clothes on her skin; she now feels the cool air on her body. Confused by this she looks down at her clothes, only to discover that she is no longer wearing any as she is greeted by the sight of her freckled complexion.

She lets out a high-pitched shriek, instinctively covering herself with her hand and squeezing her legs together. "What the hell happened to my clothes?"

Linda is unable to believe the current situation she is in. Not because she is naked and in a public place, but because her clothes have just disappeared off of her body. She would never willingly take off her clothes, not unless she is in the privacy of her own home, and she would have been aware if someone had forced her clothes off of her. Did they fall off of her? No matter how unlikely that scenario sounds to her, it is also the one that makes the most sense to her.

She looks down on the ground, believing that her missing clothes may be there close to her feet. As she looks down something else catches her attention, something small. She can see a small pile of cloth by her feet. Crouching, she reaches down and carefully picks up what she has found and brings them close to her face. They look like clothes that are meant for a doll, but they have all been torn up and shredded. She is getting ready to drop them when she can see half of a yellow symbol on one of the pieces she is holding. The symbol looks familiar to her, one that she has seen plenty of times. Looking over that one piece, in particular, she can see that it is the remains of a vest, her vest.

Linda's eyes widen as an impossible idea enters her mind, "These can't be my clothes, can they?" She begins to look around, noticing that her surroundings do seem a bit off to her. The trees don't seem as tall to her for some reason, with some being about as tall as she is; and looking across the road she can see straight into the third story windows of a building. She looks down at the cloth in her hand then back at her surroundings. There is only one reason that she can think of where this can make perfect sense, "I grew!?"

"I gotta be dreaming," Linda tells herself, rationalizing her current situation. "Yeah, it's a dream, that makes sense. I must have passed out on my walk home, from how tired and exhausted I was. Yes, that's it. All I gotta do is prove to myself that this is a dream, besides the fact that I am nude in the middle of town and thirty feet tall." She looks over at a billboard that is close to the road, knowing full well that one can not read when they are dreaming. Her smile fades when she sees that the letters are actually readable to her, "I'd still look like this if I was on the Pound Viewer's diet." Linda looks down at herself, back at the billboard, then finally at her surroundings. She is awake and this is really happening to her.

Her breath quickens and her heart begins to race. She is in an impossible situation. Naked and giant, in the middle of town? Well, being naked in the middle of town isn't that impossible, there was that one time she got drunk off her ass and one thing led to another, but this time is different. She has outgrown her clothes instead of removing them with her own hands, at least that is what she hopes happened that one time.

She quickly covers herself, trying to preserve the modesty that she has lost as she quickly tries to head back home. Not paying attention, she walks right into a tree. She can feel the leaves against her bare skin along with the branches that are breaking against her body. The tree then cracks right at the base Linda can only watch as it falls over and lands in the middle of the road. She cringes at the sound of the impact but is thankful that nothing was damaged as a result. "Okay, I really have to be careful." Upon seeing what she accidentally did to a tree, Linda is now aware of just how much damage she can do if she isn't careful.

She begins to walk, placing one foot in front of the other, not wanting to cause any more collateral damage. She is looking down at the road, keeping an eye on her feet sp that she doesn't step on anything. She may be an average shoe size for someone her size, that is if they even make shoes for a woman of her size, but her feet are large compared to everything around her.

Walking by a construction site, she just about jumps when she sees some movement out of the corner of her eye. She tries to use her arms and hands to cover herself and even squeezes her legs together. Luckily the movement she saw was only a tarp that is being used to cover some dirt. Looking at it, she can see that it just might be large enough to cover herself so that she can at least be halfway decent.

Linda can't help but stare at the tarp that is just laying there. A piece of canvas that is large enough to cover such a large pile of dirt only looks to be about the size of a bath towel to her. Is she truly that large?

She looks down at her naked body then back at the canvas that is just laying there, an idea coming to mind. Grabbing the tarp, Linda wraps it around her body as if it is a towel; it is big enough to be one for her so why not use it as if it is one? The material is thick enough so that it does not rip as she goes to put it on, the last thing she wants to do is tear through more fabric; she has done enough of that tonight. The top covers her well enough while only showing a moderate amount of cleavage, but it is too short for her liking. The bottom of her newly acquired covering just barely covers her womanhood. Regardless of this minor complaint, at least she is clothed now, "Well, that is one problem solved."

She looks down at herself again, her size being another problem that she has no solution for. It isn't even her size that is a problem, but the problems that it creates. Linda takes a deep breath, deciding that it would be best to deal with each problem as it comes up.

The rest of her walk home is uneventful, something that she is grateful for. The only other obstacle she had to deal with was some utility lines that were in her path, and she could just duck underneath those. She looks at her home, seeing how small it is, the roof not even high enough to reach her knees. She figures that she may never see the inside of it again. No more comfy couch, no more soft mattress. She sighs, realizing that her entire life is going to be different now. For now, all she can do is curl up in her back yard and fall asleep, not knowing what tomorrow will bring for a woman of her stature.

With the morning sun hitting her eyes after a restless night, Linda sits up, ready to deal with any problems that will come with her new size. The tarp that she is wearing does feel loose around her body, meaning that it must have come undone as she was sleeping. Reaching for it, she notices how big it is to her now. Her eyes widen as she fully wakes up now, taking in her surroundings. Everything is as it should be. Her house is above her head, the tree in her back towers above her, and the tarp is now too large to even be considered a blanket to her.

Was she really thirty feet tall last night? Did any of it actually happen? Was last night just a dream? Her current circumstances are telling her that she really went through all of that last night, but her lack of clothes and the tarp she has are telling her different. Linda shakes her head, pushing all of these thoughts out of her head. Whether her experience last night actually happened or not is not important. What is important is that she is five foot four, as she should be, and at her home.

Linda gets up from the ground and starts to make her way to the back door of her home. All she wants to do is go inside, get dressed, then call out sick. She reaches for the doorknob and turns it, only to discover that her door is locked and she does not have her keys. A problem that she is going to have to deal with.

"Morning Linda," her neighbor calls out. Linda instinctively shrieks and covers herself, realizing that her neighbor can see her naked body. "Another night of drinking I see?"

Make that two problems Linda has to deal with now.